I have a blast with Jimmy, he’s a horny bastard like me and we can’t get enough. We decided to head to The Slammer to get into some trouble. We ended up meeting a super sexy muscled up Dad and took him back to my place. Jimmy swaps oral with him, then flips… The next day I took on Dad 1-1 and breed his smooth ass real good. Lots of authentic sex here guys, get that lube out!


Do you like the idea of being watched? What started out with normal boys talk naming each other’s dicks turned into sucking and fucking on the balcony in the warm summer sun. Did I mention there isn’t a dick under 8 inches? Which makes watching Adrian and Mitch pass Evan back and forth fucking him that much hotter! After a 30-minute fuck fest, both Evan and Adrian dumped their loads inside Mitch, which made him bust his all over himself too. This is how you make three hung boys very happy!

Dean At The Gloryhole


Sometimes the easiest way to relax is with a blowjob, and no one knows that better than Dean. He uses the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to unload before heading off to bed. Dean steps up to the gloryhole and drops his athletic shorts. I suck his tasty cock and balls until he cums in my mouth. Then he quickly pulls up his pants and jets out with a satisified look on his face.


If you think Macho Dog got used hard in Part 1 you’ll wonder how he takes it in Part 2. Daddy Will Angell gets that deep-down hunger to use a boy that can take it rough and this wild beast has no limits. This all-natural masculine furry-bellied beast of a man can satisfy any Alphas needs no matter how dark and perverted they are.

SEX DESTINY: Jason Rock, Louis Ricaute

Kristen Bjorn Productions

As Jason Rock makes his way down the narrow lane his Sex Destiny is right around the corner, manifesting as the very sexy and handsome Louis Ricaute. Lingering glances are exchanged, that unspoken word is conveyed, and the connection has been made.  

Louis Ricaute and Jason Rock have an air of familiarity with each other and that this Sex Destiny is no happenstance meeting, but the will of the sex gods themselves. They know that Jason’s desires for strong, burly, hairy, hung men is fulfilled with the exact match in Louis.  

Louis and Jason make their way to Louis’ nearby flat. Once inside familiarity turns to raw passion and all out desire. As their lips meet and tongues begin exploring the other their hands are also exploring what has been an undefined desire brought to fruition in this moment, this time, this place, the thing gay porn romances about. 

As the clothes are stripped away, their contrasting jock straps enhance the masculine, muscular, hairy bodies. Louis strips Jason of his jock strap and begins pleasuring his rock-hard cock with his mighty mouth. Jason takes control and strops Louis of his jock strap and takes the massive, thick cock into his mouth. Jason wraps his fist around the huge cock and still has ample cock to choke on. Louis arouses his sensitive nipples as his cock is filled with pleasure. 

Jason gets flipped and his furry ass cheeks spread wide as Louis begins tongue fucking that hot hole. With Jason’s ass nice and wet, Louis rams his monster cock deep inside of Jason’s raw ass. Louis finds that Jason needs some more spit and he also wants to enjoy the flavor of that hot ass, so he swaps cock for tongue and repeats this several times to satisfy both men’s needs.  

With another flip Jason lowers his ass onto Louis’ throbbing cock. Jason goes for a wild and intense fucking that brings both men closer to the edge. Instead of edging the guys flip again and this time Jason is on his back with Louis pounding his ass hard and deep. Louis picks up his pace and is ramming Jason’s ass with a fevered pitch before unloading his thick, creamy load of cum all over Jason’s drenched ass. Louis leans in and begins felching his hot load, which triggers Jason to shoot his hot load of cum. 

May your Sex Destiny be as hot as Louis and Jason’s.

First Finger


Corey doesn’t know it, but he’s about to catch a finger. I get Corey to relax by asking him questions about what girls he’s been fucking and joking with him about dating them. I peel him out of his tight pants with a laugh and a smile. I blindfold Corey and rub his smooth body. I stroke his cock, and when he gets hard, I suck him. Corey’s got me so turned on that I sit next to him and guide his hand to my boner. Then I eat his ass and start toying with his hole. With more rimming and lube, Corey is ready for my finger. I slowly work it inside him while he jacks his cock. At one point, he lifts the blindfold to make sure it’s just a finger! I work his hole until he shoots a big load, then I blanket him with my cum.


Look at this fit fucker! Proper lad, clear skin and proper nice cock. Hard guy with sexy tattoos. Lucky guy sucking on his cock smelling his delicious pubes. He fingers are up his ass and they are jerking their cocks. A massive creamy flow of cum spills everywhere. Shoved it back inside. You can feel his balls slapping your as whilst he’s loading that cum deep inside his asshole.


Our sexy otter Bud Jay is back after shooting his first video with us five years ago, and he’s looking hot and hairy. He’s come a long way since then, he can take a fat cock like a champ now, we were super horny after obstaining from sex for a few days in anticipation of this shoot and his hairy tight little ass did not disappoint. We fucked his sweet piece so hard and deep I think we pumped a gallon of jizz into his fine ass! Nothing hotter than a cream pie hole.

PROTEIN: Alan Vicenzo, Lionel Lilac

Kristen Bjorn Productions

The benefits of cum/protein are taught by Lionel Lilac and Alan Vicenzo thru cock sucking, ass eating and fucking. Monster cock loads are eaten by the winner


I had been chatting with this lean sexy fuker on Twitter, and knew we’d hit it off. We planned a sleepover, and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We flipped the night away, taking breaks just to shower, eat, and jacuzzi. The next morning we woke up eager for more– In total I busted 4 times and he busted 3! Kick ass chemistry and tons of sexual energy– And he wants more… Stay Tuned!

Straight Stud Aiden Tripp Turned On By Tickling


Straight stud Aiden has agreed to let Franco tickle him hard. He’s been tickled before, but nothing can prepare you for Franco’s brand of tickling! Franco begins with gentle tickling on Aiden’s belly and sides. He pulls Aiden’s shirt over his head and slowly works up to his sensitive nipples and armpits. Aiden slides down the chair, wriggling to get away, not realizing that with his hands tied above his head, he’s only exposing more of his body to Franco. After digging into Aiden’s armpits, Franco takes off Aiden’s shirt, straps his arms down to the chair and pulls his pants down. He tickles Aiden’s naked body with his pants around his ankles, as Aiden does whatever he can to get away and keep Franco out of his most ticklish spots. Down to nothing but his dress shoes and sheers, Aiden uses his brief freedom to jack a hot, spurting load out of his big dick before the tickling continues. Aiden’s size 13 socked feet are next, and he breathlessly giggles as Franco attacks them. His hilarious laughter even has Franco in stitches! Franco pulls Aiden’s soaked sheers off his sweaty feet and tickles his willing victim barefoot with his fingers, feathers and brush, then returns to Aiden’s torso for one last assault that totally exhausts him.