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Horny Teen Boy Playing with Dildo

A Good Start Makes A Good Ending

We’ve always had the philosophy that a good start makes a good ending. This applies to recovery as well as other simpler things in life. When this dumb ass newbie showed up at the House, we decided that he’d better have a very good beginning to his stay. During intake, I took it upon myself to ensure that he knew not only all the rules, but our more nuanced culture. Some might call this predatory, but this isn’t Hollywood or D.C., this is the real world, and little fucks like this guy need to be put in their place the first time you meet them, otherwise they will always keep trying to push your buttons. Needless to say, this guy’s button got pushed first.

Not surprisingly, he did exactly what he was told to do, starting with going down on my hard cock without hardly flinching. I could tell he’d probably done it once or twice before, probably in exchange for something illicit. However, he wasn’t the best at it, so I’m guessing he usually didn’t need to resort to cock sucking every time he was jonesing. I made sure to fuck his face pretty good, though, and his cock sucking tears were definitely welling up in his eyes. When I walked back a few steps, I think that he thought it was over, but it was far from over. Once he was on the bed, legs up, fingering that tight virgin asshole, it began to dawn on him what actually laid in store.

Now, some guys are easier to crack open than others, but I would say this guy was about in the middle. He was definitely tight, and I could tell it was very uncomfortable by the screams and groans. That said, after not too long I was fucking him pretty damn deep. I got him in a number of positions, too. Riding wasn’t the easiest for him, but he has strong legs and he made a good go of it. Once I had him on his side, it was pretty much smooth sailing. The feeling of his raw jock hole when my dick was sliding in and out of it was fantastic. He is a hot guy, and fucking him was very pleasurable. I definitely dumped a big load on his hole, and even though he though I was finished, I shoved my dick back in him as deep as I could. Now that’s a good ending.

 Logan Jacobs is down for the count and up for some fun! This slumbering sucker made for a good creeping.

Czech Hunter 328

Cute Recruit Gets A Probing Examination & An Arse-Load Of Jizz!

It’s a formula that’s almost as old as porn itself, but there’s still no denying that the notion of a medical inspection that turns into something way more intimate and probing than would ever be the case in reality still holds real traction – not least of all when the characters involved are as utterly desirable as Johnathan Strake and Boris Lang. Add in the military slant to proceedings and you have all the makings of a real classic! Strake is the young whippersnapper of a soldier whose arse is about to get solidly plundered, Lang the inquisitive medic who just can’t wait to give his patient a very thorough prostate examination; and odds are that you’ll be straining in the crotch long before all professionalism between this handsome pairing is promptly dispatched to one side. Indeed, it’s almost with an air of relief that Strake finally reaches into the doctor’s trousers in order to air Lang’s delicious beauty; which immediately sees both fellows taking it in turns to devour each other’s aching ramrods for our entertainment. Of course, Lang’s toned physique and Strake’s comparatively skinny build make it pretty obvious how things are all set to play out between these buddies; and so it very quickly proves, with the heavily-armed Lang bashing into the cute pup’s pucker over the examination couch. But it’s the young lad’s ensuing violation down on the floor that warrants highest acclaim; with the doctor marking his claim on the twink’s rump with a top-notch anal whitewash, before Strake finishes things off by jumping onto still-throbbing shaft to secure an explosive blast all of his own!

Paris Perfect Episode 2 “An American In Francois” – NakedSword Originals

Dumped and disillusioned with San Francisco, Colton Grey convinces his best friend Johnny V to join him on an all-expense paid trip to Paris. Fourteen hours later the young Americans land only to discover that the card Colton swiped from his Ex can’t be used to rent a hotel room. While Johnny cruises Grindr, Colton tries to figure out what to do next, and “voila” his problem is solved! A handsome Driver/Valet (Theo Ford) approaches Colton and addresses him as “Mr. Ferrand,” explaining that his limo is waiting to take them to his Penthouse. Ready for anything, Colton plays along, promising to text Johnny the address so Johnny can go make his first French connection. Using his phone to navigate the twisted streets of Paris, Johnny finds his trick’s apartment. The door opens and SCORE! The guy (Francois Sagat) is even hotter than his pic. In minutes they are naked, tongues exploring ripped abs and thick cocks. After a furious flip-flop-fuck Johnny returns to the foreign streets only to have a French thug race by and swipe his phone right out of his hands, leaving him lost and stranded. Merde!

Ondra, 21 y.o., he’s from Moravia, student. A modest tough guy with a great sense of humor.

Ondra spends a lot of time working out and doing Muai Thai. He likes cars and has a girlfriend that loves to watch him have sex with guys, so he’s really lucky and happy about his relationship. Having so much support, it’s no wonder he enjoyed himself so much at our casting. Seeing someone so nice and so open is wonderful and we hope to bring you more fresh faces like Ondra in the near future. Check him out!

Squirting Cum In The Sun – Xavier Sibley

We would all love to be there to help him out with that rock hard throbbing boner!

Blake & Dillan: Bareback

Dillan and Blake brought out each other’s inner goofball in a friendly competition of who can deep throat the furthest…using bananas, of course! It’s all about the angle, “I think that angle was actually helping me.” Blake clearly knows his stuff, so Dillan had to try him out with his big dick to see for himself! Verdict? Blake can deep throat like a champion, among other things…but we already knew that.


Stepdad Dolf and sexy teen Troy steal away to a hotel to escape problems at home with Troy’s dad, and Troy confesses that he’s always had a secret crush on the hung older man he now calls Dad. With no one around to witness their sin, the two indulge in a forbidden tryst and finally explore each other’s hot, hard cocks and tight assholes.


On a recent trip to Brazil Rocco fit in some quality time with a fresh new model. And Rodrigo, a cute little Paulista, made some room in his stretchy hole to fit Rocco’s daddy cock. What a hot pairing!

Bait: Lex Sabre; Bait: Connor Mason

Many of you already know Connor Mason from or from one of his other videos since the launch of his porn career. Well, he’s here again and we couldn’t be happier to have him back!
Caruso decided to switch things up a bit and let Connor pick the top porn model that he would want to have sex with. So, after thinking long and hard about it, Connor picked Lex Sabre!
Lex has been in the porn industry for a while now and for a good reason. Not only is Lex as hot as hell, but he has the most gorgeous 8.5 inch uncut Latin cock! His dick is pretty amazing and many people get to jack of to him every day but, this time Connor is going to get the real thing and he can barely contain himself. 
Since there’s no set up this time, Caruso lets the guys get down to business! And, by the end of the scene, both guys are dripping in jizz!

Pissing Guy Public – Toilet Spy Cam Video

Hidden Cams in Toilets, Showers and Lockers Rooms

Kyle Moon & Justin Case

Kyle Moon sucks and swallows Justin Case’s fat tool before his hole is stretched, stuffed, and slathered in semen!

Dirty Scout 109

A very competent and intelligent young man came to my office to search for a new job. He left his last work because of constant arguments with his supervisor. He used to work at a car assembly line as a team leader so I had to offer him something interesting. He was not some stupid desperate teenager from some poor shithole. He would get a job elsewhere in no time. I had to impress him to even have a chance of getting in his nice tight pants. I had a few attractive positions up in my sleeve and a handful of money in my pocket. And a growing boner in my underwear. When he took off his clothes, I could barely control myself. I couldn’t wait to put my dick in his tight muscular ass. I had to give him all my money. Seems that I will need a pay rise soon.

Boys Smoking – PJ & Michael – PJ & Michael

Smooth Euro twink Michael lights up with buff top PJ…the two take turns swapping smoke, swapping head, and then PJ flips Michael onto his knees for a deep fuckin! He even lights a new cigarette WHILE pounding Michael’s hole! These two smoke like chimneys and their smoke sex is HOT!


This is by no means like our usual solos. Quentin takes the reigns and shows all the new recruits out their how to pull off a solo the proper vet way. He begins by showing off his rock solid body. He has spent countless hours in the gym working on his physique and it looks like perfection. Quentin shows off his freshly shaved ass by spreading his pink tight hole for us to see just how great of a job he has done and it looks amazing. He starts to play with his cock and balls slowly building up his throbbing dick. Once his cock is hard he strokes every inch of it while he grabs his balls tight tugging on them. He bends over and strokes his hard cock from the back while rubbing his hole with a finger and slowly pushing it in his ass getting ready for some toys. Quentin reveals a nice big dildo and a butt plug in the shape of a cone. He sticks the dildo in his mouth wrapping his lips around it sucking every inch of it while staring directly at the camera. He slowly eases himself down on the thick butt plug and once it’s in he starts to ride it while jacking his cock and sucking on the dildo. You can see Quentin enjoying himself and hearing the pleasure he is having with these amazing toys that he chose. After a few more strokes and the cone buried deep in his ass he cums all over the chair and the smile on his face is priceless. He may have nutted but the fun keeps going as Quentin invites us to take a shower with him as the scene comes to an end. Enjoy!

Gutterpup Turned Out And Creamed

Bo Connor and Ian Odell are two great guys that I had the pleasure to meet recently. One is straight but kinky as fuck, and the other is “straight-ish.” Well, it could just be that they are so young and still trying to figure things out, who knows? What I did want to do was to turn them both out as gay sex-crazed nymphos. It didn’t take too much convincing, either. At any rate, the results are hot!

Bo and Ian begin making out, and you can tell there is some sexual tension in the air. By the time they are sucking dick, it’s almost like they are trying to out-do one another. Since they both have rock hard cocks and love the money, I also had them each fuck the other. Ian I had pegged for a total bottom boy at first, but this guy knows how to fuck! I was pretty pleased about that, although Bo wasn’t as happy with having his hole blown out like that, haha! By the time Ian is done with him, his ass looks like a summer carnation. But luckily for Bo, he gets to have his revenge, and he fucks good, too. Bo fucks the cum right out of Ian and then keeps fucking him until he gets his nut, too. Not too bad for two supposedly straight guys.


My roomie ass was getting pounded in the bedroom when I heard a knock on the door. It was the first time I’d stepped outside in days. Some hot young studs were talking about a dude named Jesus coming over later. They didn’t stick around long. I would have loved to suck on their teenage cocks. Bet they got plenty of big loads.

Debt Dandy 218

I put some nice new advertisement on the internet and it’s really working. This boy had seen the ad and decided to solve his lack of cash by getting a loan from me. His departed grandfather left him an apartment that was undergoing renovation. Our poor boy couldn’t afford to finish it. Being without manual skills he had to hire workers, which is never cheap. I was asked to lend him 35 000. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but the boy was unemployed and living off benefits. So, not exactly a trustworthy client. I wasn’t going to lend him a single Crown. He was cute enough to work it off. His slim body and innocent face were too tempting. I knew that 35 000 was too much even for him but what the hell! I have birthday next week, so I considered his hairy ass a little gift…

Hooded Bottom Gets His Hole Used – Kris Blent & Mickey Taylor

Kris is naked, roped up and hooded, ready for dominant boy Mickey to fill with dick!

Gay Sucking and Fucking HD Videos

Coke Bottle into Ass in Public

Public Sex Boys Videos

Senior Takes Load To Pay For Prom

I don’t usually fuck around with guys who are still in school, but this 18 year old had already moved out and was trying to be self-sufficient. What better candidate for some help? I liked him from the minute we started talking. He has an “aww shucks” manner and is quite polite. He even showed up with a tie on! Now that is truly special. A lot of these guys have absolutely no sense of customer service, but this one is different: he really aims to please.

Please he did! I helped him get his shirt off, and made sure to gently rub his young smooth body as he got undressed. He was nervous as hell, but he tried to hide it. He was definitely more comfortable once we started sucking each other off, but I knew he was golden once I had my tongue in his ass. I wish I could somehow get some closeups with these cams, because his beautiful pink hole was something else. It looked good, and it tasted even better. He loved every second of me rimming him, and I knew that would make for some good fucking.

Since he was new and inexperienced, I went easy on him when I first stuck my dick in, but it didn’t take him long to loosen up. And once I was fucking him he got into making out, which I thought was cute. He is so fresh that he hasn’t gotten jaded yet. That’s the best kind of slut.

I fucked him in several positions and he was rock hard the entire time. When I had him on his side and I was pounding him from behind, he busted a huge load. It didn’t take long after that until I dumped my entire nut deep inside his senior asshole. I was wondering whether he’d be sitting in class the next day with his hole still throbbing from the pounding, Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? At least he’s going to be able to take his girl to prom, and that’s all that really matters. That and the fact that I was able to have a few minutes of fun with a nice young stud like him.

Debt Dandy 211

This boy was very lucky. He found a girl he loved, she was hard working and her mother let them stay at a flat she owned. Starting a family is not easy but his rich and hard working girlfriend made it easier. Still, our boy managed to screw things up. They both put their money together to furnish the new home. The boy had some debts she didn’t know about and they were coming due. So he simply used part of their money. He dodged one problem only to get into more serious one. He was even afraid about ending homeless. That’s how much he was scared of his girlfriend’s reaction. I could hardly ask for more. Scared boys are so easy to manipulate. The decision wasn’t easy for him, I could tell that from the moment I made him my usual proposition.

Guyspotting Episode 3: “FUK’D” – NakedSword Originals

Mickey Taylor & Gabriel Phoenix Kayden Gray finally picks up his phone and Mickey Taylor is in a mood. They agree to meet for drinks on Canal Street and Kayden adds he is brining his totally fuckable friend Gabriel Phoenix. As soon as they hit the pub Kayden yells SHOTS! and it’s the train goes off the tracks fast. Before you know it all three of them are Fuck’d up. Kayden pushes his friends’ faces together and they go hard, barely noticing that Kayden slips away to hookup with a fuck buddy. Gabriel’s defined, hairy body and trimmed beard are the perfect compliment to Mickey’s smooth tattoos and boyish good looks. They suck and fuck in a private room upstairs at the bar but something happens afterwards. Rather than part ways they decide to grab a bite – this could me more than sex – it might be love. Now they’re really fuck’d.


Will, Michael Christopher, Marc Hamilton, Buck Fuddy, Roman Pearce, Maverick Reynolds, Slick, Ross X


Time to make some money! Rent don’t pay itself? We gotta update the site. College ain’t cheap. This week Junior is getting fucked. Im tagging that ass good. Cause he fucked me hard last week! What’s up now bitch?!

ELEMENTS – SCENE: Felix Strike & Joey Sommers

Joey Sommers nurses on Felix Strikes’ fat uncut cock with a series of deep hungry gulps. He gets his face fucked and throat bred.


Rocco travelled to World Pride in Madrid earlier this year, and he took the time to brush up on a little Spanish. A hot little Spanish pup, that is. Rafa Marco fought through the pain as his hole stretched for Rocco’s grande cock. That cock doesn’t come through Spain that often and Rafa was going to prove he could take it like a champ.


Czech Gay Casting: Michal “Miky” from Prague, 26 y.o., erotica model and dancer, a well muscled hunk with a calm and happy personality…

Michal enjoys bodybuilding (I bet people can sure see and feel that) and he even tried doing some MMA fighting. He also played football and does musado. He openly admits he’s a metrosexual, which means he takes very good care of his body and image. Doing erotica runs in the family, so he has as much support at home as a young actor could wish for. And his confidence really shows when you see him in action!

Hard To Swallow: Hamilton Cums Again

Slim, toned and eminently sweet, Hamilton is one of the most sensitive straight guys you’ll meet. His Hazel eyes and dark hair are set off by the twinkle from his silver tooth. He’s a furniture maker and sculptor by trade, but Brendon has cultivated a friendship with the guy and provided some interesting afternoons of laid back sex play. In fact Hamilton enjoys anal probing… but on his terms. Watch as he inserts a vibrating black toy slowly into his hairy ass. The vibrations push him to another level of pleasure and he strokes his rock hard cock till he has one of the biggest cum gushers we’ve seen in a long time. This scene is testament to Brendon’s mastery of the straight seduction; safe, comfortable and orgasm driven! Guys return time and time again to put themselves in his capable hands.

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