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C.U.M. – Eric Videos

Huge loads. Down your throat. Pounded into your ass. All over your face. The spice that makes raw sex crazy hot is cum. C.U.M. is a collection of scenes that will make you shoot all over your screen or into a bud. The first scene features Teddy getting filled from a nuts-filled blue ballin’ hot top. The last scene features Alex who invites all his piggy fuck buddies over and he skulls a cup of their cum. There is so much cum on this DVD you won’t be able to control yours!

Swamp Rat Pounding

It doesn’t happen too often, but on occasion a guy will run away. Well, most of them just leave, not technically run away, because a lot of guys are here of their own volition, and if they want to leave, they can. But a lot of the guys are here because it’s a condition of their probation or parole. Now, on the one hand, it’s not too much of our business if they bolt. After all, there are a lot of guys looking for beds, and we’re not law enforcement, after all. On the other hand, especially with the hard-up cases, it makes sense to go get them if they get themselves in a pickle. After all, we’re here to help, right?

This swamp rat was one of the guys who was ordered into a home, and at the precious age of 18 has already seen a lot of institutionalization in his life. However, he’s used to running away whenever he feels like it, and the consequences used to be a slap on the wrist, and maybe some extra dish or laundry chores. When I heard he had bolted, I probably should have just called his P.O., but I called a few informant type friends and figured out where he had gone. He ended up about 5 hours out of town, which required a long drive and a motel stay. I didn’t mind that too much, since I figured I’d at least get my dick wet from this little swamp rat. Sure enough, I got all that and more.

He was nervous as fuck when I put my hand on his shoulder and started rubbing my crotch, because it wasn’t up until that point that he had figured out what the game is. He figured out pretty damn, quick, though. And given his history life on the streets, he was pretty much compliant This guy had sucked a dick or two in his life in order to get a favor, that’s for sure. He’s such a little fella’, I couldn’t believe my cock even went into his mouth, but he gave it a good try, and his cock sucking wasn’t too bad for a little straight boy. His ass, though, that was a whole different ball of wax. Faced with a thick dick, and when he realized I was gonna fuck him before the night was over, he didn’t seem to be too upset. I think he’s used to life throwing him curve balls. So I mad him lube up my cock, and then I held his skinny ankles as I shove my cock inside of him. It was tight, but not so tight that I couldn’t get a groove going. And after a few minutes he was gaped-out and ready to pound. Hell, he even rode me for a while, and that felt so good I almost nutted inside of him right then and there. I held back, though, because I really wanted him on his stomach so that I could get a better view of my dick sliding into his little teenage butthole. Sure enough, I was able to get to pounding pretty easily. After I had gotten my fill, I released a big nut right onto his blown out love canal, and then I just kept going for a while. I made him show me his jizz covered asshole when I was finally through. For a swamp rat from the boonies, he actually looked pretty good as a spooge canvas.

Big Dicked Hunk Showing Off in the Shower

Amateur College Boys Video

The Stillest Hour – Cockyboys

From award winning director Jake Jaxson comes a twisted new take on the psycho-sexual thriller genre featuring the star power of Colby Keller, Levi Karter, and pop culture icon Will Wikle in his porn debut. When a straight-laced psychotherapist takes on an attractive new client with a free spirited yet artistically haunted lifestyle, his good will and professionalism are tested when the man begins unloading his anxieties over a boy who appears to be stalking him.

Wearing Out A Hot Young Slut Ass

Bo Connor and Dalton Kramer are both teenage sluts, in their own way, but to tell you the truth, they couldn’t be more different. Dalton is 18 and Bo 19, but Dalton is a bit of a hayseed, and still a bit uptight about man-sex. Bo, on the other hand, is a total freak who doesn’t mind some heavy butt play. Since Dalton has a big cock, I figured that he and I could have some fun with Bo – and put him to the test.

They definitely got along well enough, as they were both interested in each other’s tattoos and such, and when I asked them to make out with each other it didn’t take a split second for them to begin. Even though they both profess to being “bi” at best, by the way they were sucking each other off, I was a bit skeptical. I was even more blown away by Dalton’s ass-eating skills. It’s not too often you find a nominally “straight” 18 year old who will happily tongue another dude’s hole, but Dalton seemed to be all about it. That said, Bo DOES have a nice clean, pink, attractive hole. My goal for the day, however, was to blow it out a little, with the help of Dalton.

When the fucking commenced, I could tell Bo was definitely going to be tired by the time we were all finished. Dalton’s manner of fucking is definitely jack-hammer style, and as he was warming Bo up to his thick schlong, Bo was running from him (to the point that Bo was leaned clear over the chair almost doing a head stand!)

In addition, Bo was screaming a lot, so I shoved my dick in his mouth so as not to freak out the neighbors. Dalton and I alternately took turns using Bo’s mouth and ass, and then Dalton got Bo on the coffee table and really went to town. Bo was shouting like a banshee with each of Dalton’s thrusts, and it was so fucking hot I had pre-cum dripping like a faucet off of my cock.

Since Dalton is a bit new to being on camera, he was having trouble nutting that day, so I let him watch some of his favorite porn on his phone to get close, and while he was doing that, I fucked Bo’s hole some more. By this time, Bo was sore as fuck, so I took it easy. When Dalton was ready, though, Bo sprang back into action, gobbling up that teenboy jizz just before seconds later I came in his hole. After felching out my own cum, Bo still hadn’t stopped stroking Dalton semi-flaccid cock. This bitch just can’t get enough! And that is why I like him so much.

Czech Hunter 355

Prague had been like a furnace these days. That’s why a wanted to cool off somewhere near the river. I went to main outdoor swimming area in Prague and looked for boys. The place was packed with people so I had to look carefully. I noticed a shy looking guy lying on the grass and decided to spend a nice afternoon with him. He was surprised but not strictly against the idea. He was broke and my money would help him a lot. I wanted to do something different this time so I rented us a motorboat. I was looking forward to some nice river action. The boys was really shy and was scared by people. I couldn’t understand why, his cock was definitely something to be proud of. We fooled around a bit but eventually the boat was simply too unstable for what was coming next.

Hungry For Moore – Falcon Studios

Two Moore’s are better than one. Logan Moore and Josh Moore are mega-hot studs, desired by many, who all love to help them fulfill their needs. It’s time for Logan and Josh to open up and give the guys who are ‘Hungry for Moore’ everything they’ve ever wanted and ‘Moore’. Josh Moore is lounging poolside in a daybed when Wesley Woods wakes him up for some hot, passionate fucking. After an impromptu wresting match in bed, Josh Moore mounts up and stretches Logan Moore’s tight ass. Logan and Josh switch it up and flip fuck several times before Logan ends his time covered with a giant facial from Josh. Logan joins some new action when he finds Brent Corrigan sucking Samuel Stone’s dick. Samuel opens up and gets fucked by Brent and Logan until Logan assumes his position under the studs, and they tag team Logan to the finish line. When Gabriel Cross comes knocking on Logan’s door, Logan knows just what the young stud needs. Without wasting time, Logan offers up his hard dick and lets Gabriel savor every inch until both studs erupt in a flood of cum that leaves Gabriel licking his lips. Tyler Roberts and Samuel Stone are enjoying a romantic evening with champagne and strawberries. Tyler gets creative with the food before he slides his extra-wide dick into Samuel’s tight hole and pumps him until he erupts on Samuel’s parted lips. Logan’s in the kitchen whipping up a surprise desert for Jason Vario who has just gotten home from work. Jason thanks Logan with a kiss and soon has his dick planted firmly in Logan’s tight ass. The studs fuck long and deep until they both get the release they deserve by drenching Logan’s body with cum. Logan and Josh are always ready for ‘Moore’ men and it seems the guys can’t get enough of them either. The studs are practically lining up for Logan as they satisfy their cravings of being ‘Hungry for Moore’.

Triple Trouble As Dirty Blond Gets Two Dicks Up His Ass At Once! HD

Life would be pretty bland without variety, that’s for sure; so it’s perhaps little wonder that Joel Tamir and Vittorio Vega like mixing it up with rookie STAXUS lad, Beno Eker. Sometimes Tamir cops off with Eker, sometimes Vega enjoys the fresh-faced boy himself; and sometimes the three of them get together for the kind of spunk-inducing trio session that’s chronicled here. Given the lads’ positioning at the start of the action, it doesn’t take a detective to ascertain that it’s Tamir who’s destined to be the centre of attention; but first both he and his best mate, Vega, want to get to know new boy, Eker, and (more specifically) the rather handsome ramrod and lovely pair of low-hangers that he has stashed inside his pants. Cue a deliciously sexy romp on the sofa that sees Eker getting his knob and sac slobbered over by his two mega-horny buddies; before Tamir and Vega enjoy a rigorous top-and-tail blowjob, whilst Eker uses his tongue to juice up Tamir’s arsehole with his tongue in anticipation of the hardcore fuck to come. From which point onwards Tamir’s hungry little pucker serves very much as the focus of the action; riding the new guy’s shaft cowboy-style whilst Vega sucks him off, before finally sitting on both his buddies at the same time for the kind of unlimited, two-dicked fuck-fest that dreams are made of. Indeed, if the sight of a young twink getting his rump stretched to the max by a pair of thick, throbbing shafts is your kind of entertainment then you’re in for a treat; topped off by a cascade of pent-up goo to make this a top notch scene to remember!

Dirty Scout 132

This young man used to have truly admirable jobs in the past. He worked at a nursing home for elderly people and then he took care of children from poor families. He tried to get a job abroad but failed miserably. It had to be pretty bad since he refused to talk about it. Now he wanted a new job in which he would be able to put his skills in good use. I had something really special for him. He would work at at summer camps that took place abroad. Who wouldn’t like free vacation as a full-time job? He was thrilled but couldn’t afford our fee. I’m sure he wanted the job really badly because it wasn’t too hard to get him out of his clothes. Now he had to decide how much money he wanted to make on the side. My offers were generous but the boy had to work hard.

TIM FUCK – August Andrews & Sir Jetv

Andrew August pounds his dick into Sir Jet’s big juicy bubble butt, leaving his once tight hole pummeled and filled with cum!

When Big Daddy Is Gone: The Cum Dump – Big Daddy’s Big Media

Scott Riley and his Big Daddy are curled up on the bed for the evening watching some TV and discussing their day when Tyler Reed gets a phone call from his production manager that there is a problem with one of the models. Since he is the only one that can set things straight with this high maintenance models he must leave for a little bit. Scott doesn’t want him to go because he was hoping to get his seed but as soon as Tyler walks out the door, Scott is on the phone with his old slut buddy Mason Lear. He convinces him to come over on the down low and breed his phat boy butt and Mason finally gives in. Mason comes over and power fucks his slut hole good and makes sure there is a good deposit before he leaves. Within moments of Mason leaving, Tyler walks in unaware his boy just got seeded. Scott begs his Big Daddy to seed him since it has been so long since he took a load!

Gambling Lads Land A Hot Penalty Of Hard Dick & Oodles Of Jizz! HD

Gambling can be a dangerous pastime – you should only ever gamble what you are prepared to lose. But it can also be wildly exciting, not least of all when the stakes are high and the adrenalin is pumping – something that Navon Raffi, Ron Negba and George Udall discover when they visit their local casino and place all their gambling chips against sexy croupier, Michal Tovi. Playing “all in” on the turn of a card, they quickly discover that the penalty for losing the bet is to join their host for a no-holds-barred suck-and-fuck-fest on a nearby sofa. Of course, their loss is most definitely our gain, as an almost mind-boggling array of sexual gymnastics ensure; with the lads pairing themselves up for a near-desperate display of fellatio, gobbling away on dick like their very lives depended on it! For poor newbie Udall, however, such brazen wantonness quickly proves too much; jerking himself to a premature climax, and leaving Negba and Raffi to turn their keen attention to Tovi’s pert little arsehole, which in this instance is has a clear craving for hard cock. So much so, in fact, that the horned-up croupier is soon sitting on both dicks on offer simultaneously for the kind of double-penetration mayhem that our fans simply cannot ever get enough of. Cue the delicious sight of the lad taking both hard, throbbing shafts like the dirty little slut he obviously is; savouring the doubled-up inches and pushing everyone towards a very sticky crescendo in the process. And with a somewhat inevitable tsunami of spunk to top the action off, we doubt there’ll be a dry cock-eye in the house as a result!

The Chosen Few: Episode 5 – “The Chosen One” – NakedSword Originals

Danny Gunn has been lusting after Alam Wernik ever since he arrived at the Moore estate. Always the tease, Alam hasn’t made it any easier but little does he know that Danny has a few charms of his own. When he catches Logan More and Alam getting it on outside on the patio he watches from the doorway, jerking on his own hard cock. Logan sees the horny young stud and invites him to join. Before he knows it, he is on his knees worshiping both Alam’s and Logan’s hard cocks. It’s all just foreplay for Logan who wants to fuck these fine young holes deep. He puts Danny and Alam next to each other ass up and moves from one to the other, rimming them then fucking them, back and forth until he can’t take it. It’s time to put Danny in the middle so Logan and Alam can fuck both his holes. Logan shoots all over Danny’s torso while Alam feeds hi I’m his thick white load. Life is good when you’re the chosen one.

Debt Dandy 243

Life in the northern part of the Czech Republic was way too boring for this cutie. That’s why he decided to move to Prague and start a new life. He even brought his girlfriend with him. Unfortunately, our boy had a child with his ex-girlfriend so he had to pay alimony. Not to mention some other debts he managed to accumulate. He was not able to get any decent job over the six months he was in Prague… Now all those bad decisions caught up with him. Still he stayed optimistic and smiled all the time, which I just loved. My offers scared him a lot but he got over it and agreed to have a little fun. I’m sure he expected it to be a lot quicker and less painful. His ass was extremely tight and took a lot of stretching. It was hard-earned money.

Fridge-Raider Gets His Arse Banged To A Very Sticky Explosion! HD

Young Liam Stone has the munchies – that almost incurable urge to fill your body with totally unwholesome crap after you’re smoked a joint or had mindless sex – and heads (inevitably under such circumstances) for the fridge; but it’s clearly nothing compared to his insatiable desire to get his fill of meaty, uncut, throbbing cock. As such, any attempt by Stone to retrieve anything to eat is very quickly curtailed by the arrival of his horny buddy, Joel Tamir, who is soon provocatively grinding his body against him and smooching away like a dog on heat. It’s a very suggestive introduction to the action, that’s for sure; and it’ll surely come as no surprise to anyone that both lads soon have their dicks out and are taking it in turns to give each other the kind of hardcore fellatio that dreams – and hot porn! – are made of. For a guy of Stone’s calibre, however, even the allure of a blowjob to die for is nothing compared to the prospect of a no-holds-barred banging on the kitchen table; and within minutes he’s laid out on his back getting his pert little arsehole rimmed to high heaven in anticipation of the high octane sodomy that you just know is all set to take place. Indeed so it proves, with Tamir finally ploughing into his mate’s guts with top-notch gusto; and Stone acting the complete bitch as he rides that handsome schlong in a whole series of positions. It’s enough to push even the most hardened stalwart into stratospheric ecstasy; not least of all when both fellows call it a wrap by blurting the contents of their nads all over each other’s sweet, expectant faces!

Robbie & Deacon: Bareback

Deacon has a big muscular ass that makes all the boys go crazy, and Robbie wasn’t immune to its effects. He’s got more than one trick up his sleeve. “I’m pretty good at giving head,” said Deacon. Robbie’s eyes were wide open. After hanging out by the beach, they came back to the house where Deacon was eagerly awaiting Robbie’s long, uncut dick inside of him. “Is this my hole?” asked Robbie. “Take it!” urged Deacon.

TIM SUCK – Andy Arcade & Iggy

Andy’s fatty gets swallowed by Iggy’s hungry throat working up to a deep load-blowing moan. Andy then returns the favor eating up Iggy’s jizz.


Me and my bros were cruising campus. Just hanging out. Hitting on chicks. I recog-nized this one dude walking down the street. He fucked my girl at a mixer last week-end! So we dragged his ass into the house. Threw em on the bed and ripped his shorts off. The four of us went to town on his hole!! Lots of fun! 😛

Bait: Allen, Straight: Nicholas Ryder

Nicholas Ryder is this week’s straight guy and he loves having sex! He’s not just here to try to become a star, he’s here to get laid and he’s always wanted to do it in on a real set in a real studio. This guy has done a lot already, and even though he looks like he’s 25, he’s really 30. He’s says it’s the Italian in him and from keeping fit. Just wait until you see the ass on him! And, this stud has no problems with girls playing with his ass. He says he loves it!

Allen is our new bait guy from Orlando. Allen is hot, slim, and he has a really thick dick! Today, he’s hoping to put it to good use!

Once both guys stripped down and got their cocks hard, Caruso tells them that he’s going to go check on the female talent. He returns with bad news… As usual, the girl can’t make it and the only option for anyone to make money, is if both guys will have sex with each other. Allen thought about it for a bit and then he said he couldn’t resist the money. And, he decided that he would take it to another level by taking a ride on Allen’s thick dick!


We spent a long weekend with our angle-faced boy, Joey. We really got to know him and man did we crush on him and his delicious little hairy ass. As hard as we tried, we just couldn’t get enough of his sweet holes. We love Mikey’s willingness to share his deepest desires. We explored finger banging, dildo play, throat fucking, and nipple play. His eyes rolled back and he was in heaven. We had Joey moaning and gushing precum all over the place. We’re already planning his next visit with us.

TIM JACK – Justin Blake

Age: 32 Height: 6’0″ Weight: 160″ Cock: 8″ Uncut


My ass was getting pounded all day. This nine inch dude busted a couple times inside of me. I pushed it out and he fucked it back in. Nothing beats the feeling of a hot load getting fucked deep inside.

Czech Gay Amateurs

Amateur Videos with Czech Gay Boys

HD Videos with Hot Hung Hunks Fucking Sucking and Masturbating

Big Dicked Hunk Playing with his Huge Uncut Tool

Straight Boy Tag Team

Me and another House Manager who is a good buddy of mine confronted this dick wipe immediately after we found some contraband among his personal belongings. He’d gotten in trouble for a few minor things before, but never for something quite as serious. I didn’t really want to see him go, because although he is straight he has been putting out giving blowjobs pretty much whenever I wanted. However, this kind of thing can’t be tolerated, so we decided to go tag team on his ass.

He had a shit-eating grin on his face at first, but once he had a cock in his mouth and another cock in his hand, the smirk went away. We even stuffed both of our dicks in his mouth. It’s when he started to gag that I figured he was plenty unhappy enough. This resident has a high tolerance for pain, so we wanted to make sure that he got fucked real good. After treating his mouth to our dicks for a while, we progressed toward the barebacking. He knew what was coming and started loosening himself up. It didn’t help too much, though, because this mother fucker is tight. Like all holes, though, his loosened up after enough stretching. Once he was good to go, we took our turns pounding him. At one point I was ramming my cock completely in and all the way out again, and then in. Like a big brass pendulum on a grandfather clock.

Anyways, to make a long story short, when the spit-roasting was done we both bred his hole. The lazy fuck was walking around the House the rest of the day with an anal cavity greasy with two other dudes’ sperm.

 Czech Hunter 338

Cock-Sucking Slut Gets His Share Of Two Cum Hungry Fuckers! HD

If ever you doubted that Robin Rhea was the consummate cocksucker, then be prepared to have your reservations put very safely to bed courtesy of this two part escapade featuring hunky newbie, Eytan Zevi, and everyone’s favourite blond beauty, Bjorn Nykvist. To be fair, these two buddies actually seem to be in some kind of competition where Rhea’s oral skills are concerned – taking it in turns to be pleasured by their dick-slurping hero, and each ensuring that they take photographic evidence of the lad’s accomplishments on their phone. First up it’s dark-haired hunk, Zevi, whose nicely upturned shaft is soon getting all the attention it could ever desire from Rhea’s skilful mouth; before the fellow eagerly returns the tight-lipped favour, whilst also lapping at his mate’s hungry, hair-free pucker. It’s perhaps little wonder that Rhea is soon squirting a tasty wad of jizz all over the place as a result; but what may surprise a little more is the way the scene then quickly skips to the lad’s second call of duty, this time in the company of the eternally horny Nykvist. Once again, Rhea’s oral dexterity is very much on show; but on this occasion there’s the opportunity to demonstrate that he isn’t just a one trick pony. Indeed, first chance he gets and he’s burying his gorgeously meaty ramrod balls-deep into his blond bud’s fuck-hole; marking the start of a tremendous set-piece that will almost certainly have you wanking like fury. All of which culminates in one of the gooiest displays of cum-in-arse we’ve ever seen, with the spunk literally dripping out of Nykvist’s well-worn ass!

Pool Mates: Scene 2 “Arad Winwin & Brad Payton” – NakedSword Originals

Arad Winwin calls up his favorite boy toy, Brad Payton and entices him with a swim. It’s not long before Brad is enticed by the bulge growing in Arad’s speedo. Brad blows him then climbs out of the pool so Arad can eat his hot, tight pink hole. The deep-tongue rim job turns into a sweaty fuck. Brad shoots his load then sits up so he can swallow Arad’s jizz. Overheated and spent, they both melt back into the water to cool off.

Guys Secretly Filmed In A Public toilet

Finally!!! The first real hidden WC camera in male bathrooms!! And not only one, we offer you 3 spy cameras in one bathroom!!! One camera is placed directly in the toilet bowl!! Now you can finally see what guys do in the bathrooms and all of it is uncensored! This is UNBELIEVABLE!! We break all taboos!!! Trust me, this is something you have to see, something you want to see and it’s more than worth your time. WC CAMERA FOR REAL – NEVER BEFORE SEEN!!!

Secret Gay Sex On Massage Table

Shocking sensation! Unbelievable! We have installed three cameras in a massage salon. We spy on Czech guys during a massage. They have no idea they are being watched. You will be shocked when you see what it means to get a massage in this salon! Almost every massage ends with wild fucking! Real footage! Czech amateurs fuck the masseur and the masseur fucks them! We caught them in the act – here is the proof! You won’t believe your eyes! Watch the shocking reality! You won’t find anything like this anywhere else!

Horny Straight Boys With Jerk Off Toys – Chad Turner & Dakotah Perrie

Chad and Turner aren’t shy about enjoying their dicks together and fucking some toys!

Regan & Curtis: Bareback

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Curtis, and he’s due for a good pounding! Regan was up for the challenge, and went straight to Curtis’ hotel room to have some fun. He found Curtis laying on the bed with his ass in the air ready for some action. Of course, it was cut short because they were a bit too loud…let’s just say Curtis was glad to be back!


As he watches his wife pull away for a day of errands, hubby Markie More struggles with his conscience and his desire. Fumbling with his wedding band, he decides to give in to his desire, and shortly after, Alex Tanner arrives at his house. Alex knows all about Markie’s straight life, but he doesn’t care. As long as Markie gives him that good straight boy dick, Alex is just fine with the arrangement. Markie obliges, sucking Alex off with a hunger that only exists in being deprived. Unleashed, Markie feasts on Alex’s cock before tonguing his hole in anticipation. Once it is nice and moist, Markie plunges his raw cock all the way inside, filling Alex up with his nice hard on and taking Alex to pound town. He fucks Alex all over the bed as Alex moans his approval. Alex takes the lead and mounts Markie’s cock, bouncing up and down on it before falling off to his side, where Markie fucks the cum out of him. Alex jizzes all over the bed where Markie and his wife sleep at night, but Markie isn’t thinking about that at all anymore. Instead he watches Alex lose his nut before pulling out and blasting him with his own pent up load. It coats Alex nice and thick and they both laugh as Alex asks Markie when his wife will be gone again.

Young Naughty Boy Doing Cock Helicopter

Hidden Cams in Showers, Locker Rooms and Toilets

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