Casting Couch #427: Victor Ferraz, Santi Sexy

Santi Sexy spots his new neighbor, Victor Ferraz fresh out of the shower. Santi heads over to meet and suck Victor’s cock. Victor’s huge cock stretches Santi’s throat and ass before feeding him his load.

Reese Blown

Young straight dad Reese sneaks off from his girlfriend to get a blowjob from someone who really knows how to deepthroat his big dick. Reese drops his shorts and sticks himself through the hole. I blow his big dick until he’s rock hard, then I deepthroat him how I know he needs it. Reese moans as he unloads in my mouth and I suck him dry.

Love Tub Part 2: Bareback

David Skylar has heard tell of the special hot tub that makes people horny, and he’s come to give it a try. As David waits for the promised sexy ladies to arrive, the warm magical waters get his cock super hard, but the only person around to help is handsome hunk Vinny Blackwood. Although David is normally totally straight, something about the Love Tub makes him accept Vinny’s offer to suck his dick! David even decides to go down on Vinny and eat his ass too. Vinny wants that big dick in his ass so David fucks him doggystyle and then Vinny rides him by the side of the Love Tub. David’s impressed with how well Vinny takes that pounding, then pulls out to cum on his chest before the bottom blows his load.

Love Tub Part 1: Bareback

Bound by the Senses: Smell: Bareback

Olfactophile Pierce Paris tries not to get caught as he sniffs the sweaty guys in the locker room, but his arousal is obvious to handsome and fit Lukas Daken, who knows just what Pierce needs: a close-up whiff of his pits. Pierce kisses all over Lukas’s chest, breathing in his manly musk, then inhales the scent of his cock before sucking it. Pierce sticks his face deep in Lukas’s ass before bending him over for a doggystyle fuck, then sitting on the bench so Lukas can ride his big cock! The guys fuck in missionary till the bottom blows his load, then it’s Lukas’s turn to appreciate the smell of Pierce’s cum with a facial.

Sean & Josh: Bareback

For a guy who’s taken off his clothes on camera dozens of times, stripping off in the great outdoors shouldn’t present a challenge, but Sean might surprise you! “I’ve never been to a nude beach. You would think that I wouldn’t be as nervous as I am…” says Sean with a laugh. “Don’t be nervous,” coaxes cute scene partner Josh, who doesn’t hesitate to strip down and rock out with his cock out. Once Sean gets up the courage to bare all, it’s all fun in the sun as these guys splash in the surf and leave butt prints on the sand before returning to the studio for a hot flip fuck and swapping creampies.