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Today’s pick was a Slovakian guy. There is something about Slovaks what turns me on. Maybe it’s their accent or their looks. I don’t know, but I was looking forward to this meeting my whole day. I was surprised how great his apartment looked like. Clean, tidy and quite huge. Once we get to talk about his debt I was shocked. 50,000 CZK and trust me Gents, that’s a lot here in the Czech Republic. Reason why he owed so much was simple and stupid in the same time. He just wanted to live a standard he couldn’t afford. That’s why he called me, your friendly neighbor DEBTdandy. When I told him what’s my offer I could see his fear. I could smell it actually. And that’s a second turn on for me today. I knew I was going to fuck him really good.


So many of my straight mates here in Australia love getting naked and showing off in front of the camera. And the winter months here hasn’t stopped their enthusiasm. Even my 20 year old mate Tom had no problem stripping out of his soccer gear out in the public stairwell while I snapped some photos. Even at the age of 20 Tom Lucas is a giant of a man. He towers above me whilst showing me some of his nifty ball tricks. I was mostly just glad he didn’t trip on those stairs and fall on me while he was throwing the soccer ball around. Eventually Tom gets completely naked and starts showing off his gorgeous fat uncut dick. And this was just his warm up for his video scene. Tom Lucas would have to be one of the biggest guys I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with. As well as being a body builder Tom does some fitness training for groups of people right here in Melbourne. He is also quickly becoming one of the most popular guys to strip naked on BentleyRace.

Juanjo and Caleb are neighbors of convenience.  Caleb notices Juanjo in the window and is invited over for a raw afternoon of sex.  Quickly stripping down and sporting their huge uncut cocks. Juanjo jumps on Caleb’s massive cock and begins deep-throating it with complete ease. Caleb switches up with Juanjo and delivers the same pleasure to his neighbor. Caleb takes a few pics of Juanjo and entices his friend James to join them. James shows up and it immediately treated to two hot cocks to service.  Juanjo is the first in line to ram his raw cock up James’ hungry hole as Caleb devours James’ cock.  Caleb and Juanjo begin tag teaming James’ ass as they both thrust their cocks up James’ raw hole. Showering James’ ass with his creamy load of cum, Caleb then shoves the last remaining globs of cum up James’ ass.  A train is then formed as Caleb’s cock remains in James’ ass and Juanjo plows his cock deep into Caleb’ ass.  James shoots his huge load as the other two men continue fucking away. Juanjo reaches his peek and unleashes a hot, thick load of cum all over Caleb’s ass before shoving his dripping cock back in his wet hole.  How convenient are your neighbors?

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There’s a pretty large gay community around Prague, famous for its openness and friendly attitude towards anyone. Martin is one of the guys that makes that special atmosphere possible, and he’s one amazing piece of man. Professional, calm and likeable, with a well-kept body and a lot of confident sex-appeal, it’s no miracle that he’s already well known and his entry into erotic videos is a thing his fans wanted to see happening for years.

  OMG! I have to share this TRUE STORY with you guys and ask what you think we should do! The other day, we were on a video date with our new boy Tom and we had just filmed an epic fuck video in the rain while swimming naked in a pool, lol. We worked up an appetite so we went to a local pizza joint in my neighborhood. We had some beers, pizza and laughs. We even sneaked away and shot a little vid in the bathroom. Well, of course as we were leaving I forgot my camera on the table and I didn’t realize it until we got back home. I ran (RAN!) back the five blocks to the pizza place and the host at the front desk told me that the manager had my camera in the downstairs office and they’d bring it right up. I stood there waiting for fifteen minutes. Remember; the camera had a full fuck video on it and LOTS of XXX pics! So this super CUTE guy comes up from downstairs and apologized that it took so long. I tried handing him ten bucks for the trouble, but he declined. Later that evening, I reviewed the footage from the shoot and BEHOLD! That sexy fucker that handed me my camera had also reviewed the footage and MUCH to our delight and surprise he gifted us with a cock shot selfie of him downstairs in the employee lockeroom! I was blown away! He even showed his face (see pic below). I cropped-out his face to give him a break. What would you do? Should we go back and visit him?  


Me and my boy were taking turns on this bitches hole all night. Cock in mouth, cock in ass 24/7. Eventually my buddy passed out on the couch. But that didn’t stop me. This horny slut kept yelling ‘more dick, more dick!’ Dude woke up the entire house. Bitch was cum hungry!

Caruso is in hog heaven this week with not one, but two hot redneck boys… a favorite category of men for him. Our bait boy, Bradley, is a hunky dude from North Carolina who loves snow boarding in the winter, the beach in the summer and a six pack of beer or two or three, any time of they year. Adam is our straight boy and he’s to die for. Straight from Titusville Florida, a place which used to be referred to as ”Space City, USA” because of it’s proximity to the Kennedy Space Center and a well known tourist trap in the days before the shuttles stopped launching. Now it’s known mostly for the super Walmart and rednecks. And, boy does Adam fit that bill, he’s all country boy, a little rough and likes to be dominant, on top, and in control when it comes to sex, which he says is ”something I do well”. We believe what he says about doing sex well,, especially when he strips down to reveal a bodybuilder physique with 16.5” biceps, a big chest, huge thighs and a hot bubble butt as well as a fat 7” x 6” redneck cock! He tells Caruso that since he has a talent for sex, he thought he might as well get paid for it. So, he’s horned up and ready to fuck some big titted pussy and hopes today’s girl is foreign as that really turns this country boy on. Well, we let him think what he wants about pussy, until we get around to telling him that he’s going to be having sex with a dude today. Caruso has the boys on the couch and naked for their boner test where he’ll find out if they can get it up and keep it up in front of each other and on camera… they pass with flying colors. Caruso leaves to fetch the ‘girl’, but he soon returns to tell the guys that she never showed up, they don’t where she is and there’s no other female talent available for the day. So, he offers the boys double the money to have sex with each other. Caruso tells them that his way they won’t waste the day and everyone can get paid. Adam lowers his head, shaking it back and forth in the negative and just barks out ”I came here for a woman”. Caruso tries to explain it’s no big deal, but Adam is not buying any of it – that is until he hears that Bradley will do it for the money. Our straight boy is a bit in disbelief, but all of a sudden says ”fuckin’ do it”. Caruso confirms with Adam that he’s agreeing to have sex with Bradley and he acknowledges the fact. So, Bradley moves closer and takes Adams now deflated cock in hand and starts to stroke it. Check out the faces and distressed moans Adam makes with his first gay contact – it looks like he’s in excruciating pain. He doesn’t look much better when Bradley grabs his hand and pulls it across to get him to stroke his hard cock. But, once Bradley starts sucking, we see that Adam’s cock is rock hard and he’s now a bit more relaxed. The boys then do some uninspiring cock fighting when Bradley works up the nerve to go in for kiss which is quickly rejected by Adam. Caruso asks him what’s up and Adam just shakes his head and says ”I can’t, I can’t”, so Caruso moves things along and asks him if he’s ready to return the cocksucking favor to Bradley and again he answers negatively ”I don’t do that!, I’ve gone further than… ”. Caruso tells Adam that he has to do something more sexual with Bradley if he wants to get paid and suggests it’s time he fucks the boy. Adam sees this as a masculine, dominant thing and agrees to fuck Bradley. Caruso pushes him a bit and tells him to feel up Bradley’s ass – ”it won’t bite” – and he hesitantly does that. Next thing we see is Bradley sitting down on his new buddy’s fat cock and riding it for all it’s worth – and you can tell he’s loving it. Adam has enough of being on the ‘bottom’ so to speak, so he tells Bradley to get on his back. Adam then hops on top and and fucks the cum out of his bottom boy until Bradley is a groaning, sweaty, cummy mess. When Caruso asks Bradley how it was, he can barely talk, but says it was real good. Adam now whips off the rubber and jacks a big, hot load all over Bradley’s beefy thigh – Bradley tells him what a hot load it is. Adam is sweaty and out of breath now himself and tells Caruso that his first gay4pay butt fuck was pretty good. In the end Caruso asks Adam to rate the sex with Bradley between 1 and 10, 10 being the best he says ”7.5… considering I love women”. We know you love straight men, and we’re sure you’ll love Adam!

The other night, Jacque and his monster cock wondered into my bedroom. I grabbed the cam and shot this fucking hot vid. After dropping a couple loads in my hole, he wondered around the house again, until he found Josh, and pounded his ass on the stairwell while Eli begged for it on the living room couch.

Right away Brendon finds out that Dimitry has a girlfriend, so this afternoon’s encounter must remain a secret. We won’t tell… shhhhh. But if she’s watching she just might find out how to give a proper BJ, cause her boyfriend gets the blow job of his young life. Dimitry is 28 and former Army, so it would have been easy for him to find relief in the corps. With a cock this big and his inviting smile, Dimitry is catnip to Brendon and finds out that porn boot camp is a hell of a time. He just might re-enlist.

A new video featuring a lad with one of the hottest six packs we’ve ever seen. He takes pleasure in showing off and gets so excited he strips down and jerks himself off!

Cameraman has seen this handsome player before and here this horny dude reveals his excellent body and meaty ass cheeks. He even gives us a flash of his dick as he parades around the changing room unawares that he’s being filmed through a hole in the wall.

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Hannibal enjoys punishing this thief a lot. His hard on is bigger than ever was. With the hands tied up to his legs, his asshole is so tight. He suffers a lot. His moaning is still more and more intense. But Hannibal still wants more. Finally a climax is about to come. Final touch will be a blow job and then comes a huge cum shot on his sinful face as a reminder of the fact that stealing is bad.

The fucking hot action continues as Martin and Felix just get hotter and get even dirtier! Felix loves that huge uncut cock and can’t get enough of it. He really wants it in his asshole and so what’s to stop Martin from giving it to him! First he teases him by just putting the massive head of his cock into his hole bare…now they both want to fuck like the animals that they are…so Martin slides his uncut cock into that sluts fuck hole and fucks him in first doggie style and then on his back like a whore until he pulls out and busts his nut all over Felix’s chest who has already shot his load!

We introduced you to hot young and hung Kilo not long ago and you got to watch his first time at piss play as he peed on himself outside in the open. It was hot and he seemed to enjoy it so we thought it would be fucking hot to see him in action and we immediately thought of hot bi boy Omar. We have seen Omar a few times and he have proven himself to be very versatile…being the top and the bottom and enjoying the piss action on both sides! We arranged for them to meet for the very first time at a secluded outdoor location in the woods with a river and stream…nothing like the sound of running water to get the piss flowing! They start out with a mutual piss and then the real fun begins!


Rodrigo and Raul feature a super hot duo. Rodrigo has the perfect body, Raul has the perfect face. Watch them jerking off twice, showing their tight assholes together, showering and lot more.


NIKOLAS Z. 20 y.o. – watch other videos with him

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