This was definitely one of the funniest photo shootings I’ve ever had. I drove to the countryside to meet Josh and take the pictures of him. After a walk we came to that ruin and we thought that this was the perfect place. We immediately started with our “work” …

Matt and Jan

That evening Matt and Jan met for the first time. I watched them having some beers together, sitting on the couch and talking. Soon they stopped talking and started kissing. Later that evening I talked to Alex for a while and as I returned to the couch Matt and Jan had already left the party…

Kevin & Jake

Kevin’s first gay experiences happened at a raised hide in the forest together with a school pal. It was such an unforgettable experience because the forrester came along and almost caught them. When asked “what are you doing here” they answered “nothing – we just look”.


Luke started working as a Flight attendant about a year ago at a big international airline. He definitely loves this job. He has bin to so many different counties so far and made friends all over the world. And of course he already belongs to those who had sex above the clouds!