Jizz For Breakfast

Boys Halfway House Incident #212

We like to nip problems in the bud here at the Halfway House, whether it’s morning, noon, or night. This resident unfortunately got his punishment before he had even woken up. He was in for a big surprise that morning, too. But, to be honest, he did a great job sucking off two cocks at the same time. He did such s good job that cock tears were streaming down his face by the time we were finished with him.

He’s not a natural born cocksucker, but he’s learned his lessons well here, and because of our constant work with him, he sure can make his fellow man feel good. So good, in fact, that both of our loads were huge that morning. Now, I know from experience that he doesn’t fancy the taste of cum, but he’s been broken in, and he’s now such a good little boy that he takes what is meted out to him, without complaint. Two huge loads, and although some of it missed his mouth (and was plastered all over his face), what did make it in, he swallowed it down. Nothing like jizz for breakfast!

Calvin’s Tickle Ecstasy


Calvin giggles a little as he’s getting tied down, but he admits to being nervous. Franco has put Calvin in a pair of sheer white dress socks, and that’s exactly where the tickling begins. Franco shows Jeff exactly where to tickle Calvin’s feet, on the arches, under the toes, on his heels. They tickle Calvin with fingers and soap savers and take turns climbing on top of him and pinning his legs down. Franco cuts open Calvin’s socks so they can tickle his exposed soles and lick between his toes. They move up Calvin’s body while he continues to laugh hysterically, tickling him on his knees, inner thighs and abs. They tickle Calvin in his bellybutton, blowing raspberries on his stomach and tickling his lower ribs. Franco shows Jeff how to follow the muscles around the armpit to drive a tickle victim crazy, and just when Calvin can’t handle any more, they give him a break. Lucky Calvin gets to fuck Jeff’s mouth, then Franco sucks and jacks him, making him bust his nut. The session ends with Franco torturing Calvin’s sensitive cock.

Duke Jerked By Another Dude


Duke is a fun-loving college student who loves to get head more than anything. I couldn’t convince him to let me blow him, but he agreed to a hand job. He got himself warmed up by playing with himself through his boxers until his cock head was poking out. I had to get an ass shot while he got on his knees and stroked it. Ready or not, I grabbed his cock and and brought him close to getting off. He took control and shot a big load all over his chest.

Casting Couch #432: Jony Blond, Leonardo Lucatto

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Jony Blond, Kristen Bjorn’s beginner shows Leonardo Lucatto just how talented he is. Leonardo swallows that perfectly curved cock before he gets an expert ass eating and fucking.

Country Boy Jamison’s Surprise Hand Job


Jamison is a quiet, shy Southern boy who was as nervous as a whore in church about doing a video shoot. I oiled him down and was getting nervous myself about putting the moves on him. He kept his cock hard while I gathered up my courage to make the move. Take a look at Jamison’s face when I grab his cock. He was dumbfounded. Still, Jamison let me stroke him, and it wasn’t long before he shot a big load all over.