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25-year-old Aaron is straight as an arrow, but he’s okay with letting another guy watch him jack off. He pulls on his low-hanging balls and strokes his huge cock until he unloads all over the floor and his feet.

It took Cliff about 5 years to come back and get a happy-ending massage last time. And I think even he was wondering why he waited so long to try his first time doing anything with a guy. If you saw that shoot, you’ll remember that he ended up cumming twice, back-to-back. The second time was helped along with about a minute of getting his dick sucked which pushed him right over the edge. When I asked him about coming back for another scene, it went a little like this: “Am I going to get another blowjob? ‘Cos if so, I’m down.” He added that he loves getting head, but most girls he’s been with aren’t very good at it. (“Duh!” was my response.) Cliff held off for about a day from his normal 3-a-day jerk-off schedule in anticipation, too. Laying back on the bed, he suddenly opened his eyes at one point, telling me to slow down or he was going to cum too quickly. It didn’t take much to get him to the finish line when the time came. No fancy editing here; the build-up to the cumshot was pretty much in real time. And Cliff, who is normally kind of quiet when he busts, was left twitching and moaning as he dumped his load onto his stomach.

I was just about going out for lunch where I was supposed to meet a friend when I saw an awesome delivery guy waiting for quite a while in front of a building. As I always have my cam in my bag I switched it on and went straight towards him. He was actually a bit scared of the cam and I could feel that he felt unpleasant. But after a short while our conversation became an open talk about everything. He told me about his bad salary and I could understand that life can be sometimes quite difficult. On the other hand I saw my chance and told him that I make castings for a movie-agency. I even told him that it is sometimes about adult-movies and for a little financial bonus he agreed to a live casting in his van. And that’s how we started…

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Through the tiny hole in the wall I film these handsome young chaps exposing themselves completely. They are very attractive blokes showering and I can literally smell them as I am so close to them. They all have great bodies and very suckable cocks!


I knew exactly the shots I wanted when my straight mate Ryan took a dip in the hot tub. He looks great in the Aussiebum speedo, but wait till you see my photos of that bubble butt sticking out when he comes up out of the water. I set up a couple of cameras to grab this behind the scenes video footage of my photoshoot with Ryan above the hot tub. So no angle got missed here. I like working with Ryan a lot. He’s one of the few straight guys I’ve had back again and again. I’m looking forward to doing some outdoor stuff with him this summer.


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Axel (22) is small but nature compensated him with a big and thick cock, and a heavy pair of hanging nuts. He keeps his groin hair, and he also owns a furry ass. And a tight hole, which was never sucked –and he would never allow it.

We introduced you to hot young and hung Kilo not long ago and you got to watch his first time at piss play as he peed on himself outside in the open. It was hot and he seemed to enjoy it so we thought it would be fucking hot to see him in action and we immediately thought of hot bi boy Omar. We have seen Omar a few times and he have proven himself to be very versatile…being the top and the bottom and enjoying the piss action on both sides! We arranged for them to meet for the very first time at a secluded outdoor location in the woods with a river and stream…nothing like the sound of running water to get the piss flowing! They start out with a mutual piss and then the real fun begins!

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Now this has to be a contender for one of my all-time favorites.  By now, we’ve seen Bridger jerk his meat for a sexy solo, and we watched him fuck Quentin’s sweet, plump ass.  We know how much fun he can be and that body just won’t quit!  This time, Bridger is breaking in newer recruit, Austin.  And MY GOLLY does it turn out hot! Some deep kissing started up right off the bat and neither held back.  It wasn’t long at all before they were completely stripped down, with Bridger on top, kissing each other like untamed animals.  They couldn’t control themselves!  Bridger’s big cock hardened up quick and was going in and out of Austin’s sweet, soft mouth just after the naked make out.  Bridger decided he wanted to taste Austin’s dick, so they moved into 69 position.  This really made Bridger eager to fuck!  He moved around to the edge of the bed, letting Austin stay on his back, and shoved his throbbing cock inside that little hole. They switched things up and Bridger pounded Austin from behind, still on the bed.  They work up to a real intense pace and Austin still seems like he wants more and more hard cock.  The boy was just insatiable.  ‘His dick is rock hard,’ Claude says at one point.  Indeed it was.  Bridger reached down right then and jerked Austin’s erection while continuing to punish his sweet ass. Bridger decided to make use of a very substantial toy Claude had brought along.  Not long after working the thick cock into Austin, Bridger was vigorously banging him while Austin double-hand jerked his meat, taking the incredibly intense toy fucking.  I reckon this is the best dildo play we’ve seen in…I can’t remember! The encounter ends with Bridger erupting onto Austin’s face, jizz splattering aplenty.  This is definitely one you’ll be coming back to for a while. 

This is our boy, Rocky! We met him in Florida as we were leaving a nightclub. At first we thought Rocky was a straight boy. We noticed him looking us up and down as he was walking out. Then, he did a 360 and came back into the club. Rocky stood nearby looking at us like a wolf looks at a pack of sheep. So yup, you guessed it; we nodded, I bought him a beer, struck up a conversation, and thats when he told us he was just coming out (YES!). Turns out that Rocky was a fan of the site and because he was closeted, our videos were all he had to keep him satisfied. He was beyond excited when I asked him if he wanted to be in a video. I think his exact words were, “FUCK YES!”. We invited him over for some beers and it didn’t take long for Rocky to whip out his fat cock and play with it right there in the yard. He was clearly horned up and eager to fuck so we moved it inside. Even though he’s a top, Rocky took our cocks like a champ and blasted a nice creamy load while we fucked his tight ass.

Nobody compares to Wyatt in the ‘awe shucks’ department. Gee, how’d I get here? I’m so nervous I can hardly keep my pants on. I shouldn’t really suck your cock, but, OK! When the blood isn’t flushing his cheeks, it’s making a pretty good argument for a big fat hard-on. This ex sailor has always had the welcome mat at Brendon’s studio and we hope he’ll be coming back for a long time to come. These two old friends share a few war stories before they get down to the business at hand. And Wyatt’s still the loudest cummer we know.

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So, Caruso asks our latest straight entrant Hunter, ”why do you want to do porn”, ”my phone bill is due tonight” he quips back. And, from that point on it gets crazier and crazier. Hunter, it turns out, is the typical ”class clown”, we couldn’t figure out what to take seriously and what things he said were just jokes – then we gave up and just laughed and went with the flow. Hunter is a college dude, and at 20 years old he’s quite the hunk, lots of muscle and a crazy hot bubble butt – not to mention his thick, nine inch cock. Hunter tells Caruso he likes ginger girls with big tits and a big butt. That’s when Caruso points out that our returning Bait boy, Billy, is a ginger, but without the big tits. Billy chimes in and says ”I got a big butt” – and that he does – it’s a beauty. You might remember Billy from his prior two visits as the dude who likes older guys with big cocks – and loves nothing more than to get fucked and swallow a load of hot cum. He’s 24, 6′ tall, cute, nice fit body, great legs and of course that hot bubble butt of his. Billy doesn’t know whether to be amused or annoyed with Hunter, but he does know that he wants to get fucked by that hung, young muscle hunk. The boys are naked and hard and waiting for Caruso to return with a girl – but are surprised to see him come back empty handed. She’s a no show and there’s no pussy to fuck in the studio today.  Caruso tells Hunter that he knows he has a phone bill to pay, so they can all make money if he’d be willing to do an alternative shoot – gay sex that is – with Billy.  Like most straight guys the first word out of his mouth is ”no”. So, Caruso goes through the standard questions, ”ever think about having sex with a guy”, ”no” Hunter says, ”ever watch two girls having sex in a video”, of course they all have, but Hunter answers with another joke. Anyway, Caruso grinds him down until finally he just laughs and says he’ll do it.  Hunter’s big cock is hanging down sadly now, so Caruso has Billy give him a hand with it. As soon as Billy starts jacking him, he laughs and says ”I can’t believe I’m doing this”. The action continues as Hunter’s cock gets rock hard and Caruso tells him to start stroking Billy’s almost 8” cock. He does and then he starts looking at Billy’s cock and he’s like in a trance, and starts playing with the boy’s balls. Both dudes are rock hard by now and Billy just bends over and starts sucking Hunter’s cock. Hunter automatically starts pushing Billy’s head down on his cock ”it feels really good” he says. He pushes Billy’s head harder and faster ”you can go deeper” and keeps pushing the boy’s head down. ”Take a deep breath….you can go deeper” he commands Billy ”all the way down to the root”. When Billy succeeds, Hunter moans ”oh my God, yeah”!   Then Billy gets up and grabs Hunter in for a kiss, and holy shit do they go at it – Hunter appears to be totally lost in the passion. Now, Caruso tells Hunter to return the favor and start sucking Billy’s cock, and he does so like a pro – he’s totally into it. ”Yeah, sucking dick” says Billy, who’s enjoying the fuck out of his straight dude blowjob. Caruso knows it’s time to move on to fucking, so he ends the blowjob and has Billy show off his super hot bubble butt. Hunter grabs the dude’s butt and plays with it a bit – ”nice” he says. Both guys lube up, Hunter places Billy in the doggy position and shoves his huge cock up Billy’s hot, horny hole and starts fucking the crap out of him.  ”You have a fucking big cock” says Billy as he moans in ecstasy.  Hunter fucks him harder and harder and soon Billy tells Hunter that he needs to cum. So, he gets up and then sits him self down on Hunter’s cock facing the camera, so that we get a great view of his body fucking away at Hunter. Hunter is thrusting up, trying to get as deep as  possible inside Billy. Billy can’t hold back and blows a huge load all over the floor, spurt after spurt after spurt. Hunter is busting by this time and barely gets his rubber off, you can see some cum already loaded in the tip of his condom. Now, we told you Billy loves swallowing a load, and this time it’s no different. He positions himself in front of Hunter with his mouth wide open and takes every rope of cum directly in his mouth, with some landing on his face too, he swallows it all down and finally cleans off Hunter’s cock with his mouth. The boys catch their breath and it’s off to the shower.

authentic footballers1

Mariano (20) is a sexy footballer with lots of attributes: a cute face, a nice body, a beautiful ass, a tight manhole, and also a self confident attitude. Plus, a big fat cock. He’s obsessed about fucking asses. He pees twice, once in the bowl and a second one in the shower

There’s some real chemistry going on here between Quentin and Bridger.  Right off the bat, they’re kissing goes from nothin’ to a hundred, fast.  Bridger takes advantage of the situation and really makes the most of this opportunity to heat things up with a Quentin.  Not long after they start making out, both sets of pants are off and Quentin’s head is in Bridger’s lap, with his lips locked around Bridger’s mammoth dick. As a fresh recruit, this is all very new to Bridger, and it’s easy to tell from his face.  While Quentin enjoys that big, throbbing cock, Bridger can’t help but smile and laugh frequently.  It was great to see such ecstatic, natural reactions.  And from Quentin, too!  ‘You’ve got a really nice cock, man,’ Quentin looks up and says with a big smile, making Bridger chuckle a little. From there, Quentin climbs atop Bridger, guiding his large erection into his tight, eager ass.  Quentin starts slow, gets acquainted with Bridger’s impressive girth, then takes off for a nice ride.  ‘Fuck yeah, you’re deep now,’ Quentin says, just before the two kiss again.  The frequent, tender kisses are one of the easiest ways to spot the real connection these two dudes have. They move to a standing position so Bridger can really leverage some of the power from his tall, well-built frame.  He pounds him hard and Quentin takes the punishment very well.  Another hot kiss happens near the beginning, and we see some of Bridger tendency to nibble and bite.  Finally, the guys jerk the hot, sticky loads out, side-by-side.  This is such a great match up, and I’m glad we could get these boys together, particularly as it’s one of Bridger’s first times.  I know after a powerful experience like this, he’ll certainly be back for more, looking to meet even more like-minded recruits like Quentin!  

My most recent trip to Brazil uncovered two of the hottest guys I have ever had the pleasure to shoot for BangBangBoys. First up Andy Star with his dark hair and gorgeous tattooed body and then Apolo with his smooth tight body and one hell of a big dick! So naturally we had to put these two together for a bareback fuck fest that will have you wincing as Andy’s tight butt devours every inch of Apolo’s bare monster cock. Apolo does that the time to lube it up first with his tongue and then delivers a huge load all over Andy’s grateful face. Muito bom!

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This sexy lithe young footballer doesn’t realise that I’m just a tiny distance away and filming him as he reveals his body. He has a very spreadable pair of arse cheeks and a dick that I would love to suck! If he ever found out that I’d put this hot film on the internet he’d no doubt try to kill me!

Ian takes all the dick he can

Gabriel Cross takes every inch of Connor Maguire’s horse hung cock like a pro. The two fuck until they can’t hold back

Tom is a sexy little cock hound after our own hearts. The boy just loves cock and makes no bones about it. We thought we’d share a few minutes from one of our hot videos, soon-to-be-released on Maverickmen.

You wanted to see his big cock in action again, and he was happy to oblige!

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We’ve all become very familiar with Leo Ocean’s taste for cock since he first blasted onto our screens – an appetite that shows no sign of abating and that only seems to get more intense when the dicks in question are dimensionally challenging. In other words, when the guys we team him up with are hung like fucking donkeys! One of those fellows is Jace Reed – a chap that some of you will remember Ocean first encountering in TWINK HOTEL, when the lad was unceremoniously double-fucked by Reed and Roman Smid.

Mickey Taylor gets a call from a guy requesting two escorts at once so Mickey calls his new friend Bray Love. Both hookers expertly service their client but the whole time they can’t take their eyes off each other. At the end of the hour the client pays and leaves – but Bray stays. The tattooed young studs dive on each other’s hard cocks. Mickey shows off his deep throat skills then shoves his giant tool in Bray’s ass. He fucks him doggy-style and flying squirrel-style, hanging off the frame of his covered bed. They fall in a heap where Bray flips the switch and fucks Mickey’s bubble butt until he shoots a huge load that flies over his head. Bray hops up on Mickey’s chest and shoots his load in Mickey’s open mouth. Now that’s a happy ending!

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