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Kirk Gauguin & Allan Aimée


Do you enjoy sex in public? Kirk Gauguin and Allan Aimée clearly love being watched. Kirk finds Allan sitting apart from the other boys by the pool and after a quick make out, he puts his hard cock into his mouth. Allan doesn’t care if the other boys are watching because he is finally with the guy he’s always dreamed about.
Kirk is a very experienced lover but Allan gives the best blowjobs. After rimming Allan’s bubble butt, Kirk slides his manhood into Allan and they fuck hard without a care for the watching boys, who get steadily hornier. After Kirk cums over Allan’s ass, he plays with his lover’s hole until Allan also shoots a thick creamy load.


Ya’all gonna love this SEXY 28 minute video “Fireside Fuck- Big C Breeds & Flips With Caysen Matthew”. I had played with Caysen off cam the week before, and the sex was bomb! So I hit him up late night when I was horny, and he showed up an hour later ready to get down… I lit the fire out back, poured some wine, and we smoked some bud. The sex was insane– He starts riding my throbbing cock nice n slow. I end up fucking him in all sorts of positions, with an insane breed missionary. Caysen is not only super flexible, he’s also verse with a nice boy dick, so of course I jumped on after breeding him and rode a load out. He blows a nice load with muy dick in his mouth! Enjoy!

NOTHING TO LOSE: Craig Marks, Louis Ricraute

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Craig Marks confesses his desires for Louis Ricaute and leaves him a note. Meeting up, Craig sucks Louis’ monster cock then gets his hot, pink ass fucked


When your brother’s the guy who’s taught you everything about yourself and your body and made you take care of his needs it’s tough to watch him go off to serve. The waiting, the worry, and the longing is unbearable. The memory of his touch and his smell and the spasms your body went through when he was in you is so hard to be without. Then that happy day comes when he comes home and two brothers pick up right where they left off. That day has come for Liam and Mason. To all who served proudly like these two, Thank You!

DRENCHED: Dylan, Adam, Jeff & Joaquin


Today we bring you an extraordinary 4 way with Adam, Dylan, Jeff, and  Joaquin! We’ll leave it to the viewers to see for yourself why it’s so special but will give you a hint: there is a lot of fucking involved, both by Adam and also Dylan and everything ends in a classic and signature cumshot from Adam, drenching all of his mates in one powerful blast that is not to be missed!


Some jealous assholes call us sloppy and call our cumdump house a “slop pad”. Lol, little do they know their guys are always stopping in to dump a few loads. Guess we can’t blame ’em for calling us sloppy sluts, probably hear us sucking dick from down the block. We know what these guys are missing and love giving them the kind of nut they need to bust.

Gay Chicken, Spring Break Edition – Part 2


It’s Joey and Greg’s turn to try to beat Justice and Cali’s Gay Chicken score. These guys don’t call ‘Chicken’ once, and the action is smokin’ hot. It all begins with a wet kiss. Competition number two is cock-touching. Even though they joke about not wanting to touch each other, they both get hard and are willing to jerk on the other’s rod. Nobody Chicken in this room! Next, it’s Joey’s turn to suck on Greg’s dick and give him a slow blowjob. Greg grabs his head and pushes him onto his cock. Then Greg gets on Joey’s cock and sucks it like an old pro. “I hope my Mom doesn’t see this…” In the bonus round, the two try to get each other off. After sucking on Greg some more, Joey plays with his balls until Greg shoots a big load all over Joey. He even tastes his cum for the first time. Not to be outdone, Greg goes down on Joey and tries to get him to bust. He needs a little help from me, but Joey blows his nut and also takes a big slurp of his own jizz.


Jorge the randy handy man is checking out some wires in a building block. The janitor, Amir hands hime the keys and also lends him the massive tool in his pants. Licking his butt out in the basement and getting his dick wet he fucks Jorge on the stairs. Jorge ends up drenched in cum after being destroyed by this hairy dominant male.

Henrik Bjorn & Thom Jacobs


This update is almost like a „fairy tale“. Henrik Bjorn is exploring the beauty of the Czech countryside when he unexpectedly experiences a summer fling. Bjorn decides to spend the night in a local guesthouse where he meets Thom Jacobs.
Seductive looks soon develop into a more intimate make out session and rapid undressing. After mutual blowjobs and a rimjob, Thom finally feels his lover’s cock inside him. The sex gets wilder and the two boys climax with big creamy cumshots. We can only wonder what might happen when this story continues.


Meet Trevor: he’s 5’9″, 160lbs, from LA, and can take dick like a champ. He’s not bad to look at either. He and Gino were hitting it off all weekend so I knew this was gonna be some hot, passionate fucking. Gino laid back while Trevor serviced him… but grabbed him by the throat at one point, pulled him in to tell him how he hot he is, kissed him, then shoved his head back down to his hard cock. It doesn’t matter which position Gino pounded him in — doggy style, missionary, cuddle-fuck — Trevor wants more. The cuddle-fuck was what did them both in though, as Trevor busted his load with Gino railing him. And Gino wasn’t far behind, nutting all over and inside Trevor’s hole.

21-Year-Old Army Stud Utah Gets Blown


Cuba stopped by the house with Utah to see if I was home. We hung out for a little while, and Utah asked if he could make a video for some spending cash. Done! Utah has turned 21 since he was last here, and he got a few more tattoos on his hot body. His cock is still nice and fat, ready for me to suck on. It takes nothing to get this young guy hard, and just a few strokes of my hand had him almost ready to cum. I made him wait a while though. Utah is one of my favorite guys, and I took my time sucking his rod and licking his sexy balls. One of the things I like about Utah is how expressive and reactive he is when he’s horny. He was moaning and gripping the bed as I brought him close to nutting. Finally, Utah shoots a huge wad for me. I suck the rest of the cum out of his cock, then torture him for a minute…his cock is so sensitive after he cums.