like em straight - Evan and Brendon

This scene definitely steps out of the box. We’ve seen this hot number before when Troy shed his clothes and revealed his beautiful blonde self and then let a dirty old man have his way with him. In fact Troy is becoming a regular in the studio, so today Brendon decided to mix it up. Will Troy suck another guy’s dick through a glory hole? Will he join Brendon in blowing the mysterious Mr. Big? ………stay tuned. It’s twice the fun and loads of cum!

like em straight - Evan and Brendon

Blue eyes are always the password to Brendon’s studio, and Evan’s are no exception. He’s not handsome in a typical way, but Brendon loves the straight guys who give it up to him for their ‘first ever blow job from a guy’, so stand back. Evan’s cock is the perfect fit for licking and swallowing. He can’t believe his own eyes when Brendon blows him for real. If he knew it felt this good, he probably would have started sooner. Lucky for us, he waited.

like em straight - Ben and Troy and Brendon

When the recipe calls for lots of testosterone, Ben and Troy are your go-to guys. These horny pussy hounds are always up for action and Brendon can’t wait to see what they might do when forced to interact. We know Ben is blessed with a shlong that keeps the ladies satisfied, but you’ll be amazed to see Troy go down on it. And the act is reciprocated when Ben returns the favor. He’s an amateur, yes, but he gives his all and we’re betting that you can’t watch this whole scene without popping your cork at least twice.

like em straight - Christian and Brendon

The streets of San Francisco run through every kind of neighborhood, from the Nob Hill mansions to the seediest of the Tenderloin. Somewhere in that mix lives Christian, a boy whose name seems at odds with his appearance. His left arm is inked pretty good and his tattoos cover a litany of sins, so why not add one more? Today Christian gives it up to an older man and reluctantly gets head from a guy. He needs the cash and he has to admit, Brendon gives a pretty good B.J. Watch Christian spill his load to the chief.

like em straight - Hunter and Brendon

Brendon’s got a live one on the hot seat today, and Hunter is looking for a rush. This tall drink of water is thirsty for life’s seamier experiences and with his girl friend’s blessing he is in the studio to film his first porn scene. The usual amount of charm from Brendon doesn’t succeed in getting that fat cock down his throat, but as with some of the stud’s that show up, there is a grooming period. Hunter strokes his thick white boy dick and his balls bounce while Brendon talks him through the scene. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of Hunter and Brendon loves a challenge!

like em straight - Geo and Brendon

Your mouse clicks have made Geo one of our more popular models, so Brendon brings him back for a one-on-one that will put the cheese firmly in the trap! This is no cat and mouse. Brendon has played with Geo’s ass before, so he knows it’s pliable…….and hungry. How this 21 year old got to be so ass focused is anybody’s guess, but in this scene he’s begging Brendon to ‘cum up in that ass’ and noone is disappointed! Geo’s butt is ripe and firm from his work as a gardener and Brendon plows into it. Needless to say, Geo will be back for more.

like em straight - Cox and Brendon

Confidence comes from many attributes; brains, beauty and talent can be among them. Cox is ENDOWED with all of those and another one that could trip you if you don’t watch where you’re going. He’s confident that Brendon will be drooling over him, but he’s not so sure the older guy can deep throat his monster cock. After all, no one else has ever been able to. So we’re all in for a nice surprise as Cox stands up to be counted.

like em straight - Bogie and Brendon

There is the dark and handsome look of a 40’s film star about Bogie, but this scene was not in Casablanca. This construction worker from Queens wants to let off some steam today and Brendon is happy to un-wrench that pipe. Bogie’s cock is dripping pre-cum he’s so horny. Daddy blows the lid off this caper and you probably will too.