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I wanted to hunt outside Prague. And to make things even more interesting I decided to get there by using carpooling. I just went online and randomly picked a guy to go with. I didn’t care where he was going. There are young boys everywhere. When I got inside the car I was a bit disappointed at first because the driver was not my type. Fortunately, he seated me next to a cute young boy who was carpooling, too. He wasn’t really a talker so I got terribly bored soon. To pass the time, I started making sleazy offers to the young gentleman next to me. He resisted but eventually he pulled his cock out and started masturbating. The driver didn’t like our little game and kicked us out in the middle of nowhere. Now, I just had to find the right place where we could continue.

He didn’t complete his first stay with us, and now he is back for more. We really only let him back in because his ass is so fuckable. Other than that, he is for the most part a waste of oxygen. Worse yet, he’s picked up some even worse habits in the last few months. Those poor brain cells are just being obliterated one by one it seems. At least we have his hole to use as a DNA dumpster before he goes off the deep end again!

I let him jerk me off nice and slow while he looked up at me with those puppy dog eyes, but it wasn’t long before his mouth was wrapped around my cock. For a straight boy, he sure does take to blowjobs. Guess that is a useful skill in a lot of situations when you’re uncertain of where your next meal is coming from. The way he was slobbering on my knob, I almost came down his throat. But I knew I had to save it for that sweet ass of his.

He knew exactly what to do, just like a trained circus animal. He greased up my dick and sat right down on it. I could tell that he wasn’t getting pounded on the regular by the wincing look on his face, but before long it was as if he never left us. He was bobbing up and down like a buoy in a tropical storm. Not only that he was getting a chub. I was thinking to myself how sad it is that he rarely gets touched by another human being except when he is getting into a scrape or being used like a bitch.

The riding was good, though, and soon I turned him onto his back and let go on his sweet ass. As I was fucking him, I started jerking him off, too, and before long he nutted while I was going full throttle on him. It’s always nice to know someone cares. I came shortly thereafter, and I made sure that almost every drop got deep inside his hole. I thrust it in so deep that he actually told me to stop! Of course, he tells me to stop only once I’m done with him!

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Woody Fox is getting ready for work when he sees Luke Diamond and Scott Riley going at it out on the fire escape. He opens the window and invites the guys in under one condition: he gets to watch. Woody starts jerking his uncut meat while Luke eats Scott’s ass but before you know it they are both kneeling before Woody hungrily sucking his dick. As soon as Woody cums his ten minutes are up but the guys are just getting started. Scott can’t get enough of Luke’s huge dick and Luke is obsessed with Scott’s tight pristine hole. The hot fuck-fest goes hard until both guys blow their loads and leave before the next couple hits The Ten Spot.

Pity young Mike Cole. He really is trying his damn hardest to study, but all to no avail. Fact is there’s just too many distractions to keep his head in his book – as opposed to his hand in his pants! – not least of all the African statuette with a big, black dick. Valiantly he decides to take a piss and a shower in one final bid to maintain his resolve – only to find himself promptly interrupted by none other than his good buddy, Bjorn Nykvist. At which point, of course, any remaining hope of maintaining his resolve is finally destroyed. That said, having clearly abandoned himself to a much-needed session of carnal debauchery, he gives in to his urges in a very big way; diving down onto his knees so that he can suck the very life out of Nykvist’s handsome ramrod. It’s the kind of reception that surely anyone would appreciate – Nykvist arguably more than most – and it will no doubt come as any surprise to see that the handsome blond is very quickly returning the favour by eagerly rimming Cole’s hairless little pucker. That move is but a prelude to the main feast, of course; with Nykvist taking full advantage to slam every inch of his thick, meaty salami straight into the Spaniard’s hungry fuck-hole. Cue a stupendous, no-holds-barred flip-flop session that sees both lads take dick like they were fucking born to, and which makes the most of the plush surroundings – not least of all the section of glass floor. All of which soon results in Nykvist blowing mid-fuck; and Cole hosing his buddy’s ass with such a tidal-wave of boy-batter that the clip has to be re-wound to watch it all again!

This guy I met online a long time ago, and even filmed him in one or two of my homemade vids, but since then we hadn’t talked much. He seems to bounce around from town to town a lot. When he came back into town, he called me a few times before I answered. He told me that his little side business wasn’t doing so well, and did I have anything for him? I told him all I could do is have him come over and fuck him, and I was surprised when he said, “sure.” I guess times are tough for the top-only crowd, at least for him.

He did show up right on time, which was a bonus. I fucking hate waiting for these guys sometimes. They act so prima donna, as if your time doesn’t count. Not only did he show up promptly, but he was very friendly. We exchanged a few pleasantries and got right down to business. I soon found out that he wasn’t kidding about not being fucked very often. He even brought his own anal desensitizer with him! When I stuck my raw dick in his ass, it didn’t quite make my dick go numb, but it definitely gave me a tingling sensation. At least I could still feel what was going on!

I knew from the git-go that he’d be difficult to fuck, because not only was he tight but he was a squirmer. I didn’t really give a shit, especially knowing he wasn’t feeling the full effect. Some might call me a disgusting old pervert, but if there’s one thing I have my mind set on, it is getting these young things to come over to my place and then blow their asses out with my cock. And I sure did blow out this guy’s ass. Before we fucked, I rimmed him really good, and he gave me a decent blowjob – so my balls were full and ready to explode. I kept changing positions until finally I got to a nice hard fucking pace. That was with him riding me. As my cock was plowing into his ass, he leaned over and kissed me some more. I love fucking tops because I know that I’m one of the few guys whose cock has been inside them for a while. When all was said and done, it was a pretty good session. This guy turned out not to be a bad fuck, and I’m glad I helped him pay his rent. Of course, I also got to keep my video of the encounter….

This boy lived in a terrible apartment. It wasn’t run-down and just plain ugly. He tried to renovate the place a bit but it didn’t help much. The flat still looked like something from the 70s. The Eastern bloc 70s. In the middle of the renovation our boy lost his job. He had no savings, no unemployment benefits… The bills were getting due soon so he needed someone who would lend him money and didn’t check his credit rating. I didn’t care about his financial situation as long as I got what I wanted. I didn’t expect him to pay me back. I was super horny today so I was willing to pay for his ugly renovation. The boy was a bit scared and in shock at first. Soon the pain in his tight virgin ass cleared his mind. I hope he enjoyed our lovely afternoon together. But who knows…

Matthew Parker gives River Wilson’s hole something to wrap around. His throbbing cock travels in-and-out of River’s delicious ass with pleasurable ease. Both men embrace the pleasure, ejaculating hard from their delicious dicks.

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Matej likes to travel a lot, he tries to be as independent as possible and does all kinds of adrenaline-related activities, from car racing to rock climbing. His thin and firm body with smooth skin and is a sight to behold, especially in action – his many tattoos, signifying various important dates and concepts in his life, tend to dance frantically when he gets into the right mood. Enjoy his first video!

Not only did these two muscle studs get along very well with their clothes on, but also with their dicks hanging out. Joey and Shaw both wanted to get into each other’s pants so bad that they had to flip fuck to get a little bit of everything.

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Damien Stone is an imposing figure bulging in all the right places, and Jay Austin wants every part of him. They start rough with Damien holding Jay down on his knees and deep-throating him, before pinning him against the wall and penetrating him raw. Damien then throws Jay on the bed and continues fucking him harder and faster until he jizzes all over Jay hot ass.

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Enter the cage for the ultimate fight: the winner gets to fuck the loser! Ryan Rose and Ian Greene are the contenders duking it out for sexual glory. Ryan wins round one, using his USMC training to get the better of Ian Greene. Round two sees Ian putting up a good fight, but he ultimately succumbs to Ryan again. By round three, it’s clear that Ryan is the victor, and to the victor go the spoils. In this case, that’s Ryan’s cock deep down Ian’s throat. Long trails of spit drip towards the mat as Ian wraps his thick lips around Ryan’s tool. With deep thrusts of his hips, Ryan pushes his cock ever deeper into Ian’s mouth. Getting down on the floor, they get in the 69 position and suck each other’s cocks. Ryan spreads Ian’s ass and starts fingering his hole, working in the blowjob spit for lube. Eager for a taste, Ryan dives into Ian’s ass with his tongue, making sure it’s wet and slippery to take his cock. Standing over Ian, Ryan fucks Ian like a jackhammer, pile-driving his cock against Ian’s g-spot. When Ryan lies down on his back, Ian sits down and rides Ryan’s cock, using gravity to grind Ryan’s tool deep inside. With Ryan still inside him, Ian blows his load across Ryan’s rock hard abs. Ryan grabs his meat and shoots his wad across Ian’s face. It’s a TKO.

Me and my boys were chilling, gettin drunk. We had this dumb ass in the cage cause he did some stupid shit. Smacked him around a bit. Spat on his face. We were drunk as hell. Had a great time though! We all blew big loads on his face too. It was epic dude! 😛

Don’t let the gentle vibe and quiet demeanor fool you, Hamilton is steering his own ship. Having been seen in ”The Devil Made Me Shoot It”, this beautifully put together dude takes sex in stride as part of the natural order of things. Lean and tightly built, Hamilton makes his own declaration of independence. He loves butt play, but an early experience with his girlfriend convinced him that the hand on the dildo needed to be his. Brendon provides the toy and Hamilton works slowly to insert it into his hairy fuck-hole. Grazing his prostate with each thrust keeps the hottie squirming, until he unleashes a massive load right in Brendon’s face.

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After last week’s ice skating, I wanted more winter fun. Tomas was quite jealous that he missed the guy from #283 and insisted to go with me. We packed our cameras and went out to hunt together. There was not much snow in the central areas of Prague so we headed to the outskirts. The weather was nice and it didn’t take long and we met a young couple. We joined them and went sledding. The young lady was funny but a bit temperamental. She got really angry when we started convincing her boyfriend to show us some skin. Eventually, she left yelling and cursing at all of us! I didn’t mind, it played in our hand a little because now he needed even more money to reconcile with his furious lady. So what could would be be willing to offer us?

Trent Ferris suffers a severe beat down and decides to split so innocent Marco Montgomery decides to tag along. Marco wants to lick TrentÕs wounds and his nice thick cock. The dirty garage floor becomes the perfect place for these two studs to take out their sexual frustrations on each other. Its not long before both Greasers are shooting ropes of hot jizz.

The dating-show parody continues, with new contestant Milan Silver promptly introduced by the ever-charismatic Titus Snow for another round of hardcore dating. Not that there’s ever any hope of romance with this filthy-minded cattle-market; with Silver selecting his date (Mark Flynn) courtesy of a simple line-up of cocks. And with Snow promptly out of the picture, the two newly introduced buddies head for another room to enjoy a little privacy – all nicely captured by an array of waiting cameras! It’s all heady craziness, of course; but by the time these two beauties are feverishly snogging each other and pulling away each other’s clothes, all hint of silliness has been promptly dispelled. Indeed, there’s no denying the fact that the lads are clearly very much into each other; with young Flynn even taking the time to express a little armpit worship on Silver’s hairless pits. Such blinding adoration only continues when the two lads finally get their cocks out, with each fellow lustfully munching on each other’s delicious shafts; before Silver finally gets the chance to turn his attention to Flynn’s pert little ass, which he eagerly rims, before burying himself balls-deep into that hairless wonder. It’s a move that young Flynn clearly approves of, given the delight that he proceeds to display whilst being buggered in a whole series of positions – culminating in him riding Silver reverse-cowboy style like a common whore. Not surprisingly, the whole display is soon way too much for either of the boys, both of whom proceed to sign off with violent displays of pent-up jizz!


It’s easy to fall for Fred with his big eyes, curly hair and sweet smile. He’s a new father trying to earn some big money. There’s something so sexy about a new father. You know his sperm is really potent – especially when he has a perfect virgin arsehole like Fred. He’s wanted to get into porn for ages, but scammers have only taken money off him up until this point. That’s going to change now especially as he’s so open to trying out every kind of perversity with anyone male or female. It’s going to take some direction and training, but Fred has the ability to go far!

Riley’s a fucking nark. That piece of shit snitched us. I grabbed a few beers and got the boys to-gether. We shoved our dicks in his mouth and up his ass. This kid wouldn’t shut his hole. He’s a real screamer!

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Timothy Rivers is back and this time he invited a friend named Tommy! Timothy and Tommy have been friends for a while but Tommy had no clue that his friend was doing gay porn until he saw his appearance on It took Tommy a little while to get up the courage to confront Timothy but once he did, Timothy was ready to bring him here to take their friendship to a whole new level! Both guys start out with undressing each other while making out but it isn’t long before it heats up in the studio and Timothy plows Tommy. Watch Tommy and Timothy worship each other’s hot bodies and cocks before Timothy bends Tommy over, eats his beautiful hard ass, and then shoves his huge cock inside!

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Jack King and Colt Rivers link up for some sloppy dick sucking and hole stretching. Jack blasts Colt from behind, filling him fully over the edge of the bed. Colt then hops on top for a ride, welcoming that cock back into his horny ass. Jack drills himself into Colt until both guys blow their loads.

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Another genius that spent his money on Christmas presents instead of paying the rent. The place where he lived in was a bit run down and the flat was plain ugly but I was horny so I tried to ignore all that. It was obvious from the beginning that he was desperate, I just needed to be patient. The boy wasn’t the smartest guy on Earth but my customers rarely are. I prefer other qualities. Especially his big cock and round ass captured my attention. The boy had a roommate that was supposed to be out today. He was wrong and I wonder how he explained him what we were doing. Too bad the roommate was too shocked to see us together, I would have asked him to join us. Maybe next time. I left my card at the apartment.

Mica Medina is the penultimate cock hound and he is in heaven with Hugo Diaz’s and Quiqo Brick’s fat uncut pieces of meat to play with. Mica teases the two Latino stallions, working their dicks until they are practically begging him to let them cum.

Oh, they do grow up! And we’re glad they do. When we first met Cam he was a callow 22-year old in our ‘Cocks and Robbers’ series. Check that scene out when you have a minute, but look how he’s grown. Now a handsome 25 year old, Cam comes back with half the innocence and twice the experience. It’s sort of like re-connecting with a teacher at the class reunion. Cam has definitely learned that his ass is a wonderland. As soon as he’s naked, his legs go up and he wants some ass play. Brendon obliges, licking that sweet, dark spot. But Cam has some surprises in store. It might be Hard To Swallow, but it goes down easy…

I just came across this video of Benny G beating off. He got horned up again after we fucked his muscle ass for an hour or so. I had to cut down this video because he must have jerked that cock for forty minutes before he finally came, lol. I thought the slow-mo was kinda hot plus it makes it easier for you to see how he beats it, cums, and then continues to beat it non-stop to and cum again. You can see by the determined look of ecstasy on his face hahah he loved it.

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Hello, we are back and we are proud to present Jirka. Some of you may already know him, because he’s no newbie in this business and has some qualities that you remember. What qualities? Let’s say that his tool is… No, I won’t say a word, I will save that surprise for you. The interview got a bit longer this time, but only because it was that interesting. However, things got even more interesting after the interview. Enjoy.

Prepare for a jizz orgy with a healthy helping of delicious man meat. These hunks know how to get what they want and fill each other with dirty lustful pleasure.

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