Blind Lust

As horny, musclebound Collin Simpson caresses his body all over with his eyes closed, it feels so good that he decides to put on a blindfold to heighten the sensations even further! His lover Diego Sans enters as Collin plays with his cock and his hole, and Diego softly strokes his man’s legs before focusing on his back and ass. Collin sucks Diego’s cock and the top plays with the blindfolded bottom’s hole before fucking him nice and deep in missionary, then spoon. Collin rides his guy’s cock and Diego fucks Collin doggystyle till he has to pull out and cum, then Collin strokes himself to an intense climax.

Archer Shoots A Big Load

Archer looks like a sweet guy, but once he starts working that cock of his, you can tell that he’s got a bad streak a mile wide. With his fit body and furry chest, Archer is one of the cutest guys I’ve had on the site in a long time. He loves to show off, too. It doesn’t take him long to get close to blowing his load, and what a load it is! I can’t remember a guy who shoots more than him. The jizz just keeps cumming and cumming like a fountain. See it again in Slo-Mo…

Cocked & Loaded: Cole Keller, Santiago Rodriguez, Viktor Rom

Cole Keller is hosting a gay porn party with Santiago Rodriguez and Viktor Rom. With these guys there is only deep throat cock sucking and raw ass fucking. Cole raises the bar and gets double fucked in two various positions. You have to see these huge loads of cum.

?PART 1 of RISE of the SIRENS series

Surfer Matthew Camp has no idea when he meets Beaux Banks that Beaux is more than the gorgeous naked stud he appears to be. The guys fuck on the beach before Matthew learns Beaux is a half-siren on the trail of the dangerous mermen who attacked a pair of divers. Collin Simpson and JJ Knight capture Beaux, thinking he’s the killer, and their excitement is so high that they need to fuck before taking their revenge. Meanwhile, Matthew’s friend Colby Tucker investigates the scene of the crime, finding a hot fuck and a bit more than he bargained for from hungry siren Paul Canon. Just as Beaux gets free from JJ and Collin and reunites with Matthew, he’s tracked down by his undersea husband Angel Rivera, and Matthew must duel the hungry Angel, dominating him as he fucks both sirens at once!

Banging the Bully

High school reunions can be stressful–especially for Adrian who doesn’t look forward to seeing Andre, the school bully. When Andre finally recognizes Adrien, and sees how much he’s grown up, the two engage in quite the grown-up grudge fuck.

Guilt Trip

Brian Bonds wants to go with Zario to the big poker night, but it’s the one night Zario gets to hang with his friends. Brian gets pissed and Zario knows exactly how to make him happy. He uses his huge cock and tight ass to put a smile and some cum back on Brian‘s face. The bareback fucking will leave you breathless!

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