Left For Bred

Submissive slave Dante Colle waits patiently with his ass out for his master Bo Sinn. When Bo finally arrives, he wordlessly spanks Dante before filling all his holes with his hard cock. Bo covers Dante in his cum and walks away, leaving Dante alone to contemplate what a cum-hungry slut he is.

Dirty Scout 187

Lukas was too bored in his home town so he travelled around and then decided to settle down in Prague. He came here because of better job opportunities and booming night life. He had some work experience but nothing special so I gave him a job at a warehouse. He wasn’t exactly over the moon but liked the salary. I offered Lukas my help with our mediation fee because he was cute. The boy couldn’t get the money by himself so he agreed to show me his body in exchange. His cock was nicely big that’s why I kept offering him more. Eventually I gave the young man a pretty wild ride. The boy had so much fun I was almost surprised. His constant boner was fascinating… and then he had a huge orgasm! It almost felt like I was the one who should got paid. I’m sure this was the best job interview of his life.

Sean & Jace: Bareback

Sean’s been sharing a room with cute and sassy twink Jace, and that’s given both of these hunks the chance to get pretty excited about their upcoming scene together. Jace is especially stoked for his chance to experience Sean’s big dick firsthand. “Little does he know he’s about to be destroyed,” says Sean with a laugh, and Jace promptly fires back: “Little does he know I actually like that!” Jace definitely loves it when Sean pulls him down to suck his big dick and hops up to ride that massive hard boner while telling the muscular stud just how great it feels.

Why Knot: Bareback

When Roman Todd shows up at Bruce Beckham’s door after the two meet in the club, Bruce is surprised to see how young Roman looks in the light of day. The chemistry between the two is powerful enough for them to ignore the age gap and go through with what they’d planned. However, things take a turn when Roman spots Bruce’s stock-pile of fetish gear beside the bed. Roman decides that there might be some advantages to Bruce’s years of experience. Bruce ties up the horny younger man and takes him for a walk on the wild side, playing with Roman’s tight muscular ass while he begs the sexy stud for more. Bruce makes Roman his plaything, dominating the horny bottom with his biggest dildos before pounding him hard and blowing his load deep in Roman’s ass.

The Nerd Nails The Stud

Michael DelRay is a nerd through and through, even though he’s got a rocking body and a dick that won’t quit he’s still getting bullied in the locker room. When coach Scott DeMarco catches Michael naked and stuffed in a locker, he decides that Michael could use a win. The muscular Scott takes the hung hunk’s cock and gives him a long, deep blowjob before letting him return the favor. Coach Scott makes good on his title, leading Michael through giving his hole a good, hard pounding that make up for the pounding the players on his team have been giving him for so long. Michael fucks Scott all around the locker room until he covers the coach with a thick eruption of cum.

The Legend of Big Cock Part 1

Beaux Banks, Pierce Paris and Oliver Dean went out into the woods to prove once and for all whether or not the legends of Big Cock are real. The three muscular hunks lounge by the fire, watching for signs of the mythical figure, but when Oliver takes off into the night things take a turn. Left alone, Beaux and Pierce can’t contain their long-brewing lust, and soon Beaux discovers that whether Big Cock is fact or fiction, the monster in Pierce’s pants is the real thing. Pierce shoves his massive cock down Beaux’s throat and the sculpted cutie can’t get enough, taking every inch of it. Beaux rides Pierce by the campfire, letting the chiseled hunk pound him hard and deep in the open air.

Cock Hungry Cowboy

Cock hungry cowboy Scott DeMarco is out trying to rustle up a snack to satisfy his man-size appetite. When Scott sets his eyes on sweet-faced Logan Cross he wastes no time lassoing the twink right out from under his female companion. Scott hops on Logan’s back and rides him back to his hotel room where he teaches the straight-laced cutie a thing or two about how they do things on the range, trading sloppy blowjobs before he loosens up Logan’s beautiful hole. Logan takes to getting railed like a born rider, saddling up on Scott’s thick cock and taking it deep until the horny cowboy blows his load all over him.

Ass Trainer

Butt-naked and blindfolded, submissive slut Dom Ully waits patiently in the dungeon. Dom breathes heavily in anticipation of being used by his master Peter Uman. Peter shoves his fingers down eager Dom’s throat before filling him up with his hard cock.