New Arrivals Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

Bodybuilder Davin Strong and ex-cop muscle stud Nick Cranston may be completely new to the porn industry, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t already naked and ready to use their cocks for the camera. After getting on all fours to gobble down Nick’s dick, David lays back, spreads his impossibly thick thighs, and lets Nick’s tongue go to town on his hungry hole. Nick then brings Davin to the floor to pump himself into his muscular partner and watch his meat disappear between his massive cheeks. Ready to get barebacked himself, Nick switches things up by sitting on Davin’s face and taking a seat on his stiff dick for an intense flip fuck. Getting drilled down by Davin soon has Nick shooting ropes seconds before the burly fucker pulls out of his used hole to directly feed Nick his fresh load.

New Arrivals Sc 1

You Asked For It Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

Taboo porn-watchers that spend their days searching for ‘brother fucker’ videos need to look no further than this brotherly bonding session with JJ Knight and Tristan Hunter. These two bareback bros are as close as ever and aren’t afraid to share intimate experiences like blowing and rimming each other. Ready to fuck as only brothers can, Tristan watches in awe as JJ’s curved cock completely disappears into his ass. A verbal Tristan swears, huffs, and puffs as his big bro continually thrusts himself into his hairless hole until both are on the edge of cumming. With his legs thrown in the air, Tristan lies there satisfied as he bursts and then watches JJ nut all over his exposed abs.

You Asked For It Sc 1

Bred & Breakfast: The Come Inn Sc 2

NakedSword Originals

SET TO GET WET – New couple Colton Reece and Isaac X are enjoying their first weekend getaway together at The Come Inn, where the sun is always shining, and the water is fine. Needing to cool off after ogling gorgeous property owner Josh Moore, the couple heads out to the pool, their swimsuits bursting at the seams. Horned up and ready to play, Isaac devours Colton’s beautiful cock before bending over to accommodate a huge pool toy in his tight asshole. Now opened up and ready to fuck, Colton leads his boyfriend to an outdoor daybed where he gets on all-fours so Isaac can easily eat out his hair-dusted crack. Once Colton returns the favor, he fucks Isaac bareback, doggie-style and then sideways before taking Isaac’s thick meat down his throat. With Isaac already on his back and splayed out, Colton plunges his cock back into Isaac’s worked-over hole until he erupts. He licks his own cum out of Isaac’s ass and then leans in for an intoxicating kiss that tastes of both creamy DNA and musk – a down-and-dirty cocktail that makes Isaac explode across his stomach. Still rock-hard for his new man, Colton shoots a second load that proves that once is never, never enough.

Bred & Breakfast: The Come Inn Sc 3

Bred & Breakfast: The Come Inn Sc 4

NakedSword Originals

COME AGAIN – As B&B owners Josh Moore and Beau Butler prepare for breakfast the following morning, unexpected guest Alpha Wolfe passes the kitchen. No sooner does he start talking to the proprietors than his hairy dick gets hard – causing his towel to the fall to the floor. There’s only one thing Josh likes more than a hairy hole…and that’s two hairy holes. Beau kneels on the floor and simultaneously sucks both guys. When they take their private party into the living room, Josh makes a feast of the two furry manholes before ramming his gigantic, uncut dick into both men. Josh, Beau, and Alpha eventually move into a bareback pile-up, with Alpha going deep into Beau’s delicious asshole while Josh gives Alpha’s ass a second workout. It’s not long before Alpha unloads inside Beau’s tight pucker, eventually eating his own jizz out of Beau’s glistening crack. After Josh cums in Beau’s mouth, Alpha squeezes out a second load onto Beau’s waiting tongue. Josh and Beau like their customers to leave happy – and full – because, after all, they always want their guests to come again.

Chris’ Audition


Open-minded 22-year-old Chris tells me about his sexual fantasies while rubbing his dick through his jeans. He gets a boner in his boxer briefs while talking dirty about another guy stroking his cock and encourages every guy watching to give it a try. When he invites me in, I eagerly grab his tool. What Chris doesn’t expect is that I’ve been planning on sucking his balls dry for a while and do just that. I swallow his load completely and leave him naked on the bed with a clean, pulsating pole.

The Nightstick: Oskar Ivan, Marcos Oliveira, Louis Ricaute

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Cop Louis Ricaute gets a call that leads him to Marcos Oliveira and Oskar Ivan. The guys service the hairy cops monster cock and nightstick with their asses

Reef and Jace: Straight Buddies Play Gay Chicken


It turns out that Jace and Reef know each other from several years back. They used to work together in another town. Now they have to get it on together in order to win Gay Chicken. Can you say, “awkward?” The first round is a big wet sloppy kiss. Nothing like that to rekindle an old friendship! Next they jerk each other until they each get hard. Amazing what guys will do to get the girl. In the blow job round, it looks like one of these guys might have actually done this before. Which one do you think? What’s a little 69 action between friends? The cumshots are getting mighty close. Jace gets Reef off with a huge cum explosion, then Reef returns the favor and Jace is covered with cum.

Evan Roped


After a long day as a manager at work, Evan likes to lose control. He hates being tickled, but he knows that Franco will restrain him and treat him like he deserves to be treated. Franco gets out the rope and ties Evan up. With ropes securely around Evan’s upper body, Franco starts the hardcore tickling. Franco goes everywhere Evan hates, but the worst part for Evan is when Franco attacks Evan’s size 9 feet with the brush!

Samuel Hazed, Jerked and Blown


Samuel has been in before for a test shoot, but I didn’t think he would come back because he acted so nervous. I get a call from him asking what else he can do to make fast money. He agrees to be hazed, so I tie him to a chair, blindfold him and get busy making him hard. Samuel is very vocal and seems to love everything I do to him, from nipple play, to stroking, to a slow blowjob. As he gets closer to cumming, he grows louder and louder. Samuel finally shoots his load with a big satisfied moan.

High Five


20-year-old Gabriel, who’s into both girls and guys, says he’ll try anything once and that everything turns him on the first time he tries it. He sucks cock and 69’s, but finally gets off with three guys jacking over him. It’s high fives all around as the guys celebrate, but once Braxton blows his load, it’s back on Gabriel, who gets paddled by everyone for being such a little bitch. When I tell Braxton and Gabriel to strip each other, it doesn’t take much for me to get a cock in Gabriel’s mouth. He shows his cute Puerto Rican ass, then asks if they can 69. Sure! The guys suck each other’s cocks for a bit, then Gabriel wants to stand and get sucked. He’s not fully hard, but he says he’s close to cumming, so I position Braxton under him. When Gabriel doesn’t cum, it’s time to try something else. I put Gabriel on his back and bring in my buddy Texas. This is what Gabriel wants! Tex cums on him first, and Gabriel busts rights after. Then I step over him and beat his face with my big dick. Braxton’s up next, and we get our mouths and hands all over him. Braxton held out the longest, so I let him choose how he wants to get off. He relaxes on the couch, and with a little help from Gabriel, finally busts his nut, hitting Gabriel in his eye! But that’s not enough punishment. Gabe gets the paddle for being a little bitch.

Casting Couch #465: Andre Cruise, Kyle Fox

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Andre Cruise enthusiastically expresses his desire to film with Kyle Fox. Kyle licks, sucks, eats, and fucks Andre deep and raw then feeds him his cum