Feeding some ass dessert!

After some good take-out, you need a little bit of dessert in you. That’s why I made sure to bring my fat chocolate dick to the party. I know your little ass has a sweet tooth – and I’m just happy to provide!

Pimpin’ ass for charity!

When I saw you at my door, I thought you looked like a little lost. I could tell folks in my ‘hood weren’t that generous with you. I felt like I needed to give you a something special to rise your spirits – my huge cock. That’s the best donation you’ll get today!

XL dick is in this season!

That nice Italian guy was eyeballing me at the department store. I made sure he took a look at my plus-sized wares. At sure, he didn’t seem to sure about the fit, but I took my time and closed the sale. I made sure to go slow and ended up balls-deep in his nice little ass.


Risking your ass for a frisbee!

Well buddy, if you want your frisbee back, you’re going to have to ride my huge cock. I know it might seem like a stretch to get it in your tight withe ass, but it might be a bigger pain to go to the store and buy a new frisbee. It’s your call!