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For this scene, the young hunk will be doing a bit of sun bathing. And by that we mean getting naked outside and touching himself until he’s ready to release his pent up load. For that though, he moves into our house, flops on the bed and hits the home run, dumping his load all over our sheets!


He’s young, hung and full of cum! Yeah, you’ve heard that before. So have we. And it’s definitely the case with Zack Alexander.
This young guy just can’t get enough sex. He literally would be happy if he was in a perpetual orgasm.
Luckily for us, he’s also an exhibitionist and loves to show off in front of the camera.
For his first NextDoorMale scene, Zack shows us just how horny he is by pulling out his fat cock and stroking it silly in our living room.


Cassidy has made his way around our other sites, enjoying the pleasure and company of some of our other recent models.
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Chad Con just had his debut on the other day, and now it’s time to see what this hunk does when he’s by himself. Well, by himself with a dildo that is!
Chad teases us by slowly undressing his slim, yet ripped body, exposing himself. His long cock slowly hardens while he caresses his body.
When it’s time to get down to business, Chad grabs ahold of his meat and gives it an awesome stroking, unloading his balls into a sock which he then stuff into his mouth.


He’s young and full of cum, and his name’s Brenden Bangs!
This guy’s a total stud. We’re sure you’ve seen on him on our other sites, getting sucked, or fucking our other models, but if you haven’t then this fine NextDoorMale scene will be a great way to get introduced to this young hunk.
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And that’s exactly what this ripped stud who calls himself Ryan is going to do for you today.


David Stone is a stud, plain and simple. And at the young age that he is, he’s got plenty more years to go, and he’ll probably only get better!
After letting him screw a few chics on NextDoorHookups, we were able to talk the young buck into trying out a solo on NextDoorMale. Since he loves playing with his long cock, that wasn’t a problem.
After getting out of the shower, David makes his way into the bedroom where he turns on his favorite porn, takes a seat on the bed and strokes for the home run.
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This time, we bring to you the tall, handsome and utterly hung Kelly Taylor.
This young guy showed up at our office looking for work. Apparently he’d been referred to us by one of his friends. After doing a few scenes on our other sites and enjoy himself immensely, he’s finally come around to showing up on NextDoorMale.
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It’s Brandon Lewis’s turn to be NextDoorMale, and what a fine job he does of showing off his hot bod & lovely cock.
It all starts with a bit of working out, then some pool playing. After this young hunk is done hitting the balls around on the pool table to tugging and squeezing his while he strokes his huge cock.
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He’s back, and Trystan Bull is looking as good as ever!
One of our most popular young guys has started having his friend film him on location at his Canada-based house.
Look forward to this hunk being in plenty more home made hotness.
For now, feast your eyes on Trystan showering and then stroking his fat cock off onto his coffee table.
We love him and so do you!

Rod Daily
Rod gets nacked outside and than finish himself in the bed!

Zack Alexander
Zack is pulling out his fat uncut dick and stroking it hard!

Cassidy Jones
Cassidy Jones unloads his big balls all over the gyms floor!

Chad Con
Chad grabs ahold of his meat and gives it an great stroking!

Brenden Bangs
Brenden unloads his tight balls in a massive shooting orgasm.

Ryan F
Ryan a hung young stud is hoping on the bed and jerking off.

David Stone
David takes a seat on the bed and strokes for the home run!

Kelly Taylor
Kelly strokes his hard dick in the warm California sunshine!

Brandon Lewis
M. Brandon Lewis showing off his hot bod and lovely cock!

Trystan Bull
Look on Trystan showering and then stroking his fat cock off.