Leo & Shawn

This was the first time working with Shawn, other than solo and Serviced video. He said he had topped another dude in a video, and that he would be down with that and maybe more. Leo was eager to not be the new kid on the block, and was real good at trying to relax […]


 Decker is one of those shy brainiacs that goes wild every now and then. He’s got a great big ‘ole dick that he is confident about. He’s 22 and yes, he’s got braces. That fact, he’s not so confident about, as you can tell, he’s a bit uncomfortable smiling. He says he is into girls, but I […]

Camden & Leo – HQ pics and HD video

  Ironically, after Leo’s shoot with Phenix, Leo asked that I find a gay guy for him to work with, “I want to have sex with a guy who is really in to me.” I actually get this request often enough after I put two straight guys together. A lot of the straight guys think […]