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Remember Active Duty’s cutie-pie Evan? He’s back in action, this time in front of Mike’s camera in a bareback flip-flop scene with shredded Tim! As the guys start working themselves up, Evan reaches over and lifts Tim’s shirt, revealing his washboard abs. “Damn, look at that!” Evan exclaims. Evan kisses and licks Tim’s chest, worshipping his rock-hard muscles, and soon, he’s engulfed Tim’s shaft into his mouth and is going to town. After some dedicated oral action, the guys start 69ing, with Evan on top, feeding his rod to Tim. Soon after, the action starts. Tim is the first to get plowed, as he takes Evan’s long prick — bareback — like a champ, on his back. Evan jerks Tim’s massive meat as he rams him, and bends down to suck him *while* nailing him. Yes, it’s super hot. Eventually, Evan shoots his load all over Tim’s balls. Next, it’s Evan’s turn to get topped. The sounds he makes clearly indicate Tim’s awfully big for him, but he’s a trooper and soldiers through. Wait until you see Tim blow his load, it’s super hot. By the time the guys are done, Mike is asking when he can get the guys back together, and Evan says “as soon as you want to.” Well, alright! Welcome back Evan!

Martin is one of our most popular models so it was only a matter of time before we paired him up with another popular model Felix! Martin is a total top and once he gets hard he stays that way until he cums. First we get to enjoy both of the models getting naked outside in the exotic rainforest next to a river. Felix can’t wait to get down on his knees and get that thick uncut black cock into his slutty cock sucking mouth! Martin is famous for his amazing cock and Felix is known for his amazing ability to take a cock so the pairing was only natural as you soon see in part 1 of this amazing encounter! After giving him head and getting him nice and hard Martins wants to fuck that tight ass…
The fucking hot action continues as Martin and Felix just get hotter and get even dirtier! Felix loves that huge uncut cock and can’t get enough of it. He really wants it in his asshole and so what’s to stop Martin from giving it to him! First he teases him by just putting the massive head of his cock into his hole bare…now they both want to fuck like the animals that they are…so Martin slides his uncut cock into that sluts fuck hole and fucks him in first doggie style and then on his back like a whore until he pulls out and busts his nut all over Felix’s chest who has already shot his load!

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Eric Deman has more horny real camera phone videos going inside a locker room where a group of boisterous lads strip naked and get caught with their asses out or flash their dicks in front of the camera!

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David’s erotic career started with a scene in which a girl fucked him with a strap-on. And he kinda liked it. Since then, he leads a fun and wild bisexual sex life, including a lot of photo-shoots and videos. He started thinking about a serious career only recently, and that’s what brought him here and on to our White Couch. And he really rocked it hard, so to say… Check David out!

I discovered for myself that Czechs do not have a typical face pattern. With every single “visit” I see completely different young, cute and scared faces. This young hottie was no exception. And he had debts, huge ones. He lived in a crazy small apartment with a roomy, OMG! While we summed up his debts I thought about how am I going to fuck him. From above or behind, doggy or missionary. Well the show started with him stretching his hockey player muscles. And that turned me on! Sucking, licking, biting led into something else. Something more exciting. And there is question for you, Gents! What position you think we assumed?! Tease your indefinite desire with your curiosity and fulfill it after while watching this amazing guy.

I went for a walk along the Vltava river on this sunny day. Nice weather attracted many people to spend some time outside. I ended up at a football pitch where I’ve spotted three youngsters kicking the ball around. One of them completely shy, another one just didn’t pay attention to my presence and just the last one talked to me. He was quite funny and open minded. Got him to show me his private parts but then all fun with him was over. I decided to try my luck with the second dude. As soon as I saw his eyes, I fell in love with him. A cute, sporty, blonde and charismatic young man. I knew I had to get him on his knees to suck my “ young Czech “ hungry cock. I didn’t care for the prize I would have to pay. Believe me when I say : this one was worth every penny!

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Farid (23) is a hot and masculine footballer whose arabian roots are quite evident. In his face, in his dark skin, in his name, in his black sharp eyes and also in his hairy body. Owner of a hairy ass, he strongly disliked showing it.

Hey guyz, get ready for a hot and nasty winner of a FUCK video! After making this video with our friend Dougie, we discovered that we have a new found LUST for Puerto Rican guys. We had been talking and corresponding with Dougie for about a year and the entire time I kept thinking that this kid seems so straight. With his tats and tight, lean, ripped body and street-smart attitude, he just reeked of straight boy. But MUCH to our delight he’s not straight at all in fact he LOVES to get fucked. Dougie makes no bones about it saying things like, “Man, you better fuck me good or I’m outta here.” We love that Dougie is so straight forward. He’s also a great kisser and best of all he LOVES hard and rough man sex. Dougie’s head skills are so amazing that I though Hunter was going to pass out. He has this little tongue piercing that tickled the underside of Hunter’s cock so much that Hunter was howling like a beast in ecstasy. Feel free to leave some love for our PR pound pup and tell him to come back to do another video with us.

Another freshman hole served up! After an epic blowout last weekend, this freshman pledge was begging for dick. A bunch of guys piled into his bedroom, and started taking turns on this dude’s hole. Kid was plastered! Couldn’t even hold his liquor. What a little bitch.

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