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Free Gay Porn with Seduced Straight Buddies

Hung Hunk Jerking Off in the Car

Czech Hunter 372

This young student was just wandering around Prague looking for things to buy. He didn’t mind my camera so we walked and talked for a while. The boy was cute but talking him into anything was unbelievably hard. I thought that students were supposed to be open-minded and crazy. I guess he was a bit nerdy. The guy was worried of people so we went to some empty construction yard near the river. He showed me his body and I really liked it. I wanted more, I wanted to stuff my cock in his cute mouth. We were just getting started when a security guard noticed us and we had to leave. You should have seen the boy’s face! He was red with embarrassment. We had to get out fast. Fortunately, I knew an ideal place that would allow him to show me all his hidden talents.

Breaking Mr. Hart Part Two – NakedSword / Golden Age Films

Victor shares his story with the guys, invited for an evening with the boss and his wife, Victor waits for the boss to try and have his way with him. Cole, his husband reassures him in bed, distracting him by feeding him his long uncut dick and then pounding him hard. After Cole cums Victor still needs more and he
gets a rough face pounding while Cole holds him down and makes him take every inch just the way he wants until he busts a second load.

Dirty Scout 150

I liked this guy’s passion for his trade. He was a car mechanic and I could tell he loved it. He turned car fixing into poetry. I knew a car shop that needed a painter. The boy was definitely in but refused to pay our mediation fee right away. I didn’t mind that because his cute face and lean body were giving me a boner already. Getting him to undress proved to be very difficult, he kept declining my filthy offers. He was even worried that I might tell his girlfriend. Like if I gave a shit about her! Well, she can wait for the video… Anyways, I had to reach deep into my pocket to convince the guy. He sucked me really nicely, he truly had a hidden talent. His ass proved to be more problematic. He could barely take my cock. But the tried hard, he wanted the money.

Breaking Mr. Hart Part 3 – NakedSword / Golden Age Films

Jake now tells his tale. Greeted at the boss’ house by his hot assistant Darren already naked in the bath, their sexual tension leads them into the shower and Jake’s massive cock into Darren’s hole. They move to the bed and Darren returns the favor sliding his meaty uncut shaft into Darren’s hole. Then they get kinky and trade off with blindfolds and bigger and bigger sex toys until the biggest surprise of all cums at the end.

Debt Dandy 261

This time I met a student in need. His financial plans didn’t work out too well and now he needed 20 000 to pay the school fee for another semester. He studied economics so I guess the school wasn’t very good. The boy also wanted to go on a trip to England before the school year started. Well, he looked good so I decided to complicate the deal a bit. I wanted him to agree to my alternative and naughty proposal. Only problem was his mother, who was sleeping in the living room. Yes, that’s right. I fucked this cute young man right under his mother’s nose. I almost wished she would catch us in the act. The boy was trying really hard to please me and maybe he even enjoyed it. He got a boner pretty fast and then unloaded with my cock up the ass.

Recycling Beaut Gets A Hard-Dicked Bonus From His Dreamy Pal!

Recycling has never looked so much fucking fun as when the perennially divine Jake Stark encounters Adrian Bennet disposing of his plastic bottles outside the young fellow’s apartment – the crack of Bennet’s arse nicely exposed enough to send Stark into a delirious fantasy. Cue some horny jockstrap play between the two buddies; before Stark finally gives into temptation and tumbles to his knees so that he energetically gobble on the length of Bennet’s upcurved shaft. It’s a terrific display in itself, of course; but things turn even more stratospheric when Stark then starts to rim his mate’s pert little fuck-hole, then plonks his straining schlong deep into the fellow’s guts. With some fabulous close-up shots of the ensuing copulation, director John Smith captures the essence of this encounter to a tee; with Bennet very much the bitch for dick as he rides his pal’s ramrod for all he’s worth in a succession of positions. No question about it, this is a top-notch, high-octane performance from both horned-up fuckers; with a heady mix of ass-to-mouth and raw fornication throughout. All wonderfully topped off by the sight of Bennet getting his overworked little pucker well and truly creamed!

Manhandled Fuck Hole

We get all sorts of potential winners in here at the House. It’s too bad that they are too short-sighted to see their own potential. This resident, for instance: He has a decent education and is fairly organized. He is articulate. He is clean and polite. What’s the problem, then? Although I’m not a shrink, I’d say it’s a combination of low self-esteem and impulsiveness. A fairly bad combination when you’re in rehab. This guy seizes the moment, but unfortunately a lot of moments are better left unseized.

Now, I do have this to say for him, he is a great fuck. The first time I dipped my cock in his honey pot, I knew that he was gonna be one of my go-to residents. His hole just envelops dick like a chick swallowing a worm. He can take a pounding, too. This particular day, I was also testing out his throat. He wasn’t too happy about getting skull fucked, but he didn’t gag too much. I made sure he took it by holding his nostrils closed, and at that point it felt pretty damn good. When I had his head laid over the end of the bed, I swear I could see the outline of my pole hammering down into his esophagus. That was the hard part, but the easy part was raw-dogging his hole. This fucker might not have liked being treated like a two bit whore, but he sure did like the dick. Whenever I thought he was enjoying it a little too much, I slapped him around just to let him know that this wasn’t a joy ride. I fucked him hard, long, and good, too. When I nutted into his ass it was fantastic. And since I was in a good mood, I even let him jerk himself off afterward. He’s probably going to have issues after this session, since he finally realized how much he might like having his fuck hole manhandled. All the better for him, as long as he stays clean. If not, at least I’ve got my own personal jizz pump.

Jag’s Gloryhole BJ

Jag, who had his first blowjob from another guy on Straight Fraternity, is hesitant to do more. But every guy loves getting a blowjob when he can’t see who’s giving it. Jag heard this would be a great blowjob, but he plays some straight porn on his phone to enhance the experience. 

Curious Marine Daddy Hires Teen To Explore

One of my good drinking buddies confessed to me a while back that although he had only been interested in the fairer sex for his adult life to date, that he had an abiding curiosity to be with a guy. Now, he knows that I fuck anything that moves between the ages of 18 and 21, so he asked me for some advice on how to set up an experience. At the time, I was hanging out a lot with Randy Vigilante, so I gave him Randy’s number. If anyone could show Kasey a good time it would be him.

Partially because of his paranoia, I even offered Kasey to use my guest room. He didn’t really want his neighbors freaking out (yes – he was paranoid) so he accepted my offer. Lucky me, I got to film their entire encounter. It was way more sensual than I would have thought, and the other big surprise was that they fucked each other. It was a real flip flop of a time. Hot though, because Randy is an awesome smooth 19 year old and Kasey is a fit military guy. I bet the temperature in that room climbed ten degrees while they were fucking each other senseless. Hot footage of two hot guys!

Sean Cody: Brysen & Sean

Hunky Sean and chiseled stud Brysen meet up for a play date, and before they make it to their destination, horny Brysen is already thinking about cumming. “What do you think about jacking off right here?” asks dark-haired Brysen, as they stand outside the house. “I’m so down,” giggles muscular Sean while untying his boxers. They beat their equally huge dicks side by side, stroking faster and faster until they both shoot a creamy load, and then make their way inside. “You ready for me now?” asks Sean seductively, while pulling Brysen’s meat out his boxers. “Oh yeah,” says a happy Bryce.

Dustin Fitch Menthol Smoke & Stroke – Dustin Fitch Menthol Smoke & Stroke

Super cute dedicated smoker Dustin Fitch kicks back on the couch with his Marlboro Menthols, light up and strips down. Hot inhales and exhales while Dustin slowly works to get naked and get his extra thick cock out! Smoking the whole time Dustin, beats his rod until he shoots a nice thick load!

Sucking On His Straight Cock – Marcus Rivers & Bob

A little smoking is all it takes to get this straight guy’s cock in Marcus’ mouth!

Kayden Totally Owns That Twink Ass – Jed Munroe & Kayden Gray

Handsome jock Kayden is back with his incredible uncut cock, and Jed can’t get enough of it!


Doesn’t matter if its on a bitch or a dude. A mouth is a mouth! We fuck it. We cum in it. And if it talks back we slap it around.


Yummy is the perfect word to describe 6’4” 19 year-old, horse-cocked, bubble butt boy, Ivan! We met this delicious boy on our travels thru the midwest. He was very eager to try video with us, but only if we were rough and fucked his bubble ass like we owned it. I just love it when that happens, lol. You will love watching us rail this super hot 19 year-old cupcake. We hope to hang with him again very soon.


I sucked and I fucked my brains out for days. Shamelessly crawling around getting whatever I could get. My knees were bruised, my jaw was tired and my hole was dripping with cum.

Straight: Luke Johnson Bait: Javier Cruz

Even though Javier Cruz was here just a few weeks ago, he had so much fun that he contacted Caruso and begged to come back again. Javier has never been with a guy that is the same build and stature as him. And, since he’s still trying to fulfill all of his wildest dreams, he wants to knock out another category on his to-do list.

Luke Johnson is this week’s straight guy and he’s one hot stud! Luke is Israeli, he’s the same height, a similar weight, and has the same size cock as Javier but there’s just one difference… Luke’s cock is cut and Javier’s cock is uncut. Both are beautiful and both can stay rock hard!

When Caruso steps out to check on the female talent, Luke strikes up a conversation with Javier and feels him out. He picked up on the fact that Javier didn’t really want to talk about the girl and asked him if he was even into girls. Then he asked if Javier was bi to which Javier said yes. That’s when Caruso walked back in with the bad news that the girl can’t make it. Luke got pretty upset about not making money so Caruso threw him another offer. If he’ll have sex with Javier then he can pay both guys double the money. Luke finally agreed that he’ll give it a try!

HD Gay Porn Movies for Free

Ensure The Boy Sluts Leave Happy

The last time I saw Ryan, I bought him a plane ticket so he could visit. Well, for some reason, he missed his flight. I can’t remember if it was because he slept in, had a flat tire, or went to the wrong gate. It’s always something with these guys. At any rate, I told him that since I had to buy him a new ticket, that we were all gonna fuck the hell out of him before he went back home. He didn’t seem to mind the prospect.

So, the night before he left, Dominic, Toby, and I set up a few (bare minimum) lights and told Ryan to take off his clothes and hop on the bed. From there on, basically Dominic and I just used his ass like we would a personal pocket pussy. Ryan gives great head and his hole is nice, so we had a really fun time spit-roasting him. Dominic ended up cumming in Ryan’s mouth, and I came in his ass. Toby didn’t jump in. He said he was going to do a cam show later and wanted to save his energy. So he is pretty much off frame the entire time. But it was funny, because Toby was walking around with a boner in his hands while Dominic and I were railing on Ryan’s cunt. A pretty fun night, and I definitely made sure that everyone left happy early the next morning.

Debt Dandy 252

I met people who were very passionate about their tattoos before but this guy was somehow extreme. The only reason why he wanted to borrow money was his new tattoo. He was on the waiting list of his favorite tattoo artist for months. Then suddenly the artist offered him to do the tattoo the next day. Our boy didn’t hesitate and agreed. Originally, he planned to save money for the piece and now he needed it today. He asked me for 15 000 Crowns. Too bad the guy had some naïve ideas about repaying the loan. That’s why I offered him a more painful but a lot quicker way to get the money. He didn’t like it but I wasn’t going to let him go now. Not after he told me that he liked to work-out. I wanted to see his tattooed and firm body. I wanted to see him cum.

Czech Hunter 361

I met Zdenek while walking along a beach. The place was surprisingly boring, I couldn’t find anyone remotely interesting. That’s why this paddle boats renting cutie caught my eye. He was going for a beer and then home after a long day at work. We sat down at a kiosk to drink and talk. Zdenek was in quite a precarious situation. Only a few days ago, his girlfriend delivered a baby. It put both of them in a tight spot. They were both only 18 years old. Zdenek’s job was not providing enough money for the family. Honestly, it felt really good to help the guy. Being a young father is not easy at all. He was very proud and kept refusing my offers. Fortunately, my funds were sufficient so eventually we ended up in a nearby forest. I gave the boy quite a pounding.

Good Equipped Hunk Jerking Off on Cam

Hung College Dudes Dorm Alone

Rookie Recruit Cleans Up With An Arse-Load Of Bareback Cock!

When you’re young, horny and in the army, the very last thing you wanna find yourself doing is cleaning some fucking stupid tank on the instruction of bloody-minded superior. Unfortunately for new boy, Adrian Bennet, that’s exactly what he finds himself having to do – much to his clear chagrin. Given his situation, therefore, it’s just as well that he’s got the encouragement of fellow recruit, Ron Negba, to provide him with a heady mix of motivation and “special” cigarettes; which in turn soon results in the fellow soon abandoning any thought of cleaning the tank, as he strips off his shirt and engages in a very sensuous smooch with his buddy. All of which – not unexpectedly! – quickly sees Negba down on both his knees so that he savour every straining inch that Bennet has stashed inside those straining khakis; before Negba jumps up on the tank so that the horned-up rookie can return the favour with a generous display of raw gusto. By which point you’ll probably be gasping with excitement yourself, wondering which one of these two beauties is gonna get fucked to the rafters for your entertainment. Well the good news is that you don’t have to wait too long to find out; as Negba promptly bundles his mate over the side of the vehicle, fingers and rims Bennet in readiness, and then thrusts every inch of his weapon to its trusty target. It’s the start of a terrific set-piece that sees the young bottom pummelled for all he is worth; before riding dick like a pro and then finally exploding over Negba’s face. Leaving his mate to rupture in similar fashion to secure a sticky final kiss!

The Slutty Professor: Episode 3 – “Meet The Slutty Professor”

Nerdy Professor Kelp (Ace Era) has until the end of the semester to make himself more relatable and modernize his appearance or he’s out on his ass. When he returns to his classroom he catches Professor Studly (Bruce Beckham) and his crush, Justin Brody, finishing up their sweaty sex session and it pushes him over the edge. Kelp rushes to the lab and concocts a secret potion that turns him into a smoking hot, muscular stud named Buddy Fuck. Seething with raw sexual energy, Buddy’s first stop is the local gay bar where he meets Ty Roberts and Dave Slick, two horny college dudes who can’t wait to get a piece of the Slutty Professor. Up in the VIP Buddy calls the shots as they take turns sucking cock and fucking each other’s holes. Ty and Buddy spit roast Dave, filling both his holes, until all three men bust their nuts in each other’s mouths.

CZECH GUYS – They would do anythyng for mone

The unexpected has become reality! Czech streets are not a safe place to roam anymore! A young couple with a camera approaches other Czech couples and offers them money…

Murray & Lane

Wrestling enthusiast Murray is attempting to teach buff beau Lane some wrestling moves. The sun kissed, muscular, jock starts by flipping Lane over his waist and pinning him to the ground, ass up. “Are we even doing wrestling? This isn’t wrestling!” jokes Lane, feet still up in the air. Moving into a doggy style position, Murray explains the next step. “They’re gonna count to three and say go and you’re gonna try to get away.” “But, I don’t want to get away!” quips Lane. “You lift a lot bro, you’re big!” exclaims Lane. “Yeah, you too. You’re sexy. I’m glad I found you,” replies Murray. “You found me? You sure I didn’t find you?” answers Lane as he pulls him in for a deep kiss. “That’s all you get, you’ll see the rest later!” proclaims Lane as he slaps Murray’s ass.


This fucking guy is always complaining about how bitches be flaky. Wouldn’t ex-pect much looking online though. In the middle of him bitching we hear him say its been two weeks since he got some. Figure we’d all help him out with that. So we plow his ass and covered him in jizz like the bitch he really is.

Breed Me In The Bathroom teaser

We loved shooting this video! It’s always been a fantasy of mine to film in a gay bar in the bathroom where thousands of gay men have had their cocks out. We shot this vid during our wonderful stay at the Rainbow Mountain Resort in PA. Max had been lusting after Dax’s thick monster cock all week. Truth be told; Dax wasn’t very horny that day but after a little teasing and cock sucking he really fucked the hell out of Max’s hairy man ass. Dax shot such a huge load deep in Max’s ass that I could have sworn I saw semen dripping out of Max’s ears, lol.

Bait: Cesar Rossi & Straight: Lex

This week is another special edition of BaitBuddies starring Cesar Rossi and Lex!

Both Cesar and Lex are very popular on the website and for good reason. Both guys are hot, ripped, and they both have big and beautiful cocks! Lex still considers himself straight but he has hooked up a couple of times with Dustin Steele off camera! But, today is Cesar’s turn and he can’t wait to feel that thick dick inside him that Lex is sporting!

Caruso steps back and tells Cesar and Lex to do whatever feels good and they didn’t waste a second. They start out with some passionate kissing before dropping to their knees and swapping blowjobs! Cesar couldn’t wait to get fucked, so he straddled Lex and rode his cock hard! Lex flipped Cesar over and fucked the cum out of him before shooting his own hot load across Cesar’s belly!

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