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Today’s little brother in debts looked really really young. He lived in a nice building so I expected a nice flat. But it was a dirty and ugly place, with disgusting smell. He even wanted to smoke in front of me! Once again, he wanted to live higher standard than he could afford so he took out a loan to buy a brand new plasma TV and a PC. And guess what happened ?! He didn’t have enough money to pay installments plus he got unemployed like the majority of young people in this country. We summed up his debts to 25 grand. Not that much as I thought, but he was in big need of money so he didn’t have any other option, but to say yes … to my offer. I was so horny and looking forward to punish him and fuck his brains out. Gents, DD45 : check!

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Farid (23) is a hot and masculine footballer whose arabian roots are quite evident. In his face, in his dark skin, in his name, in his black sharp eyes and also in his hairy body. Owner of a hairy ass, he strongly disliked showing it.

bentley race1

We met so many cute while we were travelling through Europe earlier this year. My mate Zac met a bunch of Hungarian mates while we were visiting Munich. They were all eager to model for Zac when we arrived in town. I hadn’t met the guys but Zac was all excited about these cute twin boys he had met. In particular was David Hanson. 21 year old David was the only one in the group who had previous porn modelling experience. And turns out to be a very popular star there too! I can see why. David is pretty cute with a rocking body and a huge banana shaped cock. From looking at the photos I can see that he and Zac had a pretty good time. I love the shots of this tanned twin showing off his beautiful bum in the white jock strap. I wish it had been me shooting with this guy.

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Porn star David Hanson puts on a very hot show for Zac as he films this Hungarian porn star in his hotel room. David gets hard very easily as he strips one more time after his photoshoot. And this time he’s ready to get off. 21 year old David loves to show off, and it really shows here in his first video with Zac. The dirty blond twin is quick to get naked and start stroking his beautiful upward bent uncut cock. He even tries out fucking Zac’er rubber fuck toy. But he prefers to fuck his own hand. Make sure you watch this one right to the end to see David licking up his own cum off his hand. I cam see why this twin porn star is so popular on the Euro porn sites.

Train stations are not my favorite spots to hunt. But they have one advantage: a lot of guys passing by. Just after I switched on my cam I’ve met a well built and handsome dude. Talked him into showing me his cock, but unfortunately his train just came, he couldn’t miss it. Such a shame. Then I’ve spotted another one. Young, slim and smiley cute face. Bit shy but easy to talk to. After some usual chat, I went straight to the point. Showed him my huge pile of cash and that really attracted his attention. He was a party-goer, therefore I knew he will go with me to the end of the world for that money. After we found a nice and quiet place, he started to jerk me off. He was so concentrated, it almost made me laugh. I became so horny and couldn’t wait anymore…

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Through the tiny hole the pervy cameraman drilled in a changing room wall he films this handsome lad pulling off his football kit before disappearing into the shower with his mates. Revealing spycam video capturing his cock and fine ass.

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The sexiest new home video of a group of macho guys playing naked paint ball. They go all out for it, trying to psyche each other out by waving their cocks at each other. The stakes are high because the impact of a paintball to their sensitive parts will sting all the more.

We found this big, 6’3”-tall, Italian-Irish, horse-hung, blue-eyed beauty named Josh in Florida while we were casting for our MaverickMen Directs shoot. As soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew I had to fuck him, lol. He was a diamond-in-the-rough newbie that absolutely needed some special MaverickMen training. We trained him on everything from soup to nuts and we shot him with some of our other friends for our soon-to-be-launched (October) new site, We loved Josh’s look so much that we flew him in to Boston so we could give him our undivided attention. This thick-dicked, bottom-vers boy LOVED the attention we lavished on his beautiful hairy ass (so much so that he’s been dying to come back!). When Josh first got here, he wanted to go for a run and then confessed he’s really turned on by the idea of OUTSIDE SEX! Of course we had to fulfill his fantasy! We ate his ass and sucked his cock in public and played around in the grass till we were dripping with precum. And then we took him back to our place and fucked the hell outta his big, sexy ass. I’ll leave it up to y’all to decide if we should have sexy Josh back for another fuck session. Oh and Josh, I’m sorry we ran out of lube but I promise if you come back we’ll be fully stocked!

It sucks to be the new guy at the frat house..literally! I’m guessing Chris didn’t expect to be leaving the frathouse with an aching hole and a mouth full of cum but that’s what happens when you party too hard at our frathouse lol

When Eli doesn’t have a dick up his ass, he’s watching porn. Literally all day. Last week, I was hanging out with him, stroking my dick, looking at the TV. Landon stumbled upon us. He was looking for his car keys to meet another hookup. I guess he couldn’t resist taking another load before hitting the road. I kept jerking off while shooting this vid!


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It’s Christmas in July and Steve’s got just the right present for Patrik – a thorough ass licking, cock sucking and pounding. These cheeky twinks don’t care that the weather outside is frightful – cause the fucking inside is devilishly delightful!

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Erik finds so much enjoyment in his work it’s hard to believe. He organised his life around looking as good as possible and bettering himself in every way. The sacrifices he makes in his social and romantic life pay of in the long run, and they certainly bring him a lot of fans – his body, attitude, life story and movements in action are a sight to behold. Enjoy!

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