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We exist together in a world of uncertainty, doubt, restlessness, regret, stress, and worry. Many seek answers and solutions from traditional religion, ancient philosophy, and far east thinkers. But too often true enlightenment remains elusive. The essence of total freedom is still merely a whisper in the wind, always dancing just out of reach. When other roads have lead to dead ends, when the straight path becomes too gnarled to follow, when the guiding light becomes obscured, the Rectodus Society is there. If your soul needs nourishment, we’ll let you drink, come. If you feel a lacking, we’ll fill your hole with dictations from our well equipped counselors.
The Rectodus Society is an organization founded upon principles of encouragement, brotherhood, and acceptance. With a passion for guiding men by coming together we are a beacon for those struggling to walk the straight path. The Rectodus motto is ‘turning you gay so she doesn’t have to.’
In this video captured from an actual Rectodus Seminar and Retreat, you’ll witness nine men learning, sharing, and bonding together by participating in a carefully structured activity session. The basic agenda for each attending member includes 1) KISSING another man, 2) JERKING OFF another man, 3) RIMMING (optional, but strongly recommended), and 5) FUCKING (positions negotiable). Watch the amazing symbiosis as these nine sincere men come together to transition into new awareness of themselves, and harness their rightfully deserved destinies. Feel the intensity as Parker London takes two cocks in his ass at one time in a Rectodus technique called ‘double penetration.’ See Adam Wirthmore’s gentle guidance as a Rectodus counselor as he deepthroats Jay Cloud’s long, hard boner. You’ll get goosebumps watching Brec Boyd experience Dylan Hauser’s tight asshole as both men expand their consciousnesses. As James Jamesson is counseled by Wirthmore through intensive fuck therapy, Tyler Torro bangs the international ass of Marko Lebeau, a Rectodus attendee from beautiful Montreal. And when you experience the breakthrough made by the once bashful Vance Crawford as he joins his new brothers in blowing hot, built-up loads all over Counselor Wirthmore’s face, you’ll realize your own potential.
Don’t hesitate another minute, stumbling in the dark. Let the Rectodus Society become an important part of your life TODAY!

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Now here’s the proper way to take a hot twink’s temperature – stick your dick in his ass during a medical examination. Lucky Taylor does just that after swapping blowjobs with his blond companion. He hammers him deep on the medical bed.

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Andrew is 19 from Arlington and Jackson is 21 and from Plano. Both our Texans are new to porn and just met but the chemistry was obvious from the beginning. Enjoy these horny young cowboys as they suck each other off before Jackson rides Andrew hard unil the both cum. Enjoy!

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Leo Lafonce is pressuring Jessy Karson to come out with him so they can get something to eat and go cruising. But Jessy figures why go out when you can order in. One phone call and 20 minutes later and Jessy and Leo have three of the biggest dicks in the city dangling in front of their faces. But Leo and Jessy are not content with just having Derrick, Sascha and Symon’s dicks in their faces. In fact, Jessy insists on having 2 of those dicks in his ass at the same time.

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Twink porn star Jake Lyons is fully committed to his profession and he talked to us his likes and dislikes and approach to the job at hand. But while he’s pursuing his porn career he’s planning to return to school to get some academic training. Though Jake hasn’t decided 100% whether he’s gay or not, he is very clear about the types of guys he’s into and how he wants the sex to go down.
Jake Lyons is 21 years old, is 5’7" tall, weighs 145 lbs and has a 8" uncut cock.

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Jeremy Roddick & Bobby Long

Bad boy Bobby Long wants to come clean. Even though he considers himself straight, he loves to get it up the ass. Fucking a women doesn’t come close to the sensation of getting fucked by a man, he said, and that alone is enough to do gay porn. This bad yet adorable boy took some precautions: he had never been fucked with a dick as big as mine, and I would have to be very careful with him. So I was happy to oblige… for the first few seconds.
His body is smooth and firm, his ass small and tight. It took my tongue and my dick beautifully, and even though he was a bit resistant at first, he went wild and no pounding was hard enough for him.
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We found sexy slim Damian while cruising using the rest room in Washington Square Park, near NYU. He pulled out his cock and we knew we had to get him on the site!
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