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Horny College Hunk Cumming on Hairy Chest

Dirty Scout 92

This 19 years old cutie had a very interesting hobby. At the moment he worked as a plumber but he also had an artistic side. In his spare time he draw people for money. Mostly his friends but I still though it was pretty cool. I was curious about drawing men, of course. I hoped he would tell me something juicy. And he did. He had to refuse advances made by his gay friends who liked being naked in front of him. He also mentioned a brief gay experience with one his friend when he was a teenager. A very interesting guy indeed. I found him a nice job and now it was time to enjoy his tiny and lean boy. I even brought a few toys from home to spice things up a little. I don’t think the boy liked it very much. But the job and the money I paid him were worth it.

Boys Halfway House Incident #142 – Opening Up A Very Fresh Hole

It’s been a long while since we’ve had such a bad apple as this guy. Brazenly disrespectful of other residents and the House Manager, his attitude is way of course. He was only out of high school six weeks when he got enrolled into the House, so he hasn’t spent much time in the real world. The few weeks he did spend in the real world were not good, either. He racked up a few arrests and a swift boot out of his home. You’d think that after crashing that hard, he would have some humility. If so, you’d be guessing wrong.

I caught him the other day vaping in the House (which is against the rules) as he was playing video games. When I tried to speak to him, he just kept playing, not bothering to avert his eyes. Well, needless to say, this pissed me off beyond belief. Before he knew it, he had his game controller in his mouth and my cock in his hand. After seeing what his reaction was to another man’s dick, I had him get on his knees in front of me. He had a bewildered look on his face like it was some sort of bad dream, but when I grabbed him by the hair he opened his mouth to go down on my cock. The BJ wasn’t half bad, and when I had him take off his clothes, he even had a chub. Now that was quite interesting. I didn’t peg him for a homo! When I stood up next to him, rubbed my hand against his cheek, and pinched his nipples he got a full on. That’s all I needed to know. I had him finger himself next (damn that hole was pink as fuck!) so that I wouldn’t have much trouble easing in his tight teen cunt. When I finally stuck it in, the harder I fucked him the more he jerked himself off. He came in a few minutes time. He didn’t cum a little bit, either, he came a lot! Too bad he didn’t wait longer, because I kept right on fucking him in in four more positions before I’d finally had enough of his hamflower. I fucked him so much that his butt was gaping like the entrance pirate’s cave! I nutted in his mouth and slapped him a few more times in the face. This dickweed – I’m gonna let him stay a while, because he is definitely a fresh one!


After settling into their vacation rental for the week, school friends Scotty Zee and Ian Greene realize they only have about fifteen minutes until their parents show up, and both of them are ready for a shower after a half day’s travel. Luckily, as Ian points out, the shower has two heads. Scotty seems hesitant to partake in such an arrangement, but his desire to be clean outweighs his reluctance to share the bathroom. When he enters the shower, he finds Ian already halfway clean, and taking his place beside his friend, he commences to soaping off. Ian can’t help but stare at Scotty’s figure, noting his perfect ass and his nice cock. Ian reaches out to touch the perfect ass in front of him, and Scotty recoils at first, but almost immediately seems to consider Ian’s silent offer. Relenting, he and Ian embrace and begin to kiss, and in an effort to seize the moment, Ian falls to his knees and begins to suck Scotty off. Scotty grows hard inside Ian’s mouth and then experiences something entirely new when Ian bends him over to eat his ass. But that’s nothing compared to the first time experience that happens next, as Ian plunges his raw cock deep inside Scotty’s tight hole. Ian pounds Scotty from behind and Scotty takes every bareback inch willingly until Ian tells them to switch, and it’s Scotty’s turn to raw dog his friend, bouncing Ian on his cock as he runs his hands up and down Ian’s back. Scotty is turned on by this, but quickly admits to Ian that he’d rather be the one getting fucked, so they switch again, and Ian plays Scotty out on the floor, fucking a massive load out of him missionary style before pulling out and wetting his friend down with his first gay load, just as the guys can hear their parents coming down the hall. Enjoy!

MXXX The Hardest Ride: Episode 4 – Your Secret’s Safe With Uncle JJ – NakedSword Originals

Reality sets in on the ranch. The guys know if they don’t win the motocross competition all will be lost and they don’t even have the money to enter. Inside Uncle JJ Knight is buried in bills and has reached the end of his rope with Tom’s irresponsible behavior. When the too butt heads Tom does what he does best – puts on his helmet and takes off on his bike. Brent Corrigan sees the fight and comes over to do what he does best – console his horse-hung uncle with his hot mouth and tight hole. The incestuous duo take turns sucking dick but Brent knows what Uncle JJ wants. He spreads his ass-cheeks and JJ dives in, first with his wet tongue then with his legendary 10-inch cock. JJ pounds Brent mercilessly until they both drain their loads on the workout bench. Regardless of what happens to the ranch, these two go their happy ending.


Sodom and Gomorrah! This is the nastiest video you’ll ever see! A proof you can have anything for money in the Czech Republic. We unleashed incredibly dirty stuff in one pub. We picked up two young wasted guys and made them suck some cocks! Right in the pub! One busty MILF joined in. We even lured in one straight guy who was there with his girlfriend!!! It took only a few thousands of bucks. We got some lovely virgin butts this way! We fucked the youngster like the dirtiest slut! Gaybang! We ended up all at one heap right in the middle of the bowling lane!!! Jizz was splashing everywhere and the poor girlfriend was there to see it all! The only thing you need is money, never mind sexual preferences! Check it out!

Russian army Dudes Taking shower

Nude Sportsmen and Soldiers Amateur Videos


In perfect Dante Colle fashion, Charles gets blessed with not only one of Dante’s hot loads, but two. We found out this was only Charles’ second time bottoming, and first time on camera! Lucky us 😉 We also learned that Charles gives the hottest, wettest blowjob we’ve ever seen…and he doesn’t forget the balls. It took Dante a little easing to get it in, but once it was, and Charles’ hole was tightly wrapped around his bare cock, he loved it. Dante pumped out his first load while plowing Charles doggy style, then threw him on the bed to fuck another out while making Charles blow his huge load all over the place! Talk about an intense fuck that leaves these two studs exhausted and satisfied.

TIM FUCK – Chance Adler, Alejandro Vez & Parker Allen

Chance Adler gets both ends stuffed full of cock by Alejandro Vez and Parker Allen. They fuck this guy sideways! Drilling him ’til they cant hold back — dumping their loads deep up his beefy ass.

Bait: Fernando Straight: Peter

Latin hunk Fernando Del Rio is back and hairer than ever! And, he’s also made up his mind that he now prefers men over women! Fernando is hot, ripped, and he’s packin’ a fat uncut cock that he hopes to put to good use on a straight guy.
This week’s straight guy is Peter. Peter is from Austin Texas and is currently single because he works too much and doesn’t have time to date. So, he’s here to make more money and finally get his rocks off. This blue-eyed hunk is also packing a fat uncut cock and he’s hoping to put it to good use on a hot chick!
After stripping down and getting hard, Caruso tells Fernando and Peter that the girl can’t make it… But, if everyone wants to get paid today, then they’ll have to have sex with each other. To Caruso’s surprise, Peter said he’ll do it as long as it feels good. And with that, Fernando went right to work on Peter’s throbbing cock

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A Regular Whores Out His Teenage Co-Worker

One of my regulars and I had a regularly scheduled appointment, and I got a room to make it more convenient. Last minute he texted me and asked if he could bring a friend that he worked with. You see, even rentboys sometimes have day jobs. When he told me that, though, I was actually surprised that he worked anywhere. I guess I had never asked. I usually just have one on one sessions, and i wasn’t so sure about the idea. He told me the guy was a highschooler who was on the football team, and needed money to fix up his truck. Well, the first thing that went through my head was how the fuck did that conversation come about? I guess when these guys roll one up, they’ll talk about just about anything! The world sure has changed since I was their age. The second thing that popped into my mind was that this guy was gonna be a train wreck. When I think high school football players, I think slightly chubby and very pimply. So in my head I had a vision of some dumb hick with a jacked up piece of shit truck, a small dick, and even smaller brain.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when I opened the motel door. My regular was standing there with a fucking Adonis. Seriously one of the best looking dudes I’ve had the opportunity to meet. I was really happy I had set up the cams, because for a while there I had been debating not doing it. The 18 year old stud was beautiful, but as nervous as a cat at a dog park. Nevertheless, he was keen to project a confident attitude, and he got naked real quick. I guess spending a lot of time in a locker room makes you less ashamed about stripping down like that. He said he’d never done anything with a guy except getting sucked off at a party once. I believed him. I’m surprised he didn’t punch that guy.

We ended up having quite the fun little three way. Sexy had problems getting hard – I’m sure that was because of his nerves – so I told him to grab his phone and watch some porn. That helped a lot, and while he was watching some girl get banged, I was banging my regular. Soon enough, Stud Muffin was paying more attention to me fucking his co-worker than to his phone. Not only that he said he was gonna nut! I grabbed his cock and finished him off while I was barebacking the other one. I was a little disappointed that he came so soon, and I wanted to get the best value out of the encounter that I could, so I turned Varsity’s attention to my cock. He jerked me off and then sucked on my dick. I was a bit taken aback that he did that without much of a fuss. It’s great to know that not only is my dick the first that’s ever been in his mouth, but I got it on camera, too! Ha! Well, after they had both cum I wanted to get off, and they were both rubbing on my cock and balls. I whispered into the new guy’s ear that I’d toss him a little more if he’d take my load. Then since his face was so close, we started making out. Sure enough, when I was on the verge, he went right down on my cock and swallowed my load!

As they got dressed, I was sorry the encounter hadn’t lasted like five more hours, but we all have things to do, and I certainly understand that. I did make sure to get Heisman’s digits. This is one whore that I definitely don’t want to lose track of!

Dirty Scout 81

Since the moment this handsome guy entered the room, my cock started getting harder and harder. He came to Prague to follow his dream of becoming a branch manager. He was smart enough and had adequate education, he just lacked experience. At that time he  worked as a fitness instructor, fitness was his greatest hobby. Judging by his incredible body, he knew what he was doing. That’s why I offered him a fitness coach job at a very prestigious hotel in Prague. He was thrilled. Making huge money out of his hobby? Who wouldn’t be thrilled? The boy was also quite greedy. He refused to pay our mediation fee right away and started asking about ways around it. Sure, I knew a few “unorthodox” ways…

Latino Straight Hunk with Big Dick

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Small Guy Gets Two Big, Fat Dicks To Ride & A Face-Load Of Jizz! HD

He’s never been the greatest party animal in town, so it’s perhaps not that big a surprise to see Jaro Stone taking a little bit of umbrage when his house-buddies (Lucas Drake and Johnathan Strake) arrive home late one evening having very clearly had one or two drinks. However, whilst they may be a little bit inebriated they’re still both as sexy as fuck – something a guy like Stone has never been able to resist! As a result, the three mates are quickly smooching away like a trio of over-sexed hog-whores; and before you know it Stone is stark-bollock naked with Strake feasting off his dick and Drake rimming his arguably under-used ass-hole. It all serves as a tasty appetiser for the main action to come, which centres very much on the diminutive Strake, whose own little pucker has never been reticent when it comes to action – and who once again proves his worth as a power-bottom when confronted by the sight of two beautiful cocks in full rut! Suffice it to say that the horny fucker takes everything that Drake and Stone can throw at him; with Drake taking time out to enjoy some of the action for himself when the three lads join up for a daisy-chain fuck-fest. But there’s absolutely no doubting the highlight of this terrific escapade – the unbelievably hot sight of Strake plonking himself down on the combined lengths of both his buddies’ dicks and riding them like the totally uncontrolled slut that he is. In his excitement, he quite literally spurts like a geyser all over himself; before taking a face-load of spunk for a finale. In short, a blistering, jizz-inducing wank-fest!

Sauna The Dead – A Fairy Tale – NakedSword Film Works

When a horny homo named Jacob visits a local gay sauna, he finds the other visitors less than appealing and turns down guy after guy. But after a zombie outbreak starts turning them into zombies, Jacob must team up with one of the men he’s rejected and find a way to escape before it’s too late. Director and star Tom Frederic’s award-winning short combines elements of two very different types of horror tales – Night Of The Living Dead and A Christmas Carol – to create a brilliant, scary and very sexy exploration of the often predatory nature of cruising which offers a way for gay men can break that cycle. You might think twice after visiting your local bathhouse after watching…

Abandoned Part 4 – TRAILER- Jaxton Wheeler | Cody Smith | Max Wilde | Pierce Hartman – BROMO

In this over the top series finale, Jaxton Wheeler’s sexual appetite reaches a fever pitch. With all his boys gathered in one place, these dickmatized hotties create a tower of ass for his pure pleasure, causing Jaxton to unleash his power like you’ve never seen before. This raw fuckathon will leave you panting for more!

Our country surfer Brandon was bucking to hook up with Colt the entire weekend. When Colt walked into the house that first day, you could just about see Brandon’s cock grow in his pants. Brandon said that he would do anything to get a chance to taste Colt’s cock. Sometimes you have to be careful what you with for and then again there are other times when you are in for the time of your life. Brandon said that he would do anything so we let him know that if he wanted to taste it then he was going to have to give up his hole. It didn’t take much convincing so we all marched into the bedroom and let Brandon take over. Brandon worshiped Colt’s perfectly ripped body with his hands and mouth taking Colt to the point of no return. Brandon kept his promise and backed off with his mouth and threw his ass in the air for Colt’s taking. Colt took Brandon’s ass every which way from Sunday starting with a deep doggie pounding turning Brandon into an instant pillow biter. Colt fucked like a straight boy with a big cock using Brandon’s hole like a pussy. Colt pulled out and relieved himself all over Brandon’s golden skin.

Brock’s first happy-ending massage from a guy

After his solo shoot, Brock had asked about what else he could do to make some money. As comfortable in his skin as he is, I wasn’t too sure how well he’d take to the idea of getting a happy-ending rub down from a guy. A few weeks went by before he decided that a wad of cash was worth the mental leap he’d be taking.

“I had think about it, but I’ve gotten one in the past before,” he explained, “so I thought, why not?”

When he lay face down on the massage table, I’d barely started rubbing down his back before the mushroom head of his cock had swollen to a thick bulb poking out from between his legs.

Flipping over onto his back, Brock made quiet, appreciative noises while my hands moved across his chest and down to tease his dick with close passes that got him rock hard. He’s got handful, for sure – it’s one of the thickest I’ve ever wrapped my hands around.

I slowly started ramping up the pace of stroking him, and Brock fell right into the rhythm, thrusting his hips into my hands as his breathing got heavier and heavier. It took a minute to bring him up the edge, but it was worth every second watching his intensity build. And when he got there, the cumshot was amazing, with two huge squirts that flew clear over his shoulder and landed on the floor behind him!

Hot Muscled Hunk Cumming on Video

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Hard To Swallow: Chuck Returns

The series may be called Hard To Swallow, but Chuck is easy on the eyes. After a few months of hard work in the gym, this guy has transformed his body into chiseled, grade A beef. Check out his earlier visit in this same series and you might just be surprised. His green eyes and Southern charm can’t hide a dirty mind. Lucky for us, he doesn’t want to hide anything! Like a snake charmer in the travelling circus, Chuck wakes a sleeping giant with a few smooth strokes. Brendon does some ‘now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t’ with Chuck’s un-cut dick and Wham-O, this dude sprays his load.


This dude likes to dress like a homo. So I fucked his girlfriend and showed him the video. Buddy started crying. haha we bent his bitch ass over and made another video. Spit roasted em.. haha can’t wait to send the vid to his girl!

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