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This time I have a special treat for you guys. I met a young boy Max, who wasn’t that hard to convince to have some fun. Only downside was that he refused to let anyone in his cute ass. Being a master of improvisation, I came up with a solution. I offered him 20 000 if he could find and convince another young gentleman to join us in a threesome. It didn’t take long and we found a Slovakian boy called Juro. From the beginning I could tell he’s after money. He played hard to get but he had the price. As always. We booked a hotel where we fooled around a bit. Juro had surprisingly big and tasty dick. I bet he didn’t expect to get a blowjob from me. Then Max and I unleashed absolute hell on Juro’s back entrance.

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From the other side of the wall in this changing room the pervy cameraman spies this hot young footballer showering. He doesn’t know that he’s peering at him with his tiny camera focused right on him and his buddies washing off. Real sporty studs exposed!

This guy was unusually nice, intelligent and almost responsible. He needed a place to live so he got into debt to rent a flat. I couldn’t understand why he was so pessimistic, cute and smart guy like him should deal with life’s obstacles easily. Instead, he chose the easy way out by borrowing more money. Too bad for him, I don’t offer easy solutions. He was really proud, I almost thought there is no chance to convince him. Fortunately, he was seriously running out of time and options. It was hard not to smile when he finally cracked and agreed. I was in a rough mood that day, so you can enjoy a lot of moaning. The poor guy tried hard to make me cum as soon as possible…

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An amazing new video of Balckburn rugby union football club’s naked initiation! They naked sporty studs must do a grueling naked run around the pitch and then tip back a pint in one gulp. These are real young athletes fully exposed!

Dayton O’Connor, Steven Richards & Ludo Sanders

Aspen provides an important service as a licensed sex surrogate. When Marcus Ruhl’s husband can’t be around for a while he hires Aspen to take care of Marcus’ sexual needs.

New boy, Zach Hansen, clearly has an interest in anatomy – something that his medical buddy, Enzo Sky, takes full advantage of when he catches the young fellow snoozing on the sofa. Of course, the more observant of you will note that Sky’s doctoring skills actually involve him being able to remove Hansen’s pants by means of the mere flick of his eyes – a rather laudable feat in anyone’s book, surely, but which in this instance allows him to playfully scribble on the sleeping boy’s bare skin. By the time Hansen has returned to consciousness, Doctor Sky has reached for his anal retractor – at which point, unsurprisingly, matters gain a distinctly more febrile manner. Indeed, it’s no time at all before the newbie is down on his knees, giving Sky’s hairless cock the kind of oral workout that it surely deserves; before the medic eagerly returns the favour. But it’s clear by this point that what Hansen really wants now is the feel of his mate’s big, aching shaft probing around in his hind quarters – an ambition that a fellow like Sky is always only too willing to make a reality. Cue a terrific set-piece that sees the new STAXUS star getting hammered in a variety of positions – from behind, from beneath, from the front! – which not surprisingly culminates in him finally spewing the contents of his balls all over his own belly. All of which gets Sky so excited that he simply has to sit back and jerk out his own creamy wad – which is eagerly intercepted by Hansen, who laps up at the resultant goo with his tongue and then insists on sharing a hot, creamy smooch for a top-notch finale!

Social media loves NakedSword Exclusive Bray Love – almost as much as Bray loves taking every inch of JJ Knight’s giant cock. Bray’s beautiful eyes fill with tears as he gags on JJ’s 8-incher but when he sits down on that rock-hard monster the action may actually break the internet. Get to know every inch of these two stars in a scene that will be trending by midnight.

Two weeks in the city and this transplant from flyover country hasn’t been laid yet. He’s horny as hell and sniffing out the opportunities open to him in the Wild West. This 6 foot three inch stud has the long, lean body that sets Brendon’s heart racing. Jackson looks long and hard at the older man on the other side of the camera, sussing him out and trying to decide if this porn studio is a legit biz or the front for a pervert praying on new boys in town??? We’re not telling. Today Brendon stays in the background, allowing Jackson to pump that huge cock and watch a little pussy porn before busting a satisfying load. Welcome to California and thanks for cumming!

This is a great opportunity to see how a fledgling porn star gets his first break in porn. Joshua contacted us a while back and said he was interested in dipping his toe or in this case his cock into the porn industry. He wanted his first time to be with us so we flew him in from the deep South so we could penetrate every hole he has. Joshua is a true power bottom or as I like to call him, a BOSSY BOTTOM, lol. Hunter and I usually pass on the power bottoms because they like to ride and be in charge and in all honesty we like to take charge and TOP. But Joshua is SUCH a cutie so we let this boy get on top and ride out cocks for a bit and then we plowed his hot little southern boy ass.

Jake Fillups & Chuck

Johnny Rapid and Travis Stevens get their mouths and tight holes stuffed with gigantic cock in this incredible jizz orgy. Watch horse hung Rafael Alencar and Sergeant Miles pound their sweet twink asses like no tomorrow.

Doors Cut Down follows the sexual adventures of young Guillermo who’s become somewhat of an expert at cruising the gay guys at his local shopping mall.

Luke is the straigh guy in this video, he’s 36 and really hunky as a result of working out five days a week, he also sports a big fat 7.5” cock. Luke lives with sorta a girlfriend. He describes her basically as a nightly fuck and not much more, as he’s happy to go out and fuck other chicks. When Scott, our returning Bait boy, hears what Luke looks like, the only thing he wanted to know is ”how soon” the scene will be shot. Scott is 22 years young, has blond hair and blue eyes and also works out 5 days a week. He has a nice overall muscular body, but his thick muscular legs and bubble butt are magnificent. Scott has been on twice before as Bait and it appears that Caruso can’t call him enough to get fucked by straight boys. Scott especially likes when they’re older and hairy, so Luke really fits the bill. The boys have passed the boner test, proving that they can get hard in front of a camera, and Caruso has gone to fetch the girl for the scene. But, low and behold, the poor gal has come down with the flu and Caruso can’t find any other snatch to fill in for her. So, he offers Luke double the money to have sex with Scott. Luke will have nothing to do with gay sex, ”I’m not into that” he says. But, Caruso explains that it’s only a job and it doesn’t mean that he’s gay. In the end the money is too good for him to refuse. Luke says he’ll give it a try, but no guarantees. Soon enough the boys are doing mutual masturbation and Luke appears to be enjoying it. Scott is too anxious to get to his favorite part, fucking, so he quickly bends over and take’s Luke’s almost 8” cock into his mouth and gives him the blowjob of a life time – ”oh boy” he moans as Scott sucks. He even reaches out to stroke Scott’s head and upper body. The action advances quickly as Scott moves in for a kiss and as Luke realizes what’s about to happen he moves in to meet Scott’s lips and the boys make out like two overheated, horny dudes. They part and without prompting, Luke goes down on Scott and starts right off sucking the dude’s cock like a pro. When Caruso asks if he’s done this before, Luke swears it’s his first time. Luke is busy sucking Scott’s cock and caressing his muscular body. Soon Scott is ready to fuck. So, he puts a condom on Luke and sits down on Luke’s big, hard boner. Luke needs no direction and starts humping his cock into Scott’s well used ass and both of them are moaning. Scott needs a break and they return to fucking in the missionary position where we get a real good look at Scott’s great legs. The boys kiss again and again as they fuck. Luke can really throw a mean, hard fuck ”it’s a good ass boy” he yells out as he fucks Scott. Luke quickly approaches his edge and pulls off his rubber and strokes his cock until he shoots his load onto a masturbating Scott. Scott follows pretty soon after and pops a pretty big load onto his belly. Caruso asks Luke what he thought about the experiece… ”eye opening” he says.

We’re all boozing up and washing up for the party and frat brother tries to sneak into the shower before it’s his turn acting like nobody would notice. Guess he needed to be taught a lesson. We let him have his shower… only rule was he had to get slammed by all our dicks while he did it. Fuckin’ slut took all three of us while we continued our pre-drink and passed some green around to help loosen up. Tyler sure was loose by the time we were done pounding his hole in every damn direction.

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19-year-old Dominic’s first time on camera makes it a little hard for him to keep it up, but it doesn’t stop him from sucking two giant cocks off. Nico and Franco drench the newbie in cum and make him eat their loads.

There’s a bit of a backstory to Leon and how he found his way in front of the camera (again). He had done a shoot for another website a few years back and kind of forgot about porn until his cousin recently brought it up, asking about a way that he could make some money. Apparently, that re-sparked Leon’s interest, so they both decided to send in applications. (You’ll be meeting his cousin on the site, soon.) Leon is 24 y/o, freshly out of the military, and going after a college degree that clearly suits him: athletic training. Wrestling was his favorite sport in high school, but running on the track team was a close second. Both kept him in great shape, but, since then, Leon conceded that he’s made some improvements and is starting to bulk up the muscle. He’s certainly a guy who would turn some heads when entering the room. Standing at 6′ 2″, it’s hard not to notice him. The beaming smile and disarming personality only add to his magnetism. I always love to hear the shenanigans that str8 guys seem to get into, especially the ones from their time in the military. As we got to talking, Leon had a hot little story to tell about “jerk-off races” they did in boot camp. “We had five minutes in the head. There were no curtains or doors between us,” he explained. “My buddies and I would go in, make wagers, and whoever rubbed one out first won.” Leon normally jacks off once a day and spent the morning edging himself before showing up for his shoot. He put on one helluva performance for the cameras; definitely not shy about showing off his body. And when cum time came, all that edging a few hours earlier paid off big time. Leon’s tight abs were soaked in cum.

I was at the Sketchy Sex suite pounding away on a bottoms ass. I was in a top only kind of mood but get this – some dude in a ski mask walks in all authoritative and shit and just like that, I needed his dick in me so bad. So me and the bottom are bent over the couch and he unloads big thick spurts of cum into both of us bareback. Got me so fuckin turned on that I bent the bottom beside me over and pounded him some more.

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We decided to have a little skiing holidays in Czech mountains. As a proper tourist I filmed everything, the town, the scenery, and even the young boy I met at a bus stop. He was a bit scared of the camera at first but later he proved to be incredibly helpful and nice. A total opposite to the people living in Prague. The boy was local so he had many useful contacts. Thanks to him I got an amazing snowmobile ride to the top of the biggest mountain around. He even arranged a really cheap accommodation for me and showed me my room. He was a nice innocent guy so he didn’t respond well to my offer. I almost had to block the door to stop him from leaving. But I knew very well that he is going to agree sooner or later.

Dennis West is straight and married but he loves to bottom for hot guys. When Topher Di Maggio offers to drill his sexy hole, Dennis comes right over. Topher gives him the pounding he craves, but not before making him suck his big dick.

I liked this guy. He was really nice and polite. And he didn’t do anything foolish apart from not having adequate savings. He took a car loan and one month later he lost his job. He was able to handle things by selling his stuff away but eventually he hit the bottom. When I got there he owed for rent, for a car, and for medical insurance. Not to mention debts to his friends. A very undesirable situation. From his point of view, of course. I was ready to take full advantage of his misfortune. His well-built physique was really turning me on from the beginning. So I immediately offered him my generous help. I couldn’t wait to hear the tough guy moaning. I knew it was going to be worth of every single Crown.

Of course we had to team up these rough and horny fuckers for some fun!

Big Rick knows what it’s about, he loves to share his cock and get off

Hot Homemade Videos of Real Hot Amateur Boyfriends

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In the late evening this handsome guy uses the shower room. Before him I’d been watching some right ugly guys who I didn’t bother filming, so it was a relief when this stud proudly stripped right before my eyes. He has no idea that I’m just a few feet away and I was so excited and I’m amazed he couldn’t hear me panting – I was so turned on by him.

Veteran Bay Area performer and artist Brontez Purnell makes his directorial debut with this semi-autobiographical “video mix tape”, which was filmed on digital video, VHS and 8 MM film. Relying on his punk rock aesthetic to give the world a peek into his singularly unique perspective, “100 Boyfriends Mixtape” takes the viewer on an unforgettable ride that’s as audacious and hardcore as it is experimental.

Titus Snow might not be any good at football, but one thing he doesn’t have the slightest bit of difficulty in is letting Jaro Stone know just how sexy he finds the fellow after the two lads return to the changing-room at the end of a match. Of course, how anyone could ever find Stone anything other than fucking drop-dead gorgeous is something that no-one associated with STAXUS could ever hope to understand; and dressed up in his football kit the young beauty is quite simply even more stunning than usual! Certainly young Snow shows no quiver of hesitation whatsoever in sucking on his pal’s nipples and reaching into his jockstrap – a move that immediately draws a very favourable response from the ever-horny Stone, who’s soon slurping on his team-mate’s shaft and then using his soccer-boot to stimulate Snow even further. Indeed, this rather kinky aspect to proceedings continues once Snow has had chance to feast on Stone’s dick in return; with Stone using his feet (still donning football socks!) to first wank his pal’s shaft and then rub against his arse. Little wonder that young Snow is so eager to raise his legs in the air to underline his availability; with Stone then licking his boots, then rimming his tight, inexperienced hole. It’s almost enough to get even the most seasoned viewer to the point of no return; and needless to say matters only intensify even further when Stone finally asserts his position as lead-role by ploughing the newcomer’s pucker with characteristic gusto. All of which soon results in both boys splattering each other’s faces with creamy goo!

I don’t know man, we were all fucked up and Frat brother Stone was running his mouth. I guess I thought his lips looked like a chicks and my dick would be a good way to shut him the fuck up. Who knows? It was all a blur, I just remember turning my brother into a total slut and passing him around with my buds. Enjoy I guess?

True to form, Brendon provides a striking young guy, truly magnificent in every way and cherry virgin. Luca cops to a couple of three-ways with straight couples, but that’s only because he wanted no-strings attached sex with the women. Brendon has him in a one-on-one for the very first time. Beautiful black hair, slim and unmarked, Luca is one for the record books. Uninhibited, trusting and very hot, he lets the older man take him on a journey to an undiscovered destination. His gorgeous un-cut dick puts Brendon’s talents to the test and both guys are rewarded. Luca is an instant fan favorite!

You’ll have to watch the entire video from beginning to end to understand the title, but we guarantee it’ll be worth your while. This scene features two hot and sexy straight guys in some of the hottest cherry popping action you’ve ever seen. First, is returning straight boy Adam Bryant one of our real success stories. He’s a true redneck from Titusville, Florida, even the city name sounds rednecky. Adam is a bodybuilder with 16.5” biceps, a big chest, huge thighs and a hot bubble butt as well as a fat 7” x 6” redneck cock! He’s a personal trainer and pussy hound who now mostly makes his living doing gay4pay porn (thanks to Caruso) – and he does a hell of a lot of it. His girlfriend doesn’t mind, she likes the perks of traveling with him on his many shoots and and living well. Bodybuilders like Adam with big cocks who can get hard, stay hard and shoot a big load are always in demand by studios, especially when they can do gay, straight and bi porn. Adam was first here some time ago when he came to break into the adult entertainment business and fuck some pussy, but wound up fucking a dude named Bradley instead which he obviously liked enough to make a career of it. Well, he recently called Caruso to see if he could come back and do another video and this time he would be the one baiting the guy – he told Caruso he thought it would be fun. So, here we are on the studio couch, Caruso just having introduced the straight guy, Damon, a tall quirky but cute blond boy who wants to give porn a try. He’s a local redneck from Ft Lauderdale who’s pretty open about sex. He says he was once with a girl who put a finger up his butt followed by a toy and he got off that way. He also tells Caruso that he’s had threesomes with two girls and with a buddy and a girl, so he’s pretty sexually experienced. We also learn later about his crazy obsession with jerking off and getting handjobs in public. He’s really sexy when talking about his experiences – and you can hear all his kinky stories in ”After the Shoot”. Anyway, Caruso is building up the sexual tension by telling the guys he has a hot Latina with a big, meaty ass, which both of the guys like, and that once they strip down and get hard he’ll be able to go get her for a hot threesome. The boys watch porn and get their dicks hard, and that’s when we learn from Damon that he loves to use spit as lube. He says it’s because when he was young and living at home, his mom a bible thumper at the time, had removed the hand lotion from the bathroom because she didn’t want him spilling his seed. But, like the rest of us, when he had to jack off, he improvised using the next best thing… spit. Okay, back to the action, the guys are rock hard and horny, Caruso tells them they did good and that he’s going to go get the girl – but he returns empty handed with disappointing news. Apparently, the female fell victim to a giant iguana attack and he was unable to find another girl for the shoot. Adam says he’s broke and Damon says he’s disappointed, he needs money and wants some pussy. Caruso takes this opportunity to give them the option to have sex with each other for double the money. ”Before I came I told you I wasn’t going to do something like this” says Damon, and he remained adamant about not doing it. All the while, Adam is trying to tell him it isn’t so bad. ”I feel like this is a set up” says Damon. So, Caruso goes through the lesbian routine – you don’t have to be gay, it’s just work. Damon is sitting there with a pillow over his cock, you can see he’s about to make a decision, and he’s the first one to ever do this, he says to Caruso ”triple, I’ll do it for triple”. They go back and forth, but you can tell from Caruso’s voice that he’s going to concede this one – and he does – the boys are getting paid triple. If you’re a big fan of first time gay sex, you’ll know that Caruso got a good deal, because this was hot. The details are in the viewing and we don’t want to give a blow by blow description (no pun intended), but seeing is believing, and believe us, when this totally straight boy Damon says ”this was an amazing experience” you know this is a scene you do not want to miss!

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