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Actually the place wasn’t so bad. Nice neighborhood – small gardens, nice houses. Today’s client seemed to have been sponsored by his parents who have money. However, for some reason he appeared to have come into financial trouble. And he borrowed a small sum from friends. And from his parents. But he was so afraid of them finding out that he called us instead of talking to them. So I offered him the money for free… well, not exactly for free of course. He first rejected – but then he admitted that he even had sex with a man before. And when he finally agreed into the deal he had such a boner… wow. So rich-mum’s son was secretly gay. And now even my bitch for an hour. I must admit that I usually prefer straight boys. But this one was a real turn-on for me.

Standing 6’4”, 245lbs with blond hair, blue eyes and all muscle, Josh Peters is a real ”Brawny Man”. Josh is a straight, good looking, country boy from the Kentucky hills, accent and all. He had answered one of Caruso’s ads for guys who want to be in pussy porn and fuck hot babes for cash. And, that’s just what Josh loves to do, fuck girls. By his own estimate he says he’s fucked about 100 and never has had a hard time finding one. Currently, he has a steady girlfriend, who he tells us later in the video is pretty kinky – into leather, bondage, S&M and such. And, she’s not the only one with a fetish in that relationship, Josh tells us that he’s an exhibitionist and loves to post photos of himself online – says he really gets off on the attention. With his looks and size we’re pretty sure he turns a lot of heads. Caruso pairs him up with a new Bait dude, Rico, a Latino guy from Virginia. Rico’s done some porn before, but he found his way to Caruso through the online model application where he mentions that he loves big, tall guys, especially those with a hairy chest. He loves them straight, says it’s the ‘unknown’, he never knows if or what will happen and gets a thrill when something does.
Caruso introduces the guys to one another, and we can tell by the expression on his face that our strapping 6’4” straight boy is a bit intimidated by the porn set and a camera. And, when Caruso starts asking sex questions he’s got that fair complexion that turns beet red from embarrassment. Caruso notes the blushing and tells Rico it’s odd since he says he’s an exhibitionist – but concludes that showing your body off and having sex are two different things. Anyway, Caruso explains the deal – first, the guys have to do the boner test by stripping down and getting hard in front of the camera and each other. What a sight! Josh looks even hotter without his clothes, and you can see he’s happy to show off his hot butt and hard cock. Rico is no slouch in that department either, he’s ripped and muscular and both dudes sport eight inches of dick – although in contrast to Josh’s body and hand size, his dick doesn’t look that big – but it is. With the test completed, Caruso returns with the bad news – the girl didn’t show – mosquito bites from a picnic this time, so she’s not camera ready. The only alternative is to pay the dudes double the money to have sex with each other, so that they can make a movie and take home a paycheck. ”No… no way” says Josh, he was promised a hot girl, and he’s pretty mad about the current situation he’s in. It takes a while for both Caruso and Rico to calm him down and explain that it’s no big deal – you go what you have to do in porn – it’s just business. ”My girlfriend’s not going to see this?” he questions Caruso. ”I don’t know if I can do this – I’ve never done anything with a guy before” says Josh. However, Josh finally gives in, money is money and he’s going to give it a shot. To get things going, Rico starts stroking Josh’s cock and it gets hard right away – but check out the expression on Josh’s face, we can’t figure out if he’s mad, shocked, curious or what. But, Caruso sees Josh’s erect cock and says ”you must be enjoying it” and apparently he is since a big grin comes across his face. Next, Rico takes Josh’s hand and pulls it to his cock for a short mutual handjob. Now that Josh has passed through the gay sex threshold, Caruso has Josh stand up for some cock sucking from Rico, and by his moaning we can tell Josh likes receiving his first gay blowjob. The blowjob is followed by kissing, and boy does Josh like that! After the video is over he tells Caruso he loved the kissing because it was with a dude, it’s something taboo and very passionate. It’s now Josh’s turn to give his first gay blowjob and he is a natural, even deepthroating his new buddy’s 8 incher more than once. With things getting steamier, Caruso moves the guys on to fucking and the plan is for Rico, who is a bottom, to get fucked – and Rico was horny for it. Caruso really expected our straight ”Brawny Man” Josh to pound the crap out of Rico. But, when the time comes, Josh just assumes he is the one that’s going to get fucked – ”oh, what the hell” he says, so Caruso and even Rico just go with the flow. Caruso asks if his girlfriend ever had a finger up ‘there’, and he blushes again and says ”maybe”… later we learn she sure enough did finger his butt and he did like it. They lube up and Caruso tells Josh to get into the doggy position. Rico is rock hard and pushes his uncut cock slowly into Josh’s virgin hole popping his cherry. ”Oh, he’s tight” says Rico. Josh is groaning and you can see a pained look on his face as Rico breaks him in by slowly deep fucking him. Caruso then has Josh get on his back and Rico goes at the boy’s now sore hole once again. This time he pounds it faster as Josh gets used to it. Josh is now rock hard and jacking his cock, Rico is giving the dude some relief by slowing things down and finally Josh screams out and shoots several spurts of hot cum all over his torso. Rico pulls out, rips off his rubber and jacks a load onto Josh’s belly. After catching their breath, the deflowered ”Brawny Man” and his boy go off to the shower.

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A new videos of some seriously hot public cruising sites. In this public toilet groups of guys are secretly filmed jerking each other off and sucking cock. Surreptitious horny fun!

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Again my tiny camera captures this handsome young builder stripping off his clothes and showing me his amazing body. Fresh from the shower, he dries himself and then gets dressed. Slowly covering up his long thin cock and very fuckable arse. Phew!

Displaying all the laid back chill of a Southern afternoon, Burton is anxious to please. This 24 year old straight boy has green eyes and dark hair… and a girlfriend at home. But Burton has discovered that his ass is just as pleasurable as his cock, and lately he wants things shoved up there. Brendon is happy to oblige and provides this young hottie with a nice big dildo, which gets put to good use. Louisiana has lost another good ole’ boy to the dirty north!

Perfect weather for the outdoor-pools in Prague. We really have a lot of them. But as it was over-crowded I was too shy to hunt inside so I decided to start my hunt this time just in front of the main-gate. As it was already late afternoon dozens of cute, young guys were leaving the place. First I met a student of Architecture. He was quite shy although I only wanted to see him in his swim-wear. So again strategy-change. This time I wanted to offer more cash but I also wanted to see more. The next guy was again a student. He attended a law-school. I was worried that he would refuse because this might endanger his career. But as his only income was from a shitty job in a warhorse he was more open than excepted towards my offer. Bingo.

Fuck some of these cocks are massive! Roomies and I are jumping on them bad-boys like it’s out of style! These guys are awesome with all the seed they’ve got to pass around. It’s a total fuck fest in here! I need to fuck and suck them all dry – so fill me up man!

Hunter and I were enduring the FREEZING cold and blizzards of Boston with our best bud Vic. We were having lots of fun frolicking in the snow, getting naked, and having some laughs. But that got old/COLD really fast. Vic had the awesome idea of escaping the frozen tundra of Boston to spend some time on the nude beaches of south Florida. Vic’s wish is our command, so we flew down for a week with Vic where we went nude sun bathing and skinny dipping, and plenty of fucking! We had some hot car sex and when we got back to our room, Vic literally locked us in with him and went to town on us. I have said it before and I’ll say it again; this guy is the best sex ever!

Theo Ford is finally getting the chance to discover what Pride in Madrid is all about, except he never thought he’d be doing it alone. As he sits in an empty bar, the bartender, Letterio, decides to pick up his spirits a bit. He takes Theo into the back and sucks on his uncut cock before letting him pound his ass and cover him in a hot load.

Aspen has a date with a hot woman, but after sending her a dick pic she advises that he does a bit of “manscaping.” Confused by the request he calls in his gay roommate, Johnny Rapid. Johnny can’t resist the urge of being that close to Aspen’s thick hung cock. After a little convincing, Johnny’s hole is wrapped around Aspen’s throbbing dick.

Hey Troops, Back yet again, I’m happy to say, is our smiling soldier, Gage.  This time he’s breaking in a much newer recruit, Seth.  We had the privilege of meeting Seth recently, when he chatted with Claude a wee bit, then stripped down and yanked his giant, oily cock.   They get down to just their undies, and Seth goes down for a nice sampling of Gage’s sweet cock.  He pulls it out and gets to plumpening that tasty dick.  Gage’s  fatty starts popping up nicely and he removes his boxer shorts the rest of the way.  He moves over to have a taste of Seth’s hardening boner for a few licks before going up on his knees to allow Seth better access to his delicious erection.  Seth gives it some more caring attention before going to his back so Gage can enjoy that amazing, stiff piece of man meat on Seth.   Gage’s sucking turns into a nice 69, where Seth get to bury his face deep into Gage’s tight ass.  This leads to Seth slapping his mammoth boner on Gage’s hole, teasing everyone a little, then pushing it in nice and slow, the only way a dick that big usually goes.  After that, it’s Seth’s big moment, what I like to consider his official inauguration.  Gage gets his cock in deep and really works him good.  Boy what a trooper on his first go, Seth is.  He takes Gage’s pounding very well, stroking his long, thick cock the whole time.  First he takes Gage from behind, then switches to his back for some extremely hot, very intense action that Claude can’t help but get worked up over!I don’t wanna spoil nothin’, but I will say that each boy’s blast is something to truly behold, Seth with that giant, pulsating dong, and Gage with an unbelievably explosive eruption of liquid-hot magma!

Seth has to be one of the downright cutest recruits I’ve seen come through in a while.  Claude is really hittin’ ’em outta the park lately and this is no exception.  Just when he draws you in with that blonde hair, those dimples, and that boyish smile, he gives you a load of his cock…SWEET LORD! We get our first look at Seth’s gorgeous meat when he pulls it out of a pair of light blue undies.  I should say I really found the color against Seth’s complexion arousing.  Something about Southern blonde boys in light blue has always flipped a few sexual switches for me.  From near the beginning, we get to have a very nice, tight look at Seth’s hairless, perfect asshole.  It’s easy to tell that Seth enjoys ass play.  He works his fingers in and out a bit while jerking his cock, letting himself slowly work up in intensity. The build up to Seth’s fantastic load eruption is very hot.  The shot of Seth’s enormous, throbbing cock in all its fully-flared glory just as he cums is something to write home about.  I can’t wait to see more of this sweet-as-Georgia-peach-pie, Southern cutie!

Rents aren’t the only thing on the rise in San Francisco when Jason Maddox puts on a show in the window of his luxury condo for passer-by Mike de Marko. As soon as Jason buzzes him in they start making out and Mike goes down on Jason’s chubby dick. Jason kicks back and feasts on Mike’s monster-cock then pushes him down on the bed to get a better taste of his balls and ass. Both guys want it bad so Jason shoves his cock in Mike’s ass and fucks him like a beast in every direction – even backwards! Mike shoots first followed by Jason who drops a thick load all over Mike’s hairy chest.

Jack Hammer was going to do a solo scene for us but everything changed when his buddy unexpectedly showed up from out of town. The guys offered to let us film their reunion on the condition that we not reveal the friend’s name, so we stuck around and caught their intense and playful fuck session. After screwing Jack six ways to Sunday, the anonymous top dumps his load in Jack’s well-used hole–and then, good friend that he is, slurps out some of that fresh spooge and delivers it mouth-to-mouth.

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When I arrived in today’s client’s apartment at the top-floor of an old building he seemed not to be quite aware of his situation. First I offered him the loan with a horrible interest – but he accepted. So I had to remove that option and instead offer him the good old money-for-sex-thing. Actually he was making all of those debts because of his former girlfriend who was obviously too expensive for him. So she left after he was broke. With his best friend by the way. Indeed he was a small cutie – and I decided that I want to have him. But he was quite annoying as he wanted to know everything upfront. What I am going to do with him, how long it will take, why I have a cam and so on. He knew it all within the next hour.

The scene starts out with Caruso interviewing Peter, a 24 year old, very handsome, all American, brown haired, blue eyed, hunky and muscular jock type with a massive, thick, 10” cock. He’s gay and as cocky as they come. He talks about being a fan of and straight guys and let’s Caruso know that even straight guys have come on to him – he makes the point more than once – he doesn’t haven’t to look for sex – it comes looking for him. Well, this hot boy and his very straight buddy, Kory, contacted Caruso because they both needed cash – especially Kory, who is in college. Kory is originally from Texas and these boys have known each other for many years. Kory is currently dating Peter’s girlfriend, in the real sense of the word friend, and it’s a strange scene, because Peter has hit on Kory many times over the years and Kory’s girlfriend knows about it. Kory is 23, stands 5’7” with hazel eyes and brown hair and has a pretty big cock himself at almost 8 inches. He’s cute, slender and HOT! He loves tall girls, up to about six feet, just like his current girlfriend. And, today he’s going to grant his longtime buddy a fantasy, first time gay sex with him. Peter is really excited, he’s been waiting a long, long time to get his hands on his best friend. Caruso says to Kory, ”you’ll probably like it”, ”I don’t think so” was his reply. So, Caruso dispenses with the interview and just says ”Peter, take control!” Can you say ‘awkward’? It was like two inexperienced teens going at it for the first time. Both guys have had more sex than they can even remember, but it’s a little uncomfortable to start since they were buddies for so long, and Kory had never done a gay thing in his life. Even in ”After the Shoot”, Caruso has to explain the terms ‘top’ and ‘bottom’, in the gay sense, to Kory. They start making out a bit with Peter feeling Kory up, awkwardly, and Peter starts taking Kory’s pants down and you can see he’s already hard. Caruso asks him later ”you were hard as soon as Peter took your pants down… ”it doesn’t take much” said Kory. Peter is soon sucking Kory’s nice size cock. He later says he didn’t expect it to be so big, because he’s a small guy. Kory is loving it ”my girl never did it this good” he says. Peter just can’t get enough of his buddy’s cock, but finally stands up and gets the rest of his clothes off, there’s a little more making out, Kory is all horned up now, the awkwardness is gone and they’re just going with flow. Peter asks him him to suck his cock, but Kory says ”I don’t know about that”. Nobody says ”no” to Peter and he just gets Kory in position – Kory’s mouth opens and the game in on as he goes to town on his friend’s huge cock. Peter is begging him to deep throat it, ”go all the way down on it” he says, ”I doubt that’s going to happen” says Kory. So, cocky boy just grabs Peter’s head and shoves his cock down the boy’s virgin throat. ”It’s so nice to see your face on my cock” Peter tells Kory. Even with some gaging he continues to give Peter a really erotic straight boy, blow job. Peter now tells Kory that the blow job made him so hot he wants to ride his cock. He helps Kory get a condom on and then lubes the condom with his mouth. ”It can’t taste that good” says Kory, ”It’s cock – it tastes good” Peter flippantly replies. Peter sits down on on Kory’s dick and yells out ”oh yeah… fuck me!” as Kory gives him a reach around and the boys make out. Peter is so turned on by his buddy’s fucking, that he grabs on to him while turning on to his back, inviting Kory to fuck him just like he fucks his girlfriend. Lost in passion, Peter says to Kory ”I so wanna cum when you’re inside me”. Kory rails away at Peter’s hot bubble butt and it isn’t long before Kory says ”I’m gonna cum” as he pounds his giant cock until he starts convulsing from the ecstasy of it all and shoots a big, creamy load on his scorching hot torso. Kory pulls out, yet Peter is still humping the now phantom cock with his butt as Kory pumps his straight boy load onto his buddy’s belly – we are all left breathless!


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A photo of this country crooner has leaked showing off his cock. The young hottie appears to be going pee in a urinal!


BOSTON F. 18 y.o.

Innocent Looking Amateur 18 year olds PISSING and BAREBACK FUCKING like you have never seen before! We have GAY FOR PAY who have never pissed on themselves or anyone else and you get to see it happen for the very first time ever!

Cody himself actually brought in some fresh meat of his own that he was dying to get his hands and mouth all over, his younger buddy Derrick. As soon as Mike gives them the green light Cody doesn’t waste a second, pulling Derrick in for a sloppy man-on-man kiss and fondling his chest eagerly.With one hand he plays with Derrick’s balls and the other he runs his hand along Derrick’s growing shaft, and all the while he’s throating that D with gusto. Then Cody pulls Derrick onto his cock for some much-wanted appreciation, and Cody runs his hands all over Derrick’s head, with a perfect blend of loving stroking of the hair and aggressive pushing onto his stiff dick. He even kisses the top of Derrick’s head. Both guys get into a 69, first side-by-side on the bed and then Derrick mounts Cody and goes at his cock from above. Below him, Cody blows him, but then he sets his sights higher, and starts lapping up his young stud’s sweet hole. Cody works his way up that hole with his tongue so deep you’d think there was gold up in there. The guys trade another round of blowjays and then Cody goes for it and bends over Derrick for some hot ass-fucking. Cody really takes charge here, pulling Derrick’s ass to back it onto his stiff cock over and over, his hands wandering south for some occasional reach-around action as he pounds his bottom. Then he flips Derrick on his back and drills him again, gripping his shaft tightly as he sticks it in and rewarding Derrick with some hot kissing.

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Early morning at boot camp and fresh-faced young army cadets are ordered out of bed to get a start to their day. Ignoring the erections poking out of their shorts they quickly go to wash together outside. The stern sergeants teach them how to thorough wash their ass cracks and cocks. Those who disobey are stripped and publicly humiliated. EricDeman has the most amazing footage from real naked military training camps.

Oscar is a gorgeous young twink with a big dick stashed inside his white underpants. Marcel teases the cock out and pays it the attention such a fine piece of meat deserves – teasing it with his tongue, sucking it gently and swallowing it whole. Oscar takes his fine cock and bends Marcel over spreading his cheeks and pushing his dick deeper and deeper until Marcel is moaning with pleasure. They fuck in a variety of positions with the sun streaming in the empty windows to highlight their supple young frames. Oscar releases his cum load on Marcel’s face – a fitting end to a fine scene.

The title of this one really says it all! We had been on a week-long shoot for MaverickMenDirects and on the very last day, we couldn’t find Dylan and Mikey anywhere in the house. We had noticed they were paling around together all week but we thought it was just a friend thing. Then, go into the garage and CAUGHT THEM IN THE ACT! We walked in on the boys sucking each others cocks, asses, and flip-flop fucking. You will love Dylan’s thick uncut cock. It’s so strange (and HOT) to see such a big fat cock on a little guy like him, lol. Dylan knows how to use what he’s got and man did he do a number on Mikey’s little bubble butt. After all that pounding, Mikey got his turn to fuck Dylan’s bubble and yes of course we had to shove our cocks in anywhere we could.

Blond Stud Flexes Muscle, Jerks and Cums! YUM!

Rafael Alencar shows Sergeant Miles what a big dick really feels like as he fucks his tight hole, stretching him out

Leo gets his cock drained by horny dick stroker Deacon in a slippery session

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Emiliano (22) is a smoking hot young stud. His thick lips, and his big nose give him an italian look that makes him irresistible. He features also a well formed body and a beautiful ass but he’s not interested on allowing a woman to suck it. Well, at least he allowed us to watch it in breathtaking close ups.

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