Frat Men, Frat Boys, Frat Hunks – straight guys – pics and videos

Mick is our Quebecois exchange student. He grew up in the US, but his background is French Canadian. Here’s Willie. The obvious dick jokes aside, we’d happily curl up in bed and spend some free time with him as long as we go to see that smile in the morning. This curly guy has a […]


Here’s Travis. He’s a blond skate boarder who showed up to the location with the worst hair ever. No, really. We took him straight to get his hair cut and he emerged a full-fledged Fratman in no time. Travis was a trooper. His plane was diverted and he ended up taking a 23-hour trip to […]


Here’s the first results with Kelan returning… the stunningly handsome blond surfer returns for his third Fratmen movie. He’s in the kind of shape you’d expect after hearing that he’s been spending his time working as a Life Guard since he shot the wrestling movie “Fratmen On The Mat.”  Is that not the sweetest hairy […]