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Dink Flamingo is back behind the camera tonight with a brand spankin’ new Active Duty recruit for you: Niko! He’s got the prettiest smile you’ve ever seen — not to mention a bangin’ body and a huge rod. He’s 23 years old and stands 5’7″ (or, as he jokes, “5’8′ on a tall day”) and weighs around 176 lbs. He says he “certainly tries” to hit the weights a lot and you can tell he spends a good deal of time in the gym. Don’t miss his half-hour-long debut solo, where he tells us about how he discovered that he was bisexual and about having his package pierced.

This was a strange experience for me. I was searching the streets of Prague – nothing special about that so far – when I noticed this young guy who appeared a bit lost. He was from Slovakia and he had obvious some problems to find his hotel. Apart from that he appeared to have no financial problems. He was in Prague for holidays even. And what was so strange? Well, we know that about 8-10% of the male adult population are gay. It is obvious that sometimes I meet somebody gay who even enjoys my „dirty offer“. But this one was definitely not gay. And he was not in need of money. And still he did agree. I still try to figure out what his motivation was.

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Sadistic Master Toby is feeling horny and, luckily for the sub, he decides he wants to use the sub’s holes. The vicious top marches into the toilet and makes the feeble sub suck his cock deeply, giving Master Toby a raging erection. Toby face fucks the wretch and makes him cry and drool. The top’s rock-hard dick plunges to the very back of the sub’s gullet as he groans pathetically. Even while the cur feels sorry for himself, Toby bends him over with his head jammed into the stinky, filthy urinal and rams his hard cock deep into the sub’s damaged rectum. The sub is ordered to lick the urinal clean of piss as he is being fucked and does so with defeated whimpers. With the chastity collar still firmly locked around his cock and balls there is no way for the sub to get hard himself and he must think only of being the vessel of the top’s sadistic pleasure. Toby pushes the sub’s legs back and pounds him into the floor as he fucks. He sneers into the bottom’s face and gobs into it several times. Toby pulls out and moves around as if to sit on the sub’s quivering chest. He orders the sub’s mouth open and deposits his sticky spunk into it – the sub timidly swallows the thick spunk.

Cocky Sajid believes he’s lord of the club, swaggering up and bragging about his enormous dick. The lads have had enough. Ganging up together they teach the arrogant prick a lesson by stripping him down and snapping photos of his dick sized up against a lighter to send to all his contacts and post on the internet. The overpowered boy is humiliated as he’s made to crawl naked on the filthy toilet floor baring his sweaty arsehole to the mocking group of men.

Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (4)Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (5)
Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (8)Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (11)
Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (14)Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (16)
Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (17)Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (19)
Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (20)Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (22)
Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (23)Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (24)
Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (25)Swedish guy Phillip Anderson (26)

You’re gonna love my new mate Phillip Anderson. I met this hunky blond Swedish guy while I was visiting Berlin. I had seen his photos on his online profile and really wanted to meet him. And it turns out that 28 year old Phillip (now living in Berlin) is much bigger in real life. And I don’t just mean in cock size. Phillip Anderson is a giant! He could have crushed me as I lay on the floor below him taking photos of his perfect bum in a sports jockstrap. Before he even got naked Phillip’s giant uncut cock was pushing his jock out of his shorts. It was hard to contain that thing. I got the photos out of the way quickly cause I could see that Phillip wanted to get off. And it wasn’t long before he started pushing his cock deep in to my throat. The look on his face as his cock goes all the way down says it all. I was so exciting getting face fucked that I started to cum half way through the video. Eventually Phillip rose up above me and pumped a giant sized load of cum all over me. What a nice way to get to know each other.  I really hope we get to do it again sometime.

Donato receives an invitation to dine on caviar and champagne.  He doesn’t read the small print and ends up sucking off the wait staff to pay for his indulgence.  Turns out that everyone loves big cocks and champagne.  Go behind the scenes with us.

“We got a newbie,” Active Duty director Kaden Saylor says, as they start their brand new scene with Tito and Shea. This is Shea’s debut, but they didn’t waste any time getting this hot new recruit into the mix. He’s a little nervous, but Tito helps him get going and before we know it the guys are groping stripping, sucking and even do a little 69 before deciding it’s time to move on to the action. Tito is up first, and he takes his place behind Shea and pounds him hard while grabbing onto Shea’s hips, slapping his rear, and grunting all the way. “Like it? Huh?!” Tito barks at Shea, who can mostly only groan appreciative moans in response. Soon, it’s time for Tito to get his fill, so to speak, of Shea’s rod up inside him. Shea mans Tito’s rump and starts railing him. The guys change positions so that Tito is sitting on Shea and riding him like a cowboy at the rodeo. Yee haw! Shea exclaims, “Ride that!” You’re gonna’ have to watch the scene yourself to see how it ends, but it’s safe to say that Shea’s first time was a success!

Rocco Reed and Tommy Defendi are not shy about letting the new guy in the gay office know how they feel about him. Tyler Morgan gets a warm welcome from two hung tops who pound his tight hole in the lunch room!

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Martin (23) very tall. He owns a big cock, and a heavy pair of low hanging nuts. You’ll enjoy a lot those big balls, because he bounces them in 4 legs, shakes them while jumping in the naked ballplay video and also when dancing naked.

We’ll leave you to decide whether the transformation of Billy Rubens into a skater-lad is entirely credible, but the fact remains that he’s one hell of a sexy little fucker who lightens up any scene he happens to be in – in this instance with ink-boy STAXUS exclusive, Mickey Taylor. What’s more, having resisted the urge to go au-natural up until this point, Rubens finally gives in to the inevitable and ditches the rubbers in return for extra kudos from his burgeoning legion of fans.

In the finale of Pillow Talk, Connor Maguire confronts Jessie Colter about the office gossip surrounding their love lives…

When the bodies are this hot, who needs love? Hunter Page and Chris Bines aren’t committed, or even interested in having much of a conversation. But when these two porn stars are in the same city — or heck, even the same airport — they can’t stay away. In the final scene from NakedSword’s Boyfriends 2, we leave behind the free spirits, fiery passions and locked-down collars and get down to the sex. Hunter and Page are fuckbuddies, and nothing more. Does Hunter know Chris’ favorite food? Or what he was wearing the first time they met? Not on your life. But he does know that he wants to sit on his cock, and he knows that after it’s over he can kick him out of bed. And for all our high-minded talk of love and husbands, that might just make him the best type of boyfriend of all.

After a night of hardcore partying, Cowboy and his virgin hole were hungry for some dick. He bent over the couch in the rec room and waited for the first drunken fratboy to come along. By the time I turned on the camera a few dudes were already checking him out. Spitting and fingering his hole. I don’t think this newbie knew what he was getting himself into… A piece of advice for you newbies – don’t fight it!

I first met this furry, Brazilian piece of man when I was fortunate enough to do a shoot with him for Fort Troff last summer. We hit it off right away on and off camera and I developed quite the crush on Tony so we stayed in touch. A buddy of mine was hosting a Halloween party and needed hot guys so I suggested that Tony and his boyfriend come up to work and also do a video. Come to find out this was their first threeway! They roughed me up so good. It was so hot having them take turns on my hole and fuck me relentlessly until I couldn’t take it anymore and then keep going.

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