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It Pays To Get Laid – Bareback

Good-looking Ricky Daniels is sitting at a bar, and overhears the owner tall, slim Addison Graham, pleading with someone over the phone to give him more time to come up with some cash. Muscular Ricky hears him saying he would even suck a dick if he has too so naturally he proposes to pay him to do exactly that. Addison doesn’t waste any time getting on his knees, and sliding Ricky’s massive cock all the way to the back of his throat. A few positions and some dick pumps lead them to a satisfying orgasm.

Czech Hunter 399

As it is getting colder and colder, I started the hunt in the metro station today. It didn’t take too long until a young looking, blond guy caught my attention. He didn’t seem to be happy when I ap-proached him… maybe because of my camera, but when I offered him 2000 crowns he agreed to give me a short “interview”. From that moment onwards, he became sort of an “open book”: he was coming from Ostrava; he didn’t like his job there, and wanted to check out Prague. Maybe he was even thinking of searching for a job here, but he quickly added that everything here was more ex-pensive than in his home city. No doubt about that. Luckily, I had a nice offer for him. Would he be willing to show me his body? Moreover, if so, how far would he go?

Switch Glass – Bareback

Handsome Jake Porter and cutie Shane Jackson get caught up in a rough game of footsie during a work meeting. Chiseled Jake is so horny that as soon as the others leave, he jumps right up onto the table so he can pull athletic Shane’s long cock out, and into his mouth. They 69 right there on the table blowing each other’s hung dicks before Jake sits his eager ass right on top of him for a stiff ride.


Brown-haired, boyish looking Ilan is a 21-year-old student who was born and raised in California. This athletic cutie is one smart cookie as he’s currently studying psychology and has a minor in business. “My dream job, funny enough, would be to be an entertainer. Maybe a comedian ’cause I think I’m a pretty funny guy,” says Ilan. “I probably watch porn once a week. Something about the ass is super sexual, and appealing. We just wanna fuck it!” “I love getting my dick sucked. Deepthroating it feels best, but I also really like when they suck my balls ’cause it tickles, and it feels nice,” states Ilan. “As of right now my sex life is good. I hook up with people when I want to, but I’m definitely in the experimental phase when it comes to sex.”

Dirty Scout 170

I am not a big fan of tattoos, but this guy was really esthetically tattooed. It was a rather lazy afternoon until this lad came in. He studied at a hotel school, and later worked as a barman. Not exactly an unusual CV. In addition, I always have vacancies in gastronomy and hotel business. However, you know… there is this little, annoying mediation fee. 5000 CZK can be a lot of money these days. So I offered him an alternative. He was obviously not expecting such a proposal but then again he didn’t seem to be offended at all. He undressed willingly and when I put a few more crowns on the table, he already had my dick in his mouth. I love barmen I guess.

HD Gay Sex Videos


They do not waste any time together as Laith Inkley begins to suck on Kevin Texas’ hard cock. Kevin has his legs spread as Laith services his cock and balls. Kevin face fucks him in multiple positions and then Laith bends him over the bed revealing his pink hole. Laith buries his eager tongue deep into Kevin as he makes him moan with pleasure. Kevin is hard as a rock now as Laith licks up and down his tight ass. Kevin needs his cock buried in Laith’s tight ass so he bends him over and pushes his hard dick deep into Laith’s tight hairy ass. Kevin flips him over onto his back and continues to fuck him deep and hard as Laith strokes his own hard dick. His balls are building up fast and with a few more hard fast pumps from Kevin, Laith pops all over himself. Kevin pulls his raw cock out of Laith and empties his balls all over him.

Stealing The Boys Warm Cum – Johnny Polak & Sean Taylor

Sweet little Johnny has never experienced such an intense 4K cock teasing session before.

Do Me For The Likes – Raging Stallion Studios

When the two buds Drake Masters and Riley Mitchel, enter a bet to see who can get more guy-on-guy action and more attention on their fan pages, they’re basically just asking men in a numbers game to ‘Do Me For The Likes’. Award-winning director Steve Cruz, mans the camera as the games begin to see who will fuck and suck the most muscle hunks and cum out on top? To start the games, Drake Masters orders food. When the hunky delivery guy, Carlos Lindo, shows up at his door, Drake knows he needs a sample of the delivery man’s meat. The two studs suck each other off until Drake drops his load in Carlos’ mouth and Carlos lets loose on the floor. Personal trainer Jay Landford is caught off guard when Riley randomly offers up his ass. Riley bends over to take Jay’s massive uncut dick and gets a pounding that he films and can’t wait to share with the world. Drake finds two beefy tourists Teddy Torres and Max Duro, on the street and takes them home to film a threesome. Teddy gets passed back and forth from stud to stud before both cover him with their creamy loads. After seeing Drake post his threesome video online, Riley decides to take some of Drake’s sloppy seconds and offers himself up to Max Duro. Riley ambushes Max coming out of the shower and soon has the hunk deep inside his ass. Max pumps away until Riley’s tight hole pushes Max over the edge. Max pulls out and the two studs dump their giant loads all over Riley’s hot and sweaty body. For Drake’s grand finale, he installs a camera above his pool and invites Woody Fox and Shane Jackson over for some fun. The two studs hop in the water and soon Shane is bent over with Woody deep inside of him with his thick, uncut pole. Woody pounds away until Shane is covered in cum. Some studs have sex to satisfy a sexual urge, while others crave fame and attention and can simply say ‘Do Me For The Likes’.

Providence Fuckers Sc.1: Twinks have a rich time once back from grandma’s

Beno Eker is back from visiting his Hebrew Grandmother with Tom Hunter, and boy are they in for a rich time! For these boys it’s a good job she doesn’t trust banks and keeps the money hidden at home. Their sudden discovery has got both Beno & Tom in the mood. Beno kisses Tom’s body all the way down before situating himself in front of Tom’s already rock hard shaft, licking and sucking him gently before turning the position around and adopting a 69 position. Shortly after he has Tom laying on his back to start licking his rich boy fuck hole! Then the real action begins, Beno has a great time fucking him, this is very apparent as he cums all over the young lads ass before sucking Tom dry.

Straight Boy Erotic Massage

Before his long sentence, Danny would always hit me up for money. IT barely mattered that he had a full time job, because the day after his pay day I’d still be getting texts about needing something for something. Rent, cell phone bill, gas, you name it. Some people are just bad with their money, whether saving it infrequently or spending it foolishly. One thing I can tell you, however, is that I never felt foolish spending my hard earned clams on Danny Luca. He knew that his killer blue eyes would always do the trick, and get me to open that wallet. He was right.

Well, this particular evening, he professed to need only ninety dollars. Why that amount, I have no clue, but I told him for that much I had better at least get a massage. Indeed I did receive a massage, but truth be told, he received more of a massage than I did. While it’s always nice getting your back worked on by strong firm hands, being there in my undies with Danny of course led to other things. Before long, I was the one giving Danny a massage. I didn’t mind at all, either. I loved feeling up every inch of his sexy body. I probably could have gone on for hours. However, with my cock throbbing and his ass right in front of me, I couldn’t resist going down on his hole. Yeah, I know, I’ve had my tongue up Danny Luca’s ass more times than his girlfriend has, but I think he likes mine better.

After the rimming, Danny had a boner, so I helped get him off. It actually was easier for him with my face buried in his ass, so he perched on top of my face while we both got off. Pretty hot date, all in all.

Case No. 1902054-78 (Nick Fitt, Matthew Grande, Chance Summerlin)

When these two hot Latino punks get caught looking up girls’ skirts on store property, our hung Loss Prevention Officer gives them a taste of their own medicine. He films as they share his stiff cock, slobbering on it before bending over to get both of their assholes pounded raw.

William Crown Gets His Big Hard Dick Choked And Edged

This is William Crown’s first shoot with KinkMen, but that doesn’t mean Sebastian’s going to go easy on him. William is first completely bound to a chair, with his ankles tied to the legs, and his arms bound to the back. He’s completely immobilized as Chance Summerlin works his big dick, slurping on it, sucking it deep, working it with his hands, bringing him to the edge repeatedly. He slides his fingers into his ass while working his big cock, milking his prostate. Sebastian hauls the chair into the air with rope so William is completely suspended in his seat. Chance can get his mouth on that cock even deeper, and Sebastian slides a fucksaw into his hairy hole. He pumps his ass with the machine while Chance edges his cock. Then they pull out the cock stroker and work the full length of William’s big fuckin’ dick. Ultimately Chance uses his hand to jerk William off and squeezes out a huge load from his big dick.

Brysen & Cam: Bareback

Muscular Cam is anxiously waiting for his scene partner to arrive. His nerves are all over the place since he has no idea that ripped cutie Brysen will be joining him, but he’s being a real sport about the impending mystery. “I thought I might get lucky yesterday when I flew in, but I have no idea who he is,” says attractive Cam. “I’m bottoming today so I’m just going to go with the flow and have fun,” states Cam as he covers his eyes. Brysen walks out with his dick already stiff and teases Cam’s lips with it. “Are you happy it’s me?” asks Brysen, right after removing the blindfold. “Yeah! You’re adorable, and I’m excited. You’re even hotter in person,” replies Cam while holding onto Brysen’s thick cock. “Don’t worry, it’ll get even thicker once it’s inside your ass,” says Cam.

Blue and Blaze: Two Buddies Watch Porn and Get It On

Blue is kind of a big-brother figure to Blaze and they hang out together a lot. One day they are watching porn together, and Blue leaned over and started giving Blaze head. Blaze didn’t know how to react at first, but he got over the shock and got into having his cock sucked by his buddy. 


Big hard dicks fucking cum deep into my hole while I deep throat some randoms dick. Breed me! I’m never gonna let up. Every last drop is going down my cum hole. Text from roommate


We introduce you guys to a lot of new guys, and I mean a lot. But this might be the first time we’ve introduced 2 new guys at the same time! Not only is this Michael’s first time fucking on camera, but it’s his first time fucking with a guy! He told me off camera that he was nervous, but also pretty excited to experience it for the first time. He was visibly nervous at first, but once Küper started sucking on his uncut cock and then slid it in his beautiful, smooth hole, he turned into a rock hard 200lbs fucking machine. There aren’t many things hotter than a beautiful, hung, power bottom who just aims to please. And please Küper did, until Michael fucked the load out of him before glazing his freshly fucked hole. @Austin Wilde

Bait: Angel Ventura Straight: Eddie

We haven’t seen Angel Ventura since last year but this horny Latin stud is back in all of his glory! Angel has been doing some traveling so when his bank account started to dwindle, he called up Caruso to see if he could trick another straight guy into going gay for pay. Why not get fucked by a straight dude and make some cash in the process?

Eddie is this week’s straight guy and he’s super sexy! He’s 28, single, smooth and toned, and he has a beautiful fat cock with a huge set of balls to go with it! Eddie always has girls lined up so he has no plans on getting into a relationship any time soon. But, with bills stacking up, Eddie applied to make some fast cash and fuck a hot babe as well!

After both guys get hard and horny, Caruso steps out to check on the female talent, only to return with bad news. The girl can’t make it… So, Caruso offers double the money if both guys will have sex with each other. Eddie wasn’t too freaked out and even admitted that while he has never had sex with a guy, he has jacked off in the same room as a buddy of his. And, after thinking it over a little bit, he decided to give it a shot and put his fat cock to good use!

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