next door male - JAMES JAMESSON

James Jamesson sometimes finds himself in some ‘sticky’ situations. In fact just today he was hanging out at the library, reading romantic mystery novels, when his dick grew quite hard. Being an upstanding citizen, James decided to jerk off in a bathroom stall, away from the public eye.
After blowing his load all over the inside of the stall, he emerges from the bathroom to find two police officers questioning him about his activity. Find out what happened to him as he recounts this tale of woe to his friend on the phone. A story like this only serves to get James’s cock just as rock hard as it was earlier in the library. Watch James stroke his meat and contort himself into an amazing position as he sucks his own dick!

next door male - BRANDON LEWIS

Beneath the surface, below the level where civilization exists, a man with a wickedly insatiable appetite indulges his deepest yearnings. Thriving upon dank, dungeon air, Brandon Lewis enjoys the feeling of steel rubbing on his long, hard cock as he slowly fucks a link of chain fence.
His eyes show a craving for flesh while he strokes his dick, thinking of leather slapping his round ass on a moonless night. Watch this sexy fiend in heat closely as he satisfies his dark urges in an eruption of subterranean carnal pleasure.

next door male -    DOG DAY

Ty Roderick doesn’t ask for much. He works hard, plays hard, and likes to sleep hard. This usually means sleeping past 6 in the morning. Not today. Today those damn dogs are at it again, howling and barking at something- who knows what? Ty shuts them up but can’t get back to sleep, so he does the next best thing. You guessed it. In no time his cock is throbbing hard and he’s forgotten all about those mangy mutts.

next door buddies - DUNGEON REPAIR

Fixing dungeons for a living, Tony Newport has seen some pretty kinky shit. He’s seen the aftermath of all kinds of carnage, but never has he seen a place as trashed as Christopher Daniel’s dungeon. And this isn’t the first time either. It makes Tony wonder, ‘What the hell is this guy into?’
Well he’s about to find out. Seems Christopher has been thinking about Tony as well, so when Tony exhibits a certain curiosity as to the goings on around the house, Christopher sees his opportunity to have a little fun. In no time at all, the two of them are fucking and sucking all over the place. Turns out Tony knows more than just how to fix these toys.

next door buddies - Impromptu Rub Down

Adam Wirthmore is a hard working guy. He’s staying at a fairly upscale resort while attending a business conference on risk management. Hours in the convention hall chairs have put knots in Adam’s poor, aching back. He could sure use some relief. After calling the front desk for a massage, one Phillip Hermore shows up at his room.
When Phillip explains that the massage tables are locked up and the staff masseurs have gone home already, Adam is totally bummed out. He offers Phillip a good tip if he’ll try his hand at rubbing out Adam’s tension. Adam could certainly use an extra nice tip so he agrees. After becoming slightly acquainted, Phillip finds himself giving Adam a ‘front’ massage. Apparently this includes some passionate kissing and a little cock stroking to begin. Adam can’t help but return the favor by wrapping his lips around Phillip’s luscious, hotel staff boner. Watch Adam blow a hot, sticky ‘tip’ all over Phillip’s chest as these guys have some unexpected fun!

next door buddies - Afternoon Boner Break

Logan Scott works at a chain department store. He spends most of his day in the ‘fine menswear’ section, helping middle-aged dudes try on cheap suits. To break up the mind-numbing boredom, Logan usually pounds a few beers and jerks off in the staff bathroom during his lunch break. He’s always wondered about the mysterious hole in the stall wall. How did it get there?? Why would someone put it there? Logan also noticed that it’s perfectly cock height. ‘Strange,’ he’s thought. When a lost customer, Max Chandler, wanders into the staff bathroom during Logan’s break, Logan uses the hole to peer out at him while stroking his meat.
When Max notices the hole, he becomes curious as a kitten, looking through to see what’s on the other side. Logan takes this rare opportunity to plop his large dick out the hole, right in Max’s face. If there’s one thing Max has learned from getting lost in department stores (which often happens to him), it’s to suck any cock that comes into his ‘bone zone.’ Max’s bone zone is a 2 foot radius in any direction from his mouth. After enjoying this stranger’s thick hard-on, Logan comes out of the stall to meet his fellator face-to-face…and dick-to-asshole.

next door buddies - TO THE MAT

Cliff Jensen & Steven Daigle have a standing workout appointment at the gym every week. You know the routine: a little lifting, a little cardio, a little bag work, and then a little grappling. Of course, once the wrestling begins, anything is possible. Once the competitive spirit kicks in, and the adrenaline gets going, you kind of can’t help getting overly excited. Well before you know it, Steven and Cliff are on the mat in nothing but their jock straps and fighting is the last thing on their minds.

next door hook ups - Series Of Surprises

Cherry Torn is not your average girl, and Tyler Torro is not your average guy. To say that their love life is a bit adventurous is probably a bit of an understatement. So it should come as any real shock to Tyler when Cherry blindfolds him and tells him she’s got a couple of surprises. Surprise one is when Tyler feels the cold hard touch of Cherry’s strap-on rubbing on his body. Surprise two is when he feels the soft warm touch of Spencer Fox’s mouth all over his hard cock. Turns out, Cherry has recruited Spencer for a bit of fun & mischeif. For Tyler, the old bait & switch was never so pleasureable.

next door hook ups - Rain Dance


Rain comes in sheets
Johnny Torque’s cock grows chubby
Darcy Tyler in heat
‘Won’t he just fuck me?’
Fire flickering and flashin’
Johnny pounds her with passion
These encounters pass so quick
Let’s make this one last
She’ll enjoy his hard dick
And take that hot cum blast

next door hook ups - Blind Passion

Sometimes hot action blindsides you like a thunderstorm on a summer night. Ty Roderick knows this type of spontaneous rush. When Darcy Tyler ties a blindfold over his eyes, each of his other senses become heightened. It’s an experience that pushes Ty to the very edge of his threshold for passion.
The sensual feeling of Darcy’s caresses introduce Ty to a new level of erotic pleasure. As she slurps his big, hard cock, watch Ty’s anticipation build. Then witness him give Darcy the pounding she wanted when the blindfold comes off and they indulge all their senses in carnal satisfaction.

visconti triplets - Boxing Foursome — Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti 2

The Visconti Triplets are working out at the boxing gym when they spot one guy checking them out.
It turns out this guy was the owner, and he invited the guys to stay after the gym closes.
He shows them his private room… where he and the triplets decide to get naked and have a little fun.
Tons of cock sucking ensues, and then, Jimmy bends over. He takes that hard dick nice and deep until finally the owner sprays Jimmy’s asshole with cum.
Jason then bends the owner over, and has HIS fun…

visconti triplets - Bellboys - Ring The Bell 3 Times — James Jones, Peter Shadow

What do you do with a home intruder? Let Peter Shadow show you!
He actually knows James Jones, the guy trying to break in. Peter owes James some money, so he thought he’d sneak in and try to get it back… instead, he got more than he bargained for! James gets caught, and Peter lets him suck his dick. Then James lays on the table, takes his pants off, and lets Peter return the favour.
Finally, James spreads his tight little asshole, and lets Peter fuck him… hard. Peter’s explosion is big, and James eats up ALL the cum!

visconti triplets - Trained To Obey — Joshua Rodgers, Claudio Antonelli

The Visconti Triplets are off today from their regular jobs as bellboys, and hotel manager Enrico Bellagio has an itch they usually scratch for him. What to do, what to do….
Enrico calls his gardener, Paolo Mickey, to join him him in his office. He doesn’t waste time. The moment Paolo shows up, he grabs his dick and makes his intentions clear. These two hansome dudes get a taste of each other’s manhoods before Paolo bends Enrico over, and slams his dick inside of him. The fucking is hard and fierce, and when it’s all over, Enrico and Paolo both have a nice mess to show for it.

visconti triplets - Bellboys - Ring The Bell 3 Times — Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti

The Visconti Triplets are bellboys, and they offer service with a smile.
Right now, though, they’re on their smoke break. A guest approaches and asks if he can bum a cigarette. He gets more than he bargained for when they take him back to an empty suite for a little fun. Jimmy, Jason, and Joe all take turns stroking and sucking their new friend, and he’s more than happy to give back.
Remember, the customer is always right, and in this case.

visconti triplets - Bellboys - Ring The Bell 3 Times — Renato Belaggio, Dark Devil

Being bell boys can be hard work, but it has its perks!
While on break, the Visconti Triplets decide to peep in on some of the guests staying at the hotel. Things looked pretty boring until they spotted Renato Bellaggio’s room. There he was, all naked in the tub, having a little fun with Dark Devil. Things looked hot enough with Devil’s dick in Renato’s mouth, but when Devil bent over and took Renato’s HUGE dick in is ass, the peeping triplets must have lost their minds!
Devil was a good trooper, taking that massive dick, and it wasn’t long before he ate his own cum off his own hand!
Renato had a good time, so did Dark, and Jimmy, Joey, and Jason got a free show… what more could you ask for?