straight men - Phenix Saint fucks Mason Wyler

Mason Wyler met Phenix through MySpace and suggested they do a scene together. Phenix knew what a power bottom Mason was, so he contacted us saying that he had found a new partner for a scene that his fans would love. Fortunately, Mason was more than happy to be on the receiving end of Phenix’s beautiful cock. Once together, Mason eagerly showed his enthusiasm by giving Phenix’s dick a sucking. With multiple deep throat maneuvers, he warmed Phenix up for the main course: Phenix pounded Mason’s ass hard and deep. With moans of pleasure abounding, Mason more than earned his keep this week at…

fraternity x - Pays The Rent

We usually shoot our videos during or after parties when were totally trashed. But these boys are starting to like it 24/7. Jose and Bently say its just for the money but we all know its cause they love cock.

maverick men - Boy Hole

Here is a classic that’s been sitting in the vaults for a LONG time.  This is little T’s last video with us from maybe as far back as three years ago. Wow!  As I was sitting here watching it I got so many flash backs of our fun times with that sex machine, little T.  I have to confess; he was one of the best sex partners Hunter and I have ever had.  Little T knew how to bottom like a true champion and he gave the best head this side of the Charles River!    In this vid, Little T comes over super horned up and begging for some ass pounding so we gave it to him just the way he likes it; hard and fast.  We both looooove his smooth, tight little body.  And his beautiful round bubble-of-an-ass was made for deep delicious man fucking.  Little T is retired from videos and has since moved out of our neighborhood.  We miss him a ton and wish him nothing but the best.

on the hunt - Max and Myles

It doesn’t happen very often but every once in a while an opportunity comes up that you just can’t miss. One of our favorite new models Myles called us up to tell us he had a “straight” friend that really needed to make a few bucks and was willing to do pretty much anything. So our first question was..”will he get fucked” and Myles responded “I think so”. Our next question was “does he know you have a huge dick”? to which Myles responded “well he’s about to find out”! So we brought these 2 to a local Boston hotel and we decided we had to bring in Cole and Hunter from the Maverickmen to direct this epic video which turns into a full out, flip flopping, ass pounding, fuckfest that we know you are going to love!

parole him - the PotHead

Name: Anthony Mose; Charge: Possession  Age: 22 Height: 5’10"  Weight: 145 lbs Dick: 7.5"; Anthony Mose served 7 days in a county jail for repeated marijuana possession charges. Soon after his first Parole meeting, Officer Thompson threatened to return him to prison on false drug trafficking allegations. Mose had to choose between a two year prison sentence or getting fucked by his Parole Officer!

straight men - Troy Hardens Solo

Like most new cummers, Troy was nervous at first. But we gave Troy lots of positive feedback. In all honesty, Troy was a natural. His lean body is rockin’! His dick is nice and thick, and he likes to please himself with nice long, hard strokes. His ass is round, and even though he says that it has been unchartered territory for him, the idea of pleasurable ass play is not out of the realm of possibilities. How much ass play? I guess only time will tell. But what I can tell in the present is that Troy Harden makes me hard in all the right places!

maverick men - Help My boyfriends a bottom and so am I

Hope ya’ll are having a blast this pride season – tis the time to be horny and proud! This next video is a special one for all you horny twink lovers out there. We’ve had a few requests asking us to bang some hot twink ass, so here ya go! Not only is this vid very HOT; it’s also fun and funny (our favorite!).  We were hit-up by this cute twink couple asking us to help them figure out if they were tops or bottoms. Haha, and Hunter and I determined that they are both most definitely bottoms! On a side note; we had met Xander months before dancing as a go-go boy (Hunter looooves go-gos) and instantly fell in love with his crazy-fun energy and his eclectic taste for both daddy bears and twinks. And yes; we do have a few more videos with just him – those will come out later. When Xander started dating his cute new boyfriend Obie, they came to us for some sex advice and a fun photo shoot. Naturally after a few minutes of shooting them and their cute little twink asses, it immediately turned into a full-on fuck video. Since it was so spontaneous, there was no time for testing so we used condoms – never the less, the man-on-twink fucking was as hardcore as ever. When the boys offered up their sweet holes for sacrifice, face-down and ass-up in a matter of seconds, we couldn’t resist. Being the obliging gents that we are we went all out and fucked the hell out of their hard little butts. They were moaning so loud as Hunter and I fucked them simultaneously that we forced them make-out as we pounded them out. FUCKING HOT!!! XOXO Cole and Hunter

on th ehunt - Ben and Carter

This week’s update, from our latest Boston shoot,stars 2 muscle studs Benny and Carter Jacobs in a flip-flopping, deep throating, ass slamming, bareback, fuckfest. These 2 guys really go to town on each other in a completely unplanned duo that just seemed to happen out of no where. It actually started off with condoms but then just went totally bareback. This scene is raw in every way and we think you are going to love watching these mega muscle studs really go at each other hard and aggressive!