nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (1)

Spencer Reed is back and ready to play some football with a sexy newcomer. The rookie Gavin is a blonde,tanned, surfer looking type of stud.
Both of these boys love football so they decide to throw the ball around a bit on a sunny day. Spencer is a bit of a butterfinger but it might be because he can’t keep his eyes of the sexy hotty he’s playing with.
Spencer has had enough catch and decides to tackle Gavin to the ground and play with a new set of balls.
They take the action inside the house and right at it they go. Some hot heavy making out and two big cocks are up for some heated action. Gavin loves the cock and starts digesting Spencers while making sure his balls are licked clean as well. Spencer returns the favor but in a short bit Gavin finds himself bent over and taking it hard and fast from all sorts of angles.
The end of the scene is very hot when the load blasts all over Gavins back and hair.

nextdoormale-Kevin Wood (9)

Kevin Wood decided to sleep in and relax today. He had a long night and needs the rest. A leisurely shower is just what the doctor ordered and it will give Kevin an opportunity to give some attention to his recently neglected dick. He hasn’t had time to stroke his cock in 3 days and needless to say, he has some built up tension.
Some nice soap suds do the trick nicely as Kevin lays down and sprawls out in the shower. Then it’s over to the sofa where the K man knows his Fleshlight is waiting patiently to envelop his beefy cock. After using his toy to get a rock solid hard on, Kevin wedges the Fleshlight in the sofa cushions and fucks the daylights outta the thing while thinking of his favorite hole.

nextdoorbuddies-Justin Jameson, Andrew Blue (7) nextdoorbuddies-Justin Jameson, Andrew Blue (1)

While at the pool earlier, Andrew Blue saw the lifeguard’s dick from up his shorts.  It was MUCH bigger than average, which made Andrew quite horny.  He raced over to meet up with Justin Jameson who Andrew knows is always ready for action.
Sure enough, Justin was just as horny as Andrew and ready to deepthroat some cock.  And Andrew couldn’t wait to taste Justin’s ass before shoving his meat in there.  Now if only Andrew could get his hands on that lifeguard!

masonwyler-Mason - Justin Jameson (10) masonwyler-Mason - Justin Jameson (1)

It’s been pretty nice out, so Mason Wyler and Justin Jameson decided to go to the zoo earlier.  They happened to get to the monkey cage just in time to catch Lulu and Bobo fucking like only wild animals do.  Even though they had only been at the zoo for 15 minutes, they dashed off to act on their raw desires that had been sparked by watching the animals do it.
Once at the house, the boys let their passion run wild.  Mason slurped Justin’s cock like a caged beast who had just been set free.  And Justin rammed his 8.5 inch behemoth boner up Mason’s man hole.  You won’t see this action on the Discovery Channel!

codycummings-Cody - Justin Jameson (9) codycummings-Cody - Justin Jameson (11)

Cody Cummings is all set to relax and watch some porn.  He’s got a comfy bed and an air-conditioned room.  Little does he know, Justin Jameson is waiting in the wings, ready to pounce at the right moment.  When he sees Cody’s throbbing member in plain view, he knows it’s time.
Cody can tell Justin knows how to handle a large cock.  And Justin won’t be done until Cody’s ass is licked clean.

nextdoorhookups-Studding Twins - Rani Fairis (1) nextdoorhookups-Studding Twins - Rani Fairis (2)

Rani Fairis is so conniving!  She brings ice cubes over to the Studding Twins, Matt & Dave, and tells them the ice will “cool them down.” HA!  Good thing the twins weren’t born yesterday.  They know Rani just wants to heat them up and get double-stuffed by their throbbing, twin-turbo cocks!  Lucky for Rani, the guys are hot AND horny.
They’re gonna show her how real bros team up, high fives and all.  So get comfortable and cum along…when it’s all over, you’ll be seeing double!

nextdoorbuddies-Christian Wilde - Justin Jameson (3) nextdoorbuddies-Christian Wilde - Justin Jameson (2)

Justin Jameson is a newcummer and Christian Wilde is helping him get acquainted.  The guys are washing up in the bathroom when Christian decides to heat things up.  Justin is no stranger to getting sexy in bathrooms.  He loves jerking off in public restrooms whenever he gets the chance.  Luckily, he has Christian’s rock hard cock to play with this time.
Even though Justin has a fresh face, he can suck and take a dick like a seasoned pro.  And Christian Wilde is making sure Justin gets broken in by fucking him nice and deep.

nextdoormale - Chris Taylor (1)

It’s a rainy, dreary day, but Chris Taylor is finding ways to have fun indoors.  After a light, healthy lunch, Chris finds himself becoming quite aroused.  His thoughts drift toward far off places.  He has visions of well hung island men, dancing in traditional garb.  Some of them are engorged, just as he is himself.  He strokes his thick, meaty erection and imagines native hands touching him all over.
Then Chris takes an afternoon nap and experiences a vivid dream where he was a young tribesman, hunting through a jungle.  He happens upon two village elders fucking near a small creek.  The dream was so real, Chris is driven to again stroke his already hard cock.

nextdoorbuddies - Justin Ryder-Christine Wilde-Marcus Mojo-Dylan McLovin-Aaron Skyline (14)

Two’s company, three’s a crowd, four’s a party, and five’s a…gangbang??  It’s tough to keep track of who’s who when Justin Ryder, Christian Wilde, Marcus Mojo, Dylan McLovin, and Aaron Skyline join forces to suck and fuck like it’s goin’ out of style.
These boys come out horny and don’t stop until the very end.  And right about the time you start wondering who’s gonna clean up all the cum, the hairy Justin Ryder gladly assumes the role of pivot man in the hottest fuck fest you’ve seen yet.

masonwyler-Mason-Brec_Boyd (1)

Mason Wyler and Brec Boyd have come up with a simple way to beat the heat;  they’re going to take their clothes off!  And Mason knows nothing takes his mind off scorching weather like a fat cock in the mouth.  The slender, tattooed Brec is happy to provide his throbber.  Mason basks in the shade of Brec’s balls, while slurping on his hard dick.
Crank up the A.C. and watch these guys get steamy.

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nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (15) nextdoorbuddies_Spencer and Gavin (3)

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