FraternityX-Britney (2)

We were sitting around watching cartoons and drinking beers. Dayton and Krys were getting serviced on the couch by this hungry cocksucker, Brenden. They started boning this guy, but he couldn’t take my pal’s niner. They pinned him down and took turns boning his squirming ass. They were really rough with this dude, they even put a blonde wig on him and called him Britney as they porked him. As Krys blew his load all over this dude’s face, Dayton sat back on the couch and squirted out a huge load.

fraternity_x-toke_and_fuck (5)

One afternoon with nothing to do, three of my room-mates and I sparked up the bongs. With a good buzz going, Krys and I fucked these two horny bottoms, swapping them back and forth. I fingered Ayden’s butt hole until he shot his load, then Brenden jizzed with Krys. I pumped my spunk all over Ayden while Krys and Brenden kissed until Krys spewed.

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One afternoon we were drinking beer in the rec-room, I grabbed my cam and told a couple other fratboys, Krys and Zach, to start making out. They rolled around the couch for a couple of minutes then ended up on the bean sack where Conner joined them. Zach lied across the bed and his two buddies went at both ends with their hard cocks. Man, did I ever get some good close-ups of those bones sliding into his ass. Zach jumps Conner and starts riding his cock and after a couple of minutes he splatters his load. To show his ass’s appreciation, Zach sucks Kry’s and Conner’s balls while they jerk off. He does one, then the other, and gets two juicy loads.

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