GAVIN_DAMIAN baitbuddies

”Curiosity got the good lookin’ cat.”
Damian, a 26 year old stud with caramel skin, a hot body and big thick cock, is our straight boy in this video. It’s his very first porno and he’s excited about getting his hands on a hot ‘girl’ porn star. He thinks he’ll be doing a DP scene with super stud, 26 year old Gavin, who with his thick dirty blond hair, handsome face, big thick 8” cock and flawlessly muscular body is a very popular bi porn star. When Caruso delivers the crushing news that the girl can’t make it today, Damian appears be unhappy since he’s all hot and bothered and ready to dip his big fat cock into some hot wet pussy. Well Caruso has some alternative ideas of where that gorgeous cock can go and there’s no girl involved. When Caruso asks Damien if he ever thought about doing something with another dude, he says ”I’m a little curious”. When asked to explain, Damian says that he’s admired hot guys, but never thought about sex. We think he’s just a little deceptive with that answer. When you get to the end of the video you’ll see that seems to be just what Damian was looking for. When the two studs get together, the sex heats up really fast – how can it not when you have two sexy, horned up dudes who have been watching porn together – the pot just boiled over. And after swapping hand jobs, kissing, blow jobs and fucking, both boys shot real big loads, Gavin all over our cocktail table and Damian all over Gavin. In the end, Damian said that he really got into it and that Gavin was a ”good lookin’ cat”. The moral of this story (if there is any) ”curiosity got the good lookin’ cat”!

Straight Guy Heaven- Mark

You won’t be able to look away from this triple play. Mark is horny 24/7 and seems to be bragging when he tells Brendon he came 13 times in one night of physical debauchery. He’s addicted to porn, so Brendon keeps encouraging this stud with a lead pipe for a cock, and you’ll see not one, not two, but three cum shots within minutes of each other. With a dick that never goes down, Mark just keeps stroking his fistful of man-meat to deliver the goods time after time.

Joe_Parker bait buddies

"Joe the Plumber"
Caruso was working in the studio Saturday morning doing some paperwork and general clean up. Joe Parker, who has been working as Caruso’s assistant for a while now, was making all kinds of noise in the main part of the studio. Caruso went to investigate and saw Joe working on some plumbing project behind the set area, next to the group shower room. Joe didn’t see Caruso or hear him. So, first as a joke, Caruso turned on a camera and let it roll. It took a few minutes until Joe finally looked up to see what was going on. Joe was working with his tools creating a custom dual shower head. They joked around for a minute or two and Caruso being the horny and enterprising guy he is, suggested Joe strip down and jack off for all the fans who are always requesting more of Joe. Well, Joe is a total exhibitionist and is always horny. So, why not stop for a jack off break? And that’s exactly how it all happened. So, what you’re watching is hot off the presses Saturday morning with a quick edit and upload. Now you know who to call if you ever need your pipes cleaned – ‘Joe the Plumber’ of course!

Straight Guy Heaven- Buster

Young guns are loaded with live ammo and Buster is cocked to fire. With his blond brush cut hair and steely blue eyes, this stud arrives in the studio aiming to please. Brendon takes the slow approach with straight guys that would bolt if pushed too hard, so Buster sets the pace. You’ll be salivating over his fat cock and probably not too surprised when he shoots two huge loads all over himself. Let’s get Buster back for a re-match!

 EVAN_LANDON baitbuddies

‘This time he’s sober.’
The first and only time our hot straight boy, Landon, unexpectedly touched another dude’s cock was during a three way with his buddy and a hot chick and he was plastered. This time he isn’t drunk, he isn’t anticipating doing anything with another dude, but he’s at Bait Buddies and you all know what that means – he’s going to be doing a lot more than just jacking a dude. Landon is a real looker, a Texan with the face and body of a fashion model. He’s paired up with a returning Bait boy, Evan Hart, an impish sort of guy with cute face, nice body and a big 8” cock. Evan plays along great, as the two boys chat about the straight porn they’re watching,  girls, etc. Caruso returns with bad news – no pussy. What to do? That means the guys will have to fool around with each other if they don’t want to leave with empty pockets. Landon is a little hesitant at first, but the money as well as his comfort level with Evan, pushes him over the edge and soon enough the boys are jacking each other off. Next they swap blowjobs and this is followed by a make out session that lasts a full minute – Landon seems to be into it as much as Evan. Then down to fucking and both guys are ready to go. Evan sits right down on Landon’s cock which he pumps with his bubble butt. A few minutes later, Landon lifts Evan in his arms and flips him over on his back. Now he’s in charge and continues to pump Evan’s butt. Evan is on the edge and ready to cum, he yells at Landon ”Fuck me harder!” and then shoots a huge load from his belly, up his entire torso with the last hot white liquid hitting him in the chin. After the shoot, Caruso has lots of questions for the guys, including how many times a day they jack off. Evan says eight, yes eight.  And says he cums up to his chin on the first four.  So, at Caruso’s invitation, he offers to come back and spend the day at the studio jacking off on video. He even offered to shoot all of it into his mouth!  So, let us know if you’d like to see that. If not, we’ll just watch it ourselves – LOL.

Straight Guy Heaven- Kent

Jocks like Kent give straight guys a ‘good’ name. His reddish hair and beefy physique telegraph the no nonsense approach that Brendon has to take. Kent’s awesome fat cock looks like a road map with the bulging veins leading to a destination that promises to be wet and wild. He strokes himself off, but we’ll hope for a second visit from this stud.

KRYS_DANNY bait buddies

”Just the Tip”
‘Just the tip’, that’s what our sexy, cute, bait boy, Krys, said to entice our straight guy to suck his first cock. Krys is back two years from when he was baited into having first time gay sex with another dude. His girlfriend at the time became quick history as Krys went out to explore his other side and he’s never looked back. He’s very straight in appearance so to see him and hear him you’d think he’d still be fucking pussy – and he does occasionally, but he loves picking up straight guys, hunky ones, sucking dick and not too long ago added bottoming to his repertoire. So, he’s happy to return to BaitBuddies to get fucked by a straight guy…and get paid for it. Krys has let his hair grow and with the extra two years in age, he’s now 23, he’s really a looker. Our straight guy, Danny, is manly, has a great personality, really nice body and face and a thick 7” cock – he measured it. Danny is here to fuck pussy. He’s had a 3-way with a girl and another dude before, so this is nothing new. Both bros are watching porn, stroking and talking pussy for a while when Caruso returns and tells them that he can’t get a girl for the shoot. When Caruso suggests an alternate way to earn a paycheck, Danny can’t believe his ears. Sex with another dude – no way! But, he is up against Caruso and Krys, and we are surprised at how aggressive Krys is with Danny. Krys says he needs the money, and before you know it he’s reaching for Danny’s now soft cock. As Krys strokes the dude and tells him ”just close your eyes – imagine a girl,” Danny says to him ”Just don’t talk”. You’ll hear these same phrases repeated by the guys throughout the video – it’s kinda funny. When it’s Danny’s turn to suck Krys’ cock, Danny just doesn’t want to do it. Krys finally says ”just the tip”, it’s like when a dude says to a girl – I’ll just stick the tip in – LOL – we know where that leads. And, this is no different. Before the video is over, Danny has sucked Krys and finally fucks Krys in a few different positions.  Krys yells out ”I’m cumming – fuck me!” and blows his load on his belly. Danny pulls off his rubber and shoots so hard that it hits Krys in the face – and if you watch closely you’ll see Krys open his mouth to see if he can catch some of that cum – watch him stick out his tongue and lick up whatever little he can!

Straight Guy Heaven- Randy

This stunner has chiseled features right out of a Hollywood movie. You’ll remember him from a previous visit, but it’s always good to be reminded when the guy is this sexy. Randy knows he’s gonna get a good blow job, but when Brendon starts to play with his ass, you’ll see a whole new side of this beefcake. The Pacific rim never looked so good!

ANTONIO_JOSH bait buddies

”Good ol’ boy”
You might do a double take when you see our straight guy, Josh – no, it’s not Gomer Pyle, but we can see where you might think so for just a moment. He tells us he loves to fish…and we can imagine him walking, fishing pole over his shoulder, through the lovely town of Mayberry to the whistling theme of the ‘Andy Griffith Show’. Josh has that southern country boy look and the matching accent you’d expect from a boy born and raised in rural Georgia, but you’ll have listen closely as he’s pretty quiet and reserved – until it gets down to the sex. And that’s where our super hot Bait stud, Antonio comes in. He’s so fucking cute and on top of that has one of those smooth beefy, muscular bodies, a bubble butt and thick thighs to die for, all topped off with a hot uncut cock. Well Gomer, um, we mean Josh, thinks he’s in our studio to do his first pussy flick. Caruso has him imagining that he’s getting just what he wants – a hot blond babe with big titties. Yet, we all know that in just minutes he’ll be having his very first gay sex experience and that lucky fucker will get to have it with hunky Latino Antonio. The sex starts simply with a mutual stroke fest until Antonio lowers his head and takes Josh’s cock into his mouth. The favor is returned by Josh who quickly gets the hang of giving a blow job. When it comes to kissing, there’s little resistance to Antonio’s mouth and tongue. And when the time comes, Josh is more than ready to stick his cock into any available hole. Josh fucks Antonio’s bubble butt doggy style and then Antonio flips onto his back as Josh continues to fuck him. Surprising to us was without any prompting, Josh grabs Antonio’s cock to give him a helping hand as he’s banging into his hole. Wow! Antonio is so turned on he shoots a huge load of cum which leaves a trail all the way from his pubes, thigh, up his torso to his neck. By this time Josh is ready and rips off his rubber and shoots onto his new friend’s meaty thigh. We hope nobody tells aunt Bee about this!

Straight Guy Heaven- Gino

Right out of the gate Brendon hooks up with one of the hottest studs around. Gino is from a long line of electricians, so naturally he wants to ‘plug it in’ and get this party started. His last girlfriend told him he’s got a gorgeous cock and thicker than most. Brendon wants to see what all the fuss is about. In this screen test, Gino strips off his clothes and jerks off to straight porn while Brendon does some heavy breathing. Gino passed the test and look for him to make a call back.

LUKE_HUNTER bait buddies

‘Three Thumbs Up’
Our returning 19 year old Bait boy, Luke, is sitting on the couch giving Caruso a two thumbs up, because today he will get a chance to fuck around with his ‘questioning’ straight buddy. Like Luke, our 18 year old straight guy, Hunter, is a cute blond boy with a smooth, slender, fit body and like Luke, he’s hung pretty well too. From what Luke has told us, Hunter has bottomed before – except he bottomed for a girl with a strap on and apparently liked it. When Luke tells Hunter about an opportunity to make a porn video with him, Hunter is pretty sure it’s with a girl…but oh no, this is, and if you’re doing a video with us you can be pretty well assured that your partner will be another dude. Caruso decides not to pussy foot (pardon the expression) around with Hunter, so he comes right out and tells Hunter what the deal is. It takes just a little convincing for Hunter to let his buddy suck his meaty 7.5” cock, and just another nudge to get Hunter to return the favor – but not before a short make out session between the boys. Finally, Hunter shoves his cock up his buddy’s hole and fucks him real good. But before he can finish, Caruso turns the tables and convinces Hunter since he already has had a dildo fucking by a girlfriend, why not try the real thing. He does and Luke is in heaven – after all, how many of us get to fuck our straight buddies – whether they’re curious or not?  After Luke has a fucking crazy orgasm and shoots his load on his bud’s belly, he puts both thumbs up with his still hard cock in the middle – and that’s what you call ‘Three Thumbs Up’!

Straight Guy Heaven- Geo & Brent

No one’s trying to fool you into thinking Brent’s straight, and you may even be having second thoughts about the insatiable bottom Geo, but his generation is proving that lots of sex with lots of different people is the only way to go. Brent likes to please guys and nothing pleases Geo more than to get his butt plugged and then slammed like a door. Watch Brent fuck the living daylights out of Geo and then use his own cum for lube. Brendon is the Stephen Spieldick of porn, directing these two guys in an Oscar worthy performance.