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All the Best Gay Porn HD Videos 2015

We’re beginning to think that Wyatt, our sexy seaman, has taken up permanent residence in Brendon’s studio. The bashful stud has returned for more shenanigans and he looks better than ever. Tall and dark with a military demeanor, he couldn’t look more different from the gentleman at his side. Chambers is new to the scene and quite an eyeful, but looks like a throw back to the Haight Ashbury of 40 years ago. Long hair pulled back and a scruffy beard belie his chiseled torso and mouth watering legs. What could these two guys possibly have in common? You’ll soon find out. They strip down to their skivvies and then some before Wyatt takes the reins and lubes up Chambers’ cock. Wyatt’s huge dick throbs as he starts to suck off his hippie friend. Chambers shoots first in this crazy match up and then Brendon moves in to finish off Wyatt. Kinda knew he had that in mind from the start.

cody james bentley race

I’m really excited about posting my newest mate up today. The 23 year old Cody James only recently moved to Melbourne. And I’m so glad he looked me up. As soon as I saw Cody’s photos I knew that I should meet him. So I got him around last weekend for a quick shoot at my place. And it turns out that Cody is a really nice guy. I took a huge amount of photos as he stripped out of his clothes on my bed. Cody is pretty dam cute, and he’s packing a really large uncut dick too! He surprised me when he dropped his jocks to reveal an enlarging fat uncut dick. I have to mention that gorgeous bum too. Wearing just a cap and a pair of socks Cody spread his legs wide as he lay on my bed showing off that perfect round bum. I must apologise if there are a larger than usual number of bum photos in this gallery. Today’s shoot was more of a test shoot for our newest mate. The shoot went very well and now I can’t wait to introduce Cody to my mates.

cody james video bentley race

For a little guy Cody sure is packing a huge dick! For his first video Cody starts stripping off and stroking that big dick out of his undies. It grows big very quickly. Cody is watching some porn but soon becomes more interested in trying out the rubber fuck toy. I show him how to fill it up with lube and push it down over his cock. You can tell that he really likes it. My favourite part of Cody’s video is where he fucks the toy as it’s pushed down on the bed. I gotta say that I loved watching this video even as much as I did when I made it. Cody looks great and I’m sure all of my mates will be lining up to get in to a scene with him once they see this video. Make sure you watch it rift to the end to see the big load of cum Cody has been saving up.

”It’s a hard market out there” our new bait guy Cody tells Caruso, referring to finding straight guys for gay sex – something he loves to do – especially if they’re hard bodied with big cocks. Well you’d think it might be a hard market for straight men, but if you read last week’s newsletter you would know that ”It’s said that in America, there are reportedly more than three million men who identify as straight – but secretly have sex with other men”. Well, if there’s three million men who identify as straight and already have sex with other men – how many must be out there who haven’t tried it yet and how many guys are there like most of those on, who aren’t even thinking about it trying it with a dude, but kind of like it after they do it! Plus we found out that 24% of ‘male seeking male’ classifieds in ”Back Page” are straight and bi men looking for gay sex or just interested in being serviced. So, the market isn’t as hard as Cody might think. And speaking of hard, say hello to our newest straight boy Zach. Zach is a hard body, hard 9” hung, country redneck from the boondocks of Ohio who likes to ride motorcycles. He’s 25 years old, 6’3” tall and says he got his hard body from loading trucks with heavy cargo.  Zach has the typical country boy appearance wearing his cap, t-shirt and tight jeans easily worn redneck style over his hot body. He’s aware of his assets ”I got a pretty good size dick and an alright body” and when he talks he has that straight, redneck demeanor – he speaks in a low, soft voice with not much expression as his lips barely move to form the words.  Caruso finds out later that this straight boy earns extra money by doing the hillbilly strip circuit. He strips for country women in small, smoky bars in rural areas. He makes most of his money in ”tips” in a scummy back room furnished with an old mattress where he lets many women inspect the merchandise up close each night… and I’ll leave it at that.  Caruso asks him if any dudes ever slipped in to the club and paid him a few dollars to ‘check him out’ but Zach is adamant that it never happened to him.  So, back to the studio action. The boys are showing off their 9” and 7” boners as Caruso delivers the news that the ‘girl’ had an accident and she was bruised and cannot work. He offers them an option being that there are no other girls available at that moment, the guys can have sex with each other and they’ll get paid double the money.  Zach says no – and without missing a beat, that horny new bottom boy made sure he piped right in about how he needed money (but what Cody really wanted a straight country dude’s 9” cock up his well used hole) and that he’s willing to do it. Caruso works on Zach and with some reasoning, in pretty short order he’s ready to give it a try. But, except for the fucking, it’s pretty much a one sided deal.  So, here’s how it goes, Cody strokes Zach, he sucks his big cock and tries to kiss him, but Zach isn’t opening his mouth for any tongue. And, when Caruso asks him to return the favor and suck Cody’s cock, Zach says ”I never done that, I don’t think I can”. Caruso asks him ”what would you like to do” and Zach answers ”eat pussy” – of course, what else would a straight stud say?  So, the only option left is fucking –  Zach examines Cody’s petite bubble butt and gives it a go ahead. And we learn once again that country boys really can throw one hot fuck – seeing that they don’t have much else to do for entertainment, they get lots of practice – especially when they look like Zach. Well, Zach gives Cody the railing of a lifetime. He tears that bottom boy’s butthole up good and Cody is just loving it. Cody literally can’t control his moaning, groaning and praising the Lord – and these aren’t just porn noises – this is the real thing – watch it all end in two explosive orgasms!

charlie straight hell

Bright-eyed and bursting with enthusiasm, 18 year old schoolboy Charlie needs to learn what real work as an adult entails. At this time of his life all he cares about is playing football with his friends and spending time with his girlfriend. This promising boy is set to have a full and successful life. We need to show him what he was really meant for! Arriving for an unpaid internship at an office he knows nothing about he’s thrilled to be taken on for his first position at a real company. The men show him around, but all is not as it seems. As soon as Charlie realizes something isn’t right here it’s too late! Handcuffed and roped up to the ceiling he can do nothing to prevent the men peeling off his clean uniform till he’s in nothing but his tight white pants. The nervous boy squirms from the touch of these confident men and says he’ll get his father onto them. This is the first time has touched his willy which he can’t stop from growing erect as they tease and stroke it. His teenage body is highly sensitive and never been used for rough play. The men train him by flogging him till his torso glows red. His nipples and penis are pegged so he’s aware of them every second. Parting his arse cheeks they slide their fingers into his sphincter widening his arsehole for the first time in his life. Adrian mounts the moaning lad sliding his cock in. Now the boy knows what it’s like to have a man’s hard penis up inside him. Charlie has his whole life to look forward to. Now it will be filled with sexual service to men!


Today three of your favorites are back and reporting for duty! Me (behind the camera of course), along with Riley and Shea who are also returning to the fold after a long absence. Riley is gorgeous as always, with that baby face that is so irresistible, right on down his near perfect body to his muscular, thick and delicious legs. Shea was my prize after hunting down gorgeous guys at the sporting goods section of my local Walmart, and I knew I’d have this trophy mounted soon by7 someone or vice-versa!</br></br>Today is the first time I’ve seen the edited version so I’m going to watch it right along with you and rather than bore you (and keep my hands busy with the keyboard) with a play-by-play, I’m not even gonna say a word.  This one speaks for itself and I’m sure after we all watch it, we will be too damned out of breath to do anything except for to raise both thumbs in approval!

After slapping all of that hot wax off, Masters Tye and Devon drag the boy Brice down, bend him over the table, and stick a cold electro butt plug into his ass. He screams as the juice starts to flow, and is flogged when he doesn’t scream loud enough.

Lovers Jesse Ares and Ricky Ares are moving and they want to give their house one last proper goodbye. The couple sees no better way to do so than by having scorching hot sex passionately and intensely in their former abode. As they take turns fucking each other it is clear they know just the right way to pleasure one another.

Ashton thinks his bitch would look hotter with his head shaved, he was right!

Cute Twinks Home Made Videos

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Young student, originally from Slovakia is not interested in philosophy only, he’s also interested in sex and working in erotica. His main interests are dildos, bondage and so on. He even prepared a small preview for our casting. It was a wild ride with dildos and you won’t see this often. You just have to watch this. You’ll be surprised how much can fit in there…

I’ve decided to try my luck at the University this time. Huge concentration of young, cute and moneyless boys is guaranteed. I found my target straight away. Leaving the library, there was a cute lad walking in my direction. He was in his first year. Bit shy but communicative in the same time. Living at a dorm and in a need of money. Just what I was looking for. What I didn’t mention yet is how beautiful he was. Justin Bieber or Zac Efron can go fuck themselves. After small chat, I offered him 3,000 CZK for his underwear. And he went for it. Encouraged with this success, I went straight to the point and invited him to a hotel. His answer and what followed was just great. Looking down at him, sucking my horny cock was one of the best views I’ve had.

Stupidity and lack of thinking brought him into the situation without any normal or decent solution. It is really sad, but great for this little project and hobby of mine. A kind of nice and spacey flat and even clean. I like that. He was behind with his rent, phone bill and as well owed cash to his friends. So basically I already won. Just a small prize to pay for his frightened and virgin asshole. 26,000 CZK, that was his debt. But cause he was unemployed there was no way to borrow money from the bank or any other institution. I was his one and only chance to save his stupid sorry ass. Again, he surprised me how tidy his place was, but pissed me off with his stupidity. So I am not gonna be gentle with him. He will jerk me, suck me and after that, I will fuck his brains out.

hernan authentic footballers

hernan authentic footballer

Hernan 20y.o. is young, hot and sweet. He comes in a package with a meaty ass, a lot of hair surrounding his boyhole, a nice pair of hanging balls and a thick cock, which delivers jizz as a pump in his two jerking off clips.

Isaac Hardy receives a poolside massage from Leo Forte until both of their dicks get hard. Leo notices the sexy boy’s bulge and can’t help but tease Isaac, making his cock grow harder. Leo pulls out Isaac’s cock and goes down on the monster while he spits on his own cock preparing to fuck. Isaac lays back and pops his hole open enticing Leo to fuck it. Leo fucks Isaac into the bed then flips him over to finish the job. Unable to hold his load any longer, Isaac bursts his cream and like a true cum-lover Leo licks it up and feeds it to him!

Ever wondered why the trains never seem to run on time and are constantly blighted by delays and cancellations? Well, it’s because the guys who conduct all the engineering work that’s necessary for the system to work are way too busy drinking coffee and – in this instance at least – sucking cock! Or at least that’s the impression you get when young bottle-blond, Nathan Dale, encounters the hunky Shane Barret during the course of a work-break.

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This punishment is severe. His ass is in pain like never before. Screaming for his life, just to survive every single penetration. I think he will learn his lesson and will never commit a crime ever again.

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Lazy worker is being punished for his behaviour. He is gonna be humiliated and marked as gay. The construction site chief is using the plastic foil to made him his personal bitch. Soon he is gonna look like a slut, with lipstick a nail polish he looks just awesome. Bit of cream is the cheery on the top and the action can start.

All The Best Free Gay Porn HD Videos

My today’s pick was a young gipsy guy living on the outskirts of Prague. He was about to be evicted from his apartment and owing money to his father and friends. He was a different case, he had a job and was working hard, but his income just couldn’t cut his monthly expenses. He was as well very attractive and polite. That is the kind of person I like. I have decided not to be rude to him and maybe even let him enjoy what was about to come. We counted his debts, I have put the money on the table and asked him „The Question“. I knew that he won’t say no. After that it was an amazing ride for me at least. He was very gifted and his body was absolutely perfect. DD60: check!

Hi guys! Jiri is back after few months. Last time you saw me during football World Cup. I’ve had an accident and had to recover fully. But I’m back in full strength and with the dick, harder than before. Such a shame that summer is over, but what can one do. As I switched on the camera, I felt the thrill immediately. Out on the hunt. Didn’t have much luck with the first dude I’ve talked too, but I knew that the right one will come around. And I was right, I’ve stopped one young pal as he was leaving a post office. He kept smiling and answering all of my questions. I went straight for him and gave him my special offer. Something for something, in my case money for pleasure. He went for it. Small hotel room was just fine for me to release all energy I gathered during my recovery.

Active Duty’s guest director Mike says Cody has done a solo and some oral work, but this is his first time doing anything hard core in front of the camera. And, when you’re paired up with Tim, you better be ready for a wild ride! Mike let’s the guys get to it, and, after a few nervous glances from Cody towards the camera, he starts to grope himself and get the party started. It isn’t long before both of their shafts are out, and they are jerking one another. “That’s big!” Cody says, laughing, as he grips Tim’s rod and starts stroking him. The pants come off next, and in a flash, Cody has engulfed Tim’s piece. He’s going to town on him and Tim is loving every second of it. It’s Cody’s turn to get sucked, and Tim leans over — continuing to jerk himself — and starts to suck the big strapping Cody. Cody can only take so much of the sucking before he has to get his mouth back on Tim, and he makes a meal out of him. It’s time for Tim to top Cody, and poor Cody (who is on his hands and knees) doesn’t know what hit him. He’s a panting mess of flesh as Tim slams him from behind. Cody grunts and groans into the pillow. Tim keeps on plowing Cody, even after Cody’s shot his wad, and soon Tim pulls out and jerks his load onto Cody. Whew! Afterwards, Cody says — with a smile — the experience was “pretty painful” but he would do it again. I like that kind of can-do attitude!

SneakyPeek got a nice surprise when this handsome young guy turned around as he was filming him through the tiny hole in the wall in this changing room. He has an enormous dick! You can probably hear the perv filming as he breathes heavily while he was getting seriously turned on looking at his massive prick. He doesn’t know that he’s being filmed as he strips off, and neither do his mates stripping along side him!

Drake begs alumni bud Connor to take him right then & there

Josh Ford gets fucked deep and hard by Allan Farmer at the urinals of the local swimming baths. They then meet Jasper in the showers for a threesome.

Okay, let’s be honest, who hasn’t ever wondered to themselves what it’s like to wear a mankini? Well, Zac Todd for one certainly allows his curiosity to get the better of him when he finds a pair in the school’s changing rooms – an act that signals the start of what will eventually prove to be a fantastic threesome with Carl Ross and Alan Benfelen.

Hairy stud Zack Randall rides Ryan’s big pine like tool !

Cyrus is putting a high-gloss polish on his motorcycle when he is surprised by his blond hunky friend Patrick, which immediately brings his stiff cock out of his overalls. When Patrick brings out his gigantic cock Cyrus is too busy sucking to mind. When Jack shows up the sexy trio is complete. Cyrus is spoiled for choice as he deep throats both their rock hard cocks. Patrick starts shagging Cyrus’ ass but then slip in Jack! The final cum shower has been well and truly earned by Cyrus.

Tommy Defendi botches an attempt to steal a trick’s wallet, leaving he and his buddy Connor Maguire flat broke. The Dirty Rascals meet at a cafe where Connor reads news of the demise of the Countess Fellini, an infamous character of great wealth with no living heirs. Intending to abscond with a portion of the Countess’s fortune Connor and Tommy decide to pose as long lost relatives from America and hitchhike to Fellini’s countryside castle. As luck would have it, Fellini’s butler, smoldering hunk Dato Foland pulls over and offers them a ride. While Connor sleeps in the back seat Dato invites Tommy to join him for a fuck in a nearby garden. Unable to resist the butler’s penetrating green eyes and huge uncut cock, Tommy agrees. Little does Dato know that Tommy is packing some serious meat of his own. A summer rain shower forces the two horny studs into a silo where Tommy makes sure the butler is highly rewarded for his services.

Two buffed studs Paco & Rogan Richards fuck each other hard.

If you think you recognise the newest model to join the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search – you’re probably right. Meet Ian Levine who has been working in porn for about two years now and Jason has nabbed him for a spot on the tour. Owen Powers is pretty stoked about that as Ian’s hot and the two have some undeniable chemistry in this sizzling scene.

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